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  1. Pro 197 P25 Phase 1

    Pro 197 P25 Phase 1

    radio Shack PRP-197 P25 Phase 1 scanner In near perfect condition. Gently used. Will include 1 USB programing cable. 1 110 volt power and 1 12 volt power lead Mobile mounting bracket Manual and a full version of ScanControl software for programing and computer control. $ 250 includes shipping...
  2. C

    Pro 197 scanner

    I have a pro 197 scanner. I noticed it stopped receiving. So i unscrewed the antenna and radio shut off. Which told me I had a ground issue. Sure enough my ground was disconnected. Fixed the wire and scanner is still not scanning. What component could have been affected by this?
  3. D

    Desperate for volume/squelch pot - Pro 197

    I have searched high and low for info on this but I don't see where anyone has actually found a solution. My Pro-197 has had a scratchy volume pot for years. Now it's to the point where I am losing audio in the first part of the pot's range - which we all know takes you from no volume to...
  4. E

    Database Use Strategies... Pro-197

    Hi Folks, I just bought a clearance RS Pro-197. This is not my first scanner, but first trunking and digital scanner. I am looking for advice on the best strategy for programming this scanner using the RR Databases. I got the cable, and software (TRIAL - limited use) from RS with the scanner...
  5. nc59ham

    SQUELCH problem?

    I have two Pro-197 scanners set up identically with all updates and frequencies. One of the radios is now stopping on two conventional frequencies when no transmission is being made and the squelch is open as if turned all the way counter clockwise although it is not. Turning the squelch...
  6. bmxpro822

    will radio shack update My Pro 197???

    Not Program But update.
  7. D

    At my wits end

    Hello Folks, What used to be an enjoyable hobby has become an experience of frustration. I have a Radio Shack PRO-197 scanner, that I've had for several years, and have successfully monitored communications in my area, until they switched to the Project 25 system. I reside in Lake County...
  8. Dustybill69

    Problems with Pro-197

    I have had this problem since I bought this radio back in 2009. I have a digital Radio Shack Pro-197 and a old Analog Pro-2050 I have both trunked digital systems like the St.Louis city p25 and then I have in a separate scan block all together the old St.Louis county Analog non trunked system...
  9. S

    New Pro-197

    Hi All, I have been reading through this forum for 2 days now while I work with the new scanner. When I bought it was pre-programmed and picked up the Ct. State Police perfectly. I installed ARC500 and promptly wiped out the programming by clicking download. My fault. So I learned how to get...
  10. M

    Buda, TX police

    I am new on the forum and new at the digital scanning (since 12-25-2011). I have been scanning since my first scanner had six crystals that my brother and I would trade out when we wanted to hear different things. I live around Buda, TX and have done my best at downloading the Hays county...
  11. T

    Travis County Beginner

    Hi, I'm new to radio in general and I want to get a scanner to hear what's going on in the Travis County/Austin area. I've only used a scanner a few times (in WA state, about 10 years ago) so I don't know much. My questions are: Would a Pro-197 be an OK starter scanner for this area? I know...
  12. K

    Vermillion Area

    I recently got a pro 197 for Christmas, and I can't get anything around the Vermillion area. But when I was at my parents in Sioux City, it was non stop traffic on the Iowa side. I have the radio shack cable and software for it, and I was using the RR data base and downloading through that. I...
  13. L

    Pro 197 and PSR 600 Alert Settings

    Quick video showing the alert light and alert sound settings for the Pro 197 and PSR 600. Rather than create each one by trail and error, created a video to share. This should save many from the same dilemma of figuring out which alert sounds are best for the type of activity you are trying to...
  14. J

    LED color on pro 197

    How do i program the LED to show a different color for PD, FD, EMS on the pro 197? Also all of a sudden today it's like the conversation cuts out mid sentence? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  15. KG5KS

    Which is better Pro 197, Uniden 996t

    Wanting to buy a new scanner for the VHF, UHF, APCO 25. Noticed the PRO 197 and just wondered how it compares to the Uniden 996T ? I will be using software and usb cable for programming. Thank you Kenny
  16. J

    can't hear my own county?

    I have a pro 197 programmed with the frequencies I want using software from RS. I can hear State Police but can't hear anything from Switzerland county FD, EMS or Police? I uploaded about 20 objects all at once to scanlist 1, did I do something wrong & can anyone help me figure out why I'm not...
  17. J

    PRO 197 new user needs help

    I have the pro 197 & it is way to complicated for me! All I want to do is pick up 2 county police, ems, DNR & state police. How do I enter the frequency #, & how do I find & scan just those after I do? Please help, thanks!
  18. recon20

    Identifying wildcard hits in Utah

    Hello everyone, I've got a pro-197 that I recently purchased, and I'm finally starting to get somewhat comfortable with it. I live in SLC, and I've programmed most of the police, fire, etc. When I get wildcard hits, how do I identify them? Is there a list of them by radio I.D.#? I've got...
  19. flyer1

    NEW Pro-197 dropping signal?

    Received as a gift the Pro-197, wow never had anything like it!! I am looking at software to help in using all of the features (suggestions welcome). I am embarrassed to say my older units compared to this :) I would like ask if anyone has the issue of " in the middle of police and fire talking...
  20. B

    Pro 197 Reception Problem

    I just purchased the Pro 197 scanner and am having a problem that I do not understand. It comes in fine at the Radio Shack store where I made the purchase. They are about 5 miles from where Central Dispatch transmits from .When I bring it home I get choppy reception at best. I am about 4 miles...