pro 163

  1. H

    Pro-163 programing trunking problems

    Hello, a friend asked me to program his 2) pro-163 scanners with the channels that have moved to the palmetto 800 (P25 system). I have the radio shack manual and it is not laid out in a good way to understand how to program the motorola P25 trunking. I believe I have it figured out. Here is my...
  2. For Sale - Radio Shack PRO 163

    For Sale - Radio Shack PRO 163

    I have for sale a Radio Shack PRO-163 scanner, power supply, and antenna. Cost is $85 including shipping, payment to be paid via PayPal, local pick up possible. Please reach out if you have any questions.
  3. jcop225

    Power Connector for PRO-163

    I picked up a used PRO-163, and all that I got was the scanner. This is fine except I can't find much information on the AC adapter. Searching online I found that it has a "T Connector" but that didn't get me very far. All I need is a lead on the connector type I can easily find a source for...
  4. lamontrc

    Pro 163 CTCSS Poor Reception Question

    I am having trouble getting my local PD / Sheriff frequencies to come in clearly. The two freqs I am having trouble with are 465.1000 and 465.3000 . They do not seem to be listed in the RR database. Jefferson County, Iowa (IA) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference Many that are...
  5. A

    Problem scanning SRRCS with RadioShack Pro 163

    I used the ARC300 software to upload the Sacramento RRCS from I can hear audio on the various frequencies when I monitor them manually (and I see the talkgroup alpha tag), but when I trunk scan, it continually scans without picking up any audio. All of the frequencies and...
  6. M

    RS PRO-163 Scanner trunking programming

    Good morning, Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. I have programmed all the channels I want to listen to and programmed my area police department trunking information following the steps i nthe manual in bank 8 and the steps from the wiki pages here in bank 9. Neither bank is...
  7. N2SCV

    ARC 300 and Pro163, Pro-164

    When I download from RR database or enter a frequency manually WITHOUT a pl into ARC 300 it defaults the mode to am. Anyone have a fix for this? Thanks.
  8. S

    scanning in with blocked MOT trunks - pro 163

    Ok I did my 2 (or 3) weeks of pulling my hair out and i can now store talk groups in my pro 163. and I can scan and I have tons of chatter. Now I blocked out the police ones as I dont seam to prefer perp chatter and pull overs. To do this, I had to put all the channels in MOT mode so the locked...
  9. N

    Pro-163 Trunking Set Up Complications

    I have a Radio Shack Pro-163 Triple Trunking Mobile Scanner and I am having trouble getting some banks set up as Trunking or defined as Trunking what ever you want to call it. I use ARC 300 software to program the scanner and get all my frequency from the Radio Reference data base. Any help...
  10. invhoutx

    Pro 163 Trunking Programming via Computer

    Ok, I need some help guys. I have a Pro 163 scanner that I am trying to get set up to monitor 4 talk groups. I keep getting an "All Channels Locked Out" when I try to scan. I can view the system (TXWARN) and the talkgroups as stored in one bank and 4 channels but when I try to make it scan it...
  11. U

    PRO 163 MULTI-TABLE and rebanding

    I'm fairly new to the whole trunking tech. I have a PRO 163 and would like to program in the local county TRS. I have programmed in the control channels and receiving transmissions. FW Version 1.08 Sheboygan County Trunking System, Sheboygan, Wisconsin - Scanner Frequencies The system is...
  12. T

    PRO-163 UCAN Programming

    I am new to scanning as well as the Radio Reference website. I purchased a RS PRO-163 yesterday. I live in Salt Lake County and I hope I purchased the correct scanner. I am mostly interested in listening to the UCAN system but I am having trouble programming my scanner. I would like to buy the...
  13. J

    Pro 163 Rebanding Problems Help Needed

    We are using several Pro 163 Scanners as well as a few GRE 400s. After our system, Caddo Parish, La rebanded recently these radios developed problems. The radios were all reprogrammed with for the new Freqs and the Mult-Tables for 800 Rebanded.. Main problem is - after a period of quiet, the...
  14. ScannerNuts

    ARC300 Problem Questions With Pro 163

    Greetings, I recently acquired the Pro-163 (with firmware update) and found this excellent message board that kept me from making the "normal" mistakes upon interfacing with the computer and database downloads. All the little required steps went very well without any issues, as interfaced with...