1. Uniden SDS100 w/ DMR upgrade, extra battery w/ charger

    Uniden SDS100 w/ DMR upgrade, extra battery w/ charger

    Uniden SDS100 with the DMR upgrade, EBC100 external charger with extra battery and upgraded 16GB Sandisk ultra microSD card, scanner is in excellent condition, always used inside, includes all original items and original box. Payments by PayPal, Zelle or Venmo, price includes shipping in the CONUS.
  2. S

    Sds100 help

    I just recently bought the SDS 100 and I am having trouble picking up this sheriff station in citrus county Florida. The fire and EMS comes to good but when it comes to pick up the sheriff is just mute can someone please help
  3. SuperSixFour

    My 2017 JKU + SDS100 Mobile Setup

    Finally figured out a nice system for my SDS100 mounted in a 2017 Jeep Wrangler. I sourced from quite a few places, and it took a while to put together, but it works great for me! Pics and parts below: Antenna run Antenna Pulse Larsen Tri Band, NMO150/450/758 Jeep Fender mount Topsy Products...
  4. R

    SDS100: Vehicle install/setup

    Has anyone done a nice SDS100 vehicle install? You know, with part numbers of the items used, things like that. It's been running fine so far, no cold solder issues yet. However it is far from a slick install. Scanner in a cup holder and an ugly wire that all keeps getting in the way of my iced...
  5. H

    Local sds100 repair

    Anywhere local to get my uniden sds100 repaired? Needs the antenna resoldered
  6. K9JRF

    SDS100: SDS100 Audio Weird Issue

    I'm having a weird issue with the SDS-100 and I can't seem to figure it out. I have tried filters, and IFX , changed squelch from 0 to 15 and can't seem to resolve it. The SDS-100 when a transmission comes in 2 out of 5 times, it has this audio sound at the start of the transmission. Its...
  7. KC9NEG

    Another "I just got a new SDS100" thread

    I'll be brief. I unboxed it (2021 build but had latest firmware and sub-CPU installed from the factory), updated the DB using Sentinel, and fired it up. I'm out near Clermont and the performance was immediately impressive, though location-based scanning is simply too ambitious for one radio to...
  8. jmayson

    Sentinel: I have the Uniden Sentinel software working with Linux Mint (LMDE 5)

    The key is using Winapps. There's already a tutorial on setting it up, so I refer you to it. Once you have everything running, install the Uniden software. The virtual machine window has a menu option Redirect USB Device. Be sure to select your Uniden scanner so that Windows will see it...
  9. N

    SDS100: SDS100 odd behavior

    I have had an odd thing happening lately on my SDS100 if not used for a couple of days. When powering on, it shows nothing to scan. I have to go into the set scan mey and turn on the systems manually. They had been on when last powered down. It works fine once I do this but just wondering if...
  10. For Sale: Uniden SDS100

    For Sale: Uniden SDS100

    Selling my gently used SDS100, I just don't find myself using it as much as I expected. Will come with all original accessories and box. Feel free to reach out with any questions. All upgrades unlocked (ProVoice / MotoTRBO / NXDN). Payment via PayPal Goods and Services. Shipping included.
  11. J

    SDS100: CTCSS Searching with the Uniden SDS100?

    Hi all, I just dropped $ 700 on a Uniden SDS100 and specifically bought it to be able to use Close Call function and also display the CTCSS. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make this come up in the display. I've tried to watch YouTube videos, but to no avail. Can someone...
  12. WTT - SDS100 for SDS200

    WTT - SDS100 for SDS200

    Want To Trade - my like new SDS100 for your like new SDS200. Looking for a local exchange only, willing to meet within 30 miles of the Austin Texas area only at this time. Please do not ask me to ship, at any cost, your message will kindly be ignored. If I opt to ship at a later date, I will...
  13. S

    SDS100 Serial Driver

    Does anyone have a good link for the SDS100 (and similar) Serial Driver that works with Proscan? Found a link on this page: but the web server returns a 404 server error when attempting to retrieve the file. :-/ thank!
  14. H

    Bearcat SDS100

    I’m looking at getting the Bearcat SDS100. What would be the best antenna would you recommend to pick up the most activity?
  15. SDS100 + Extras

    SDS100 + Extras

    SDS100, in mint shape, comes with carry case, 2 Battery's and a charger, cords, and Aftermarket volume knob, also comes with sds100 stand. Asking 450.00 Ships same day as payment. You pay shipping, $17.05 Added aftermarket Power cord and power block, no LOW VOLTAGE issues! Selling because I tore...
  16. SuperSixFour

    SDS100: BS-SGPS Puck — Can it be mounted in any orientation?

    Hey all, first post here. I just received my SDS100 and the BC-SGPS module. I plan to keep the GPS in my vehicle for trips. In thinking about where to mount the GPS in my Jeep, I'm curious if there's any requirement to keep the GPS puck mounted right-side-up? Is there any loss of effectiveness...
  17. M

    BCD436 and SDS100 RX issues

    Okay first I do love both of these scanners - the step up from a 125at I started with is amazing. Having a screen and local frequencies automatically loaded is so cool. BUT on both devices - unless I’m using trunking discovery or conventional discovery I cannot hear a full transmission. I have...
  18. I

    SDS100: SDS100 P25 Simulcast Site NAC

    As I am programming my SDS100 for P25 Simulcast cells in my area, I noticed the option to set the site NAC code. Does this do any benefit to the scanner by programming the NAC? Also, would this help ensure the scanner is monitoring the correct cell?
  19. I

    Finding Local Trunked System

    I have a ski resort in my area that I am trying to hear communications from, but I have not had any luck. I am using a SDS100 and the resort is Sun Valley Resort in Ketchum Idaho. They have Motorola handheld units that I can see their ski patrol and lift operators using, so my guess is some...
  20. BradKirk

    SDS100: BC-UTGC GPS USB Cable

    Availability of the BC-UTGC GPS USB Cable is not good. Bearcat Warehouse is taking backorders but I am unsure how long that will take and am anxious to get started. I would like to make my own cable and have a pretty good idea of how to connect it but am hoping there is some documentation about...