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    Apx CPS Help

    Is it still possible to read and write conventional channels on an apx7000 while not having access to the ASK for the trunk? The radio I have is supposed to be on the system which is no issue, but was wondering if I will run into any problems when changing around the conventional stuff from...
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    Programming MCS2000 Motorola Radio

    Is there anybody out there that knows how to reprogram MCS 2000 Motorola Radios? A few friends and I just got a handful of these radios and we would like to program them to a different frequency. I have the RIB cables, The CPS software was given to me by the same guy that programed the radios...
  3. B

    Program Kenwood HT via USB

    I'm a developer. Got the USB cable to my Kenwood TH-K20A. Outside of programs that are ancient, I'd like to send signals to the unit, but I have no clue about the comm requirements or any protocols that might be standard. I'm guessing there's a way to roll my own. Any insight appreciated as...
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    Kenwood TK-790 Programming

    Hello. So I have acquired two used Kenwood TK-790 with the full feature head. I can receive on them both and transmit successfully on simplex. However I don't seem to be able to get into any of my local repeaters. I am unable to find any help files for the software to sort out what these mean...
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    Scanning the North Carolina VIPER System

    Hello, everyone! This is my first post, I wanted to ask for some advice getting my scanner (BCD 996P2) programmed with the VIPER system for North Carolina. I have ProScan as well and it is activated, and am a premium member of RR. I have programmed the system extensively before, but the VIPER...
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    XTL/XTS5000 Weird issue with FPP on XTS5000

    Hello everyone, thanks for the invite ! As far as I know i have read/watched all the content (forum posts/threads, youtube videos, motorola videos) and the only instance where I could find someone with the same issue as I have is this guy here...
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    163 base station help programming edacs

    I've tried and read watched videos and I'm going insane. Please help. Want to program Collier County Florida edacs system. I have the frequencies and the afs but an totally confused on the steps to take.
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    Radioddity GM-30 - radio starts to transmit when connecting PC USB (RD-201) cable?!

    I've noticed something quite bizarre, so I wanted to check if other users of this unit: Radioddity GM-30 have experienced this issue or not? -- This way I can make a decision whether to keep it or replace it (since I am still within the warranty period). -- Not sure right now if the problem is...
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    BCD436HP: Programming p25 bcd436hp

    I apologize i have read many threads but I’m having difficulty figuring out if I’m misunderstanding something or just doing it wrong. I was previously a software and hardware engineer so I know my way around software but the terminology is throwing me. Unfortunately I suffered from a minor strok...
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    SDS100: Manual FL Creation Newbie

    Apologies in advance. Coming from a Radio Shack Pro-60 AM/FM scanner, this new SDS100 is mind boggling. Please point me to a SDS-100 101 link. Objective #1 - Learn the basics of how to manually create a FL, and determine what is required, or can be ignored. Objective #2 - Manually program a...
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    Programming Baofeng GM-15 Pro (GRMS) WRXU901

    FYI..successful in programming BF GM 15 Pro with TIDRadio Wireless Bluetooth Programmer. Although it said that device software driver was in beta it worked like a charm. The app is okay, has some quirks but much much better than hand punching channels to monitor. I gave up desktop computers and...
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    DMR and frequencies

    I have a question about programming a system into a radio or scanner. In the table below, it shows 2 frequencies that are the same, under slot 1. Then you see 2 frequencies that are the same under slot 2. I'm not sure I understand this. It's a dmr system. My understanding is that DMR trunked...
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    Motorola DM3601 UHF, TX stuck at boot? Not seen by PC

    I have a strange problem with my mobile radio Motorola DM3601. It was working perfectly fine and I could program it normally, until I wanted to try controlling it remote with gpio controlled channel steering TX/RX. After the last programming of the radio and my successful tests, the radio is no...
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    Harris XL-200P Programming trouble

    Hello all, I’m trying to just program in some channels for receiving my local ems agency as well as repeaters and simplex T/A channels. I just started with trying to do the ems agency ones for receive only. The channels are analog conventional. I have 1 Zone, 1 System, and 1 Conventional Set...
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    CM300D programming question

    I have a CM300D that I am trying to get set up for DMR use. I have the CPS software, as well as the software user's guide. I am new to DMR, and for the life of me I can't grasp the formatting. I get to the contact set and get lost. Is there a .csv file that uploads into the radio, and is such a...
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    XTS2500 Stuck in FPP

    Bought a couple used XTS2500's. I have a good knowledge of how to program my radios in CPS. However both radios came with over 94 conventional personalities across 6 zones that I am unable to delete, I learned that I am unable to delete them in CPS due to FPP being enabled. I am trying to figure...
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    Concord NC

    I’m located in Concord, NC. Is there anyone in the vicinity, who would be willing to program or educate me on how to use CPS, for a HT1250 LS+ Thank you.
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    Can't find Hytera software for flashing

    Hello. I'm new to the forum and I apologize if this thread is in the wrong place but I'm kind of frustrated and borderline desperate. first off, I'm trying to get a PD362 and PD 782 to work but I need software called Flashburn v9 to finish the process, I tried the 3/5 but didn't get anywhere...
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    Hytera BP565 programming issue

    Hi All I have an issue with my new BP565's. I have programmed them to Simple UK Analogue frequencies so that they both talk to an existing fleet of analogue radios. This is working fine and all radios can recieve and transmit to eachother. I would like to be able to have a private call...
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    Hater PD565 Firmware Update Procedure

    Hi, I'm trying to update the firmware on a PD565. Having switched the cable to 'DL' and connected the radio, the update package still doesn't show any available USB port. Reading online, I came across some instructions for another PD series radio saying that it has to be put into update mode...