1. kenisned

    Scanner Quick Groups or in General, Scanner Organization

    Hi all, not only a Uniden question but I'll use Uniden nomenclature.. With the state trs. 1)Do you program each "department" with its own site individually? Or 2)Do you program one big system with a few nearby sites and then all the departments in that one "quick key" or group. I would...
  2. V


    POSTING ABOUT WLN KD-UV1 SOFTWARE PROGRAM PROBLEMS RESULTING IN NO DATA READ OR WRITTEN The software always show WRONG PASSWORD, WRONG MODEL, HANDSHAKE FAILED, even when the user has everything connected properly and radio is turned on at 100% volume when using the program and in a channel with...
  3. NicksTechTips

    TK-250 Programming and free radios!

    Hello, I have a few Kenwood TK-250's, I would like to get the current programed information from the radios. Most of the batteries are not good. I do not have a programing cable and I am not interested in keeping the radios. I can send you two radios with one somewhat working battery + 2 bay...
  4. I

    Nashville guy w/PRO 106 needs opinion on which program to use?

    Fri 9:25 pm on 12/23/2022 I'm new here... and ran this post yesterday on the Radio Shack Scanner forum. Hope I don't get thrown out for re-posting here. One of the replies mention this forum may bring better luck in answering my question. Picked up a never before used (with box, manuals...
  5. H

    Oklahoma County and Custer County Programming

    I can benefit from a scanner but lack the knowledge to program one correctly. Can anyone help me with a file I can use to upload the frequency information into my BC125AT scanner for Oklahoma County and Custer County Oklahoma? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. WX9RLT

    Clueless...if the internet did not exist

    I think if the internet did not exist, and people had to learn how to program their police scanners by hand. I wonder just how many people would know, how to actually program their scanners by hand. Instead of downloading databases, LOL From a fresh start...Would you be able to program your...
  7. K

    SDS100/SDS200: Are avoids not working, or am I missunderstanding?

    Sorry if this post is too long, but I'm not sure what information is relevant. I purchased the sds100 after watching some videos, thinking I could use the Sentinel software to avoid the things in the database that I don't want to hear, program the scanner, and then have the scanner not scan...
  8. HWG

    PRO-650 programming

    Is ARC404 the only software that will work with the PRO-650 desktop scanner? Is the 20-546 the correct cable I will need? I have a feeling this might be a challenge to find.
  9. ohio64thffemt

    APX Program the Bluetooth RLN6562 RSM

    Hey guys I have a RLN6562 RSM. I recently got the Motorola accessory programming software. I am trying to determine how to program the MIC. do you connect to it with Bluetooth or the USB port under where the Battery is? I have attempted both and not had much luck. I am trying to make sure I am...
  10. E

    Motorola XTL5000 Mic Keyup Tone

    Hey all, Was wondering does anyone know how to activate the Long Beep PTT Mic Keyup Tone for a Motorola XTL5000? Software I'm using is Astro25 Mobile R20.01.00 CPS Programming Software. Any help would be much appreciated!
  11. E

    Astro25 Mobile R20.01.00 CPS Programming Software

    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can purchase the Astro25 Mobile R20.01.00 CPS Programming Software? Looking to program a XTL5000 I just picked up and dont want to pay the 60$ or so to download it from Thanks!
  12. RadioDitch

    Unication G5 Model Number

    Evening Gents, Does anyone know the correct model number for a Unication G5 450-512/700-800 with the latest firmware? Finally ordered one from Ray's Pager Sales, and I'd like to get started with putting together a profile in PPS for when it arrives. Thanks!
  13. E

    collect multiple streams into one?

    I simultaneously monitor multiple frequencies and would like to place them in one stream. They are low use but when they are used, they all are used simultaneously. Think rural public safety; long periods of no traffic but then a car wreck and fire, police, rescue, EMS all have traffic at the...
  14. T

    Updated List Of BC Highway logging channels

    I recently had my Icom IC-5023H stolen from my truck which came programmed with all the channels needed in BC. Highway, logging, resource roads etc. I have a Kenwood TK--7180k with the programming software but the radio shops refuse to give me the list they use to program the radios they sell...
  15. A

    GMRS settings

    I am looking to program my kt-8900 to the GMRS frequencies using CHIRP. Does anyone have the GMRS settings (or a link to them) including the tone and other settings that I may need?
  16. Y

    Uniden BCD436HP Questions

    As per previous post. I am new to the radio group. I recently purchased a Uniden scanner, and some tips and tricks would be much appreciated. I am slowly learning how to properly use the radio, but I am unsure how it exactly works.. understand for analog, to properly program, you need a...
  17. Y

    ICOM IC-F70T Program

    Hi there, I am new to the amateur radio hobby and am curious to programming "ICOM F70T" (Analog Only) Model. I am saving up for a digital capable scanner due to the Victoria Area Services are mainly "CREST". But for the time being I want to learn how to properly program and the ins/outs of...
  18. W

    USAlert Pager Programming

    Is there a online programming software I could download? Thanks.
  19. M

    Programming TK-361

    I have some Kenwood TK-361 radios I would like to program with different frequencies but not able to connect with the lead I have. It is for Kenwood radios but for models like the TH-F7 so I suspect it is wrong. I am using a laptop with windows 7 pro and using DOSbox 0.74 which opens the KPG34D...
  20. C

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: Don't Understand

    My mother bought a new BCD996P2 scanner so she can listen to the local PD/FD. They joined Omaha's ORION (Omaha Regional Interoperability Network) last year so she can't hear them now. I have been trying to learn what everything is but I don't know where to start. I look at Fremont, Nebraska's...