1. Drexal

    Hillsborough County FL, best general scanner?

    I have a quick question, I don't want to listen to Police and Fire but I want to hear everything else. Should I get a BCD436HP or a BC125AT? I already have a pro-135 and a RTL-SDR.
  2. daugherh

    Motorola XPR5550 Install Advice

    Hey guys, I appreciate all the advice I've received so far and hoping y'all don't mind throwing out some more advice for a first time install that I want to do right. I should be receiving everything in the mail here soon. Right now, I'm installing a single XPR5550 high power UHF but will soon...
  3. W

    RadioShack Pro 18 help with library update on iscan

    I have a Radio Shack pro18 that has never been updated as far as firmware or anything pf that nature due to not really using the radio much because law enforcement in my area is all mainly "E". I did a few library updates from time to time over the years via ISCAN and it seems like i hear...
  4. W

    Creating a portable repeater with a mobile transceiver

    Hello all! I have returned to seek expertise on a project I am creating. Task: Create a simplex repeater for search and rescue operations using a mobile radio. I am trying to find a way to boost coverage of team communications in a remote area. I currently have a 25w AnyTone AT-778UV which I...
  5. J

    DMR - Wildcard Talkgroup

    Hello, I've seen mention of people using Talkgroup 167776415 (Hex: FFFCDF) as a "wildcard" talkgroup in their G5s. I've been trying to get this working and haven't had any luck. The only way I can get DMR working at all is to specify the discrete talkgroups that I'm interested in monitoring...
  6. Q

    Kenwood TK-840 Programming Help

    So, I bought a Kenwood TK-840(N) off eBay.. not sure at all what the N stands for, but I have downloaded the programming software, and DosBox. I plugged the programming cable into the radio, and plugged the USB into the PC. I changed the COM port from COM4 to COM2, as it only supports 1 and 2...
  7. radioguy224


    so in new milford hospital system the color code is 0 and then when i put it in my scanner it comes up with color code 7 so i am looking to see what is the correct color code
  8. jakeschnabel

    XTL/XTS5000 XTS 5000 VHF Possible To Program/Use Analog Frequencies?

    Greetings, I just got a Motorola XTS5000 VHF P25 Radio. I was wondering if it was possible to input and use standard VHF frequencies that are not trunking frequencies? I want it to function on my county’s non trunking fire dispatch. (Yes I HAVE AUTHORIZATION). A lot of the departments use HT750s...
  9. M

    Gift for my husband - getting started from scratch

    So folks, For my apologies, as this is probably the most basic, most boring thread to start and/or read. But I really need help. My husband has been talking about get a radio for a long time. He's aware that he needs training and a license. Can someone help answer my questions so I can...
  10. I

    PSR-500 questions...

    I have this unit updated to latest firmware. 1. In manual its saying FN + SEL opens help menu for almost every page, i never had this working for any page. 2. When press SRCH button it scans different preset ranges like HAM, Aviation, Railroads etc sometimes i get into mode where i have to...
  11. C

    Newbie, would like info on BCD996XT as well as other scanner questions

    Hey guys, I'm a newbie when it comes to scanners, but I would like to put a Uniden BCD996XT in my truck and just need some info so that I know what to do. I have a 2004 Silverado and plan on putting the scanner in a single-din space where a stereo would normally go. Since I'm putting it there...
  12. 1

    ICOM IC-RX7 Speaker advice.

    Hi Could anyone who has the ICOM IC-RX7 please answer this question? If there was a specific amplified speaker specifically for the RX7 what features would you like/expect it to have, and why? Thank You for your time much appreciated!
  13. wlittle

    Two questions

    In my daily monitoring endeavors, I have come up with two questions regarding frequencies/talk groups on the south side of metro Atlanta: 1. Has the Clayton County Fire Department changed radio systems to 800 Mhz. or EDACS? I was going to monitor them the other day and saw that fire department...
  14. cornbread33

    Accepting Money for Broadcast ?

    As you all know it is quite expensive to buy equipment to Broadcast with. My Question is , would it be wrong or Violate RR guidelines to accept donations for providing a Feed ? I am currently disabled and do not have a Income and I'm just trying to Prepare for the future and the cost of...
  15. fwfdengine2

    ARMER Question

    Hi, Does anybody know what kind of scanner you would need to get to moniter the Minnesota ARMER system. Does it have to be digital? Any suggestions on witch scanner to get? Also would the Uniden BC246T or the Uniden BC346XT work? Thanks, fwfdengine2
  16. F

    Newbie - Lots of general questions

    Hello to everyone! As my thread subject says, I am a newcomer to scanning. I post this in the Eastern Canada forum because I hail from Québec City (and I am french-speaking, so feel free to reply to me in english or french). If the admins feel this message belongs anywhere else, I apologize...