1. A

    SDS100: How to Copy OEM SDS100 SD Card to other SanDisc 32gb SD Cards for multiple spare backups?

    Will appreciate some Three Stooges caveman comprehension level "slowly I turned step by step" instructions or link to YouTube video, if any exist. How do I copy what was on the OEM SDS100 SD Card, that also had some local programming done to it by the seller, > to a new formatted 32gb card I...
  2. A

    Opened up my SDS100

    So I recently sent in my SDS100 for a volume knob repair. It came back receiving absolute garbage for transmissions. Thought it was a corrupted SD card. Rubber duck antennas won't pick up much of anything. A mobile antenna will pick up some stuff. So it being out of warranty already I decided to...
  3. whooey

    SDS100: SDS100 Issues

    For starters my USB2 (Charger) Port stopped working, It will work if the wire in the port has downward force, if you hold it just right. I have tried multiple wires. It has not been tugged on or anything like that. I bought a extra battery with charger, so I wouldn't have to worry about...
  4. C

    SDS100: Specific Freq Question (I am a noob, please try to not roast me)

    Just a few days ago I was able to fully listen to: Nashville, TN, Davidson County: Police: West Precinct/Patrol and now I am getting zero... Can the SDS100 handle this? Thank you in advance. I am a noob, don't roast me :/ DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 10201 27d9 DE * P101WSTD...
  5. W

    SDS-100 Ohio help

    Can anyone help me better understand how to program the SDS100? I get "use the software". I have it programmed for my county which uses both conventional and trunking but it doesn't seem to scan fast enough. The trunking side has sites that aren't even close to the county I live in. I'm a...
  6. A

    Is it trying to receive?

    Transmissions are very choppy. Changed SD cards cause the last one seemed corrupted. Got it back from Uniden for a repair on Nov 1 for a broken volume knob and have had issues since.
  7. LouieCT

    Identifying if SDS100 is early model or not

    As I stated in the title, is there a way to identify how early a model of the SDS100 we have by serial #? What are the newer models serial numbers at as opposed to earlier models?
  8. G

    Fastest way to get to a specific Talk Group on a specific Site - suggestions wanted.

    I happen to live within zipline distance of one of my local fire brigade stations; when they get a call, I can actually hear a series of tones ring out in the station, and usually within 2 minutes (technically, 90 seconds is what they contractually commit to), sirens and all the rest... As a...
  9. SDS100 in perfect condition.

    SDS100 in perfect condition.

    SDS100 in perfect working order. Comes with be belt clip, BNC antenna adapter, original antenna and 800 mhz antenna. large capacity battery and owners manual. Original box but no styrofoam. Has NXDN and DMR upgrade. I don't use this much anymore due to less local road travel. Scanner has no...
  10. C

    Setting priority channel

    Hello everyone. So I am having trouble setting up my favorite channel in a trunk system. I have priority Id scan set to on, for the system that the channel is in. I also have the channel set as a priority. Is there a setting I am missing? Is there another setting needs to be set? I prefer using...
  11. B

    SDS100 Questions

    Considering purchasing a Uniden SDS100 scanner. Have some questions regarding if I will be able to hear frequencies in my local area. I live in Clark County Indiana. Will I need to purchase any special software upgrades in order to hear police, fire, & EMS frequencies in my area? Are any of my...
  12. C


    I have a NANO-SPOT MMDVM hotspot that is working great with my MD380 and TAIT TP9300 radios in DMR mode and works great in P25 with several commercial P25 radios. I can make a call on the DMR portable that gets decoded directly by my SDS100 but the NANO-SPOT does not decode its transmissions.I...
  13. FS: SDS100 ALL 3 Software Upgrade keys Included

    FS: SDS100 ALL 3 Software Upgrade keys Included

    ***SOLD Thanks for looking *** I have a Uniden SDS100 For sale, Works perfect ALL 3 Software Keys are installed for , NXDN , DMR-MotoTrbo, ProVoice ($140 Value ) INCLUDES: Box , Belt clip , hand Strap , Usb Cord, antenna , BNC Adapter , original Back cover and battery, ALSO includes...
  14. LtChuck

    SDS 100 questions... power and decoding

    Contemplating acquiring a SDS 100 and have a few questions. Will the unit power up upon power being supplied from the external power input. I currently have a RS Pro 106 that powers up and starts operating when dc power is applied from a switch on the vehicles power control center (for...
  15. A

    SDS100 with Remtronix 800mhz antenna

    New owner here. I just popped the Diamond RH77CA off my radio and put on this new one from ScannerMaster. Wow! Unreal, the difference. I can't believe the difference in clarity, reception..crystal clear, loud. Like they're standing right next to me. I thought the Diamond was a nice step up from...
  16. L

    SDS100 Close Call in downtown high RF area

    Hi folks, I live in Seattle and have tried Close Call ("Only") while walking my SDS100 around downtown and near the University a bit. These are very high RF environments. I have never gotten a "close call" in the wild yet, and wanted to see if I should do something different. For example, I...
  17. L

    SDS100 learnings and questions

    Hi team, long time listener, first time caller,etc. Based in Seattle and primarily monitoring public safety in the city limits, previously with a Uniden analog trunk tracker. Bought an SDS100 recently to add WSP and hopefully overcome some issues in town. A few notes. 1. The default of 400...
  18. SDS 100   ALL 3 upgrades included

    SDS 100 ALL 3 upgrades included

    For sale is my Perfect Condition SDS100 I have 2 and am selling 1 , I don't use them enough to justify both , My loss is your Gain ! unit has Everything from the factory plus Extended life battery . This Radio has Honestly seen about 30 hours of use. My City Willston,ND PD has gone...
  19. lamopac

    SDS100 Static on VHF/UHF Analog Channels

    Starting last night, my SDS100 has starting having static on all the analog channels, which hangs them up. I'm not sure, but it sounds like the static may be generated inside the scanner. The scanner worked fine all day yesterday, when I got home and unplugged my GPS, that's when all this...
  20. N

    ProScan Software Questions

    I downloaded the trial - and like most of what I see so far. My computer does not have an audio input - so I got a usb adapter that has audio input/output and connected a stereo audio cable from the usb mic input to the sds100 headphone jack. Audio SUCKS so BAD - is UnAcceptable. And how do...