1. NWI_Scanner_Guy

    Uniden SDS100 ( **Reduced Price** )

    For sale is a used, but in very good condition Uniden SDS100 scanner radio (purchased in Nov 2019). The radio has the DMR upgrade applied to it. Included in the sale is the SDS100, stock antenna, SMA to BNC adapter, belt clip, USB cable w/plug, external battery charger with large battery and a...
  2. **SOLD**Uniden SDS100 Digital Scanner Plus Remtronix 800mhz antenna

    **SOLD**Uniden SDS100 Digital Scanner Plus Remtronix 800mhz antenna

    Uniden SDS100 Digital Scanner - In excellent condition. Includes USB charger, USB programming cable, antenna, wrist strap, SMA to BNC adapter, belt clip, large battery, box, and owner's manual. No Upgrades. **PLUS Remtronix 800mhz antenna made for the SDS100** Looks and works great! Free USPS...
  3. SDS 100 NXDN, DMR & Pro Voice Upgrades

    SDS 100 NXDN, DMR & Pro Voice Upgrades

    Works Perfect Brand new in box Firmware and database has been updated Has all upgrades Will accept PayPal
  4. M

    SDS100: Uniden SDS100 Receiving issue

    I had just gotten a SDS100 from Zip scanners. I have had issues with the stock antenna, and now just recently, remtronix which claims to bring better reception, although that was not the case in this situation. I monitor 2 counties for my region, Mainly under this one whole system called...
  5. N4DJC

    For Sale Uniden SDS100

    Near new, Uniden SDS100 no upgrades, with box and all original packaging, rubber duck antenna, power supply, USB cable, hand strap, belt clip, SMA to BNC adapter. Includes Remtronix 800B antenna. Purchased new from Bearcat Warehouse in September of 2020. Non smoking household, no scuffs...
  6. S

    SDS100 w/ extras

    I am looking to sell my like new Uniden SDS100. I purchased it on 10/22/20 from Scanner Master. I bought it with the intent to use it more than I actually do. Will ship with SDS100, original box, Remtronix antenna, extra battery and Uniden EBC100 battery charger. I will also include my license...
  7. AK4FD

    [WANTED] Uniden SDS100 Handheld

    I am wanting to buy an SDS100 Uniden handheld scanner. Please let me know your price, what accessories it comes with, and photos are a must! Due to past scamming incidents please have your RR username written somewhere in the photo like on a piece of paper or something next to the device...
  8. Salvatorejrc

    Adapter Recommendations

    I interchange antennas frequently on my sds100, and I was wondering if there are any adapters that I could put on that will take the damage and wear over time, rather than the scanner itself.
  9. *SOLD* SDS100: Includes ProVoice+DMR+NXDN

    *SOLD* SDS100: Includes ProVoice+DMR+NXDN

    Update (2/28/21): The SDS100 has sold. I'm very thankful for the interest this has received, and so, so, grateful that the scanner is going to a radio enthusiast instead of my ex. Update (2/27/21): a person has expressed interest and we're just finalizing the details now. Hi Folks! I'm...
  10. Salvatorejrc

    NJICS Issues

    I'm having troubling scanning channels from NJICS on my sds100. I know this for sure because I have the archives playing on my computer, while the scanner is silent. What could be the issue?
  11. Salvatorejrc

    Sentinel Trouble

    Sentinel has been troublesome recently. I have been trying to program my sds100, and when I upload the lists I create to the unit, either nothing gets transfered over, or only a bit gets written. This doesn't just apply to new favorites lists either, but also settings, and list orders that I...
  12. **SOLD**Uniden SDS100 with DMR plus charger and extra battery .

    **SOLD**Uniden SDS100 with DMR plus charger and extra battery .

    For Sale - SDS100 with DMR upgrade. Includes extra-large battery and charger. Also included is a scanner stand for the SDS100. Free USPS Priority Mail shipping to CONUS only.
  13. Salvatorejrc

    Recording Import Question

    When transferring recordings from my sds100 to my computer, is there any way to have, instead of multiple files with single transmissions, one large file with all of the transmitted recordings back to back per each recording folder (just like how it is when replaying the recording on the...
  14. C

    SDS100 Scan Direction

    Hello, There is a white arrow on the top left of my scanner screen under my signal bars. I have read and found out that it is the Scan Direction. What is Scan Direction and how do I use it? Also, how do I turn it on/off? Thanks in Advance!
  15. Uniden SDS100 Digital Scanner with DMR Upgrade and Extras Excellent Condition

    Uniden SDS100 Digital Scanner with DMR Upgrade and Extras Excellent Condition

    I have a like new SDS100 that was purchased shortly before Christmas from Main Trading Company (MTC). The scanner is 100% operational and in 95% cosmetic condition - there is a minor mark on the display where I bumped into my chair- not a crack or scratch, just a blemish. A carrying case, the...
  16. I

    Uniden SDS100 (New in Box)(SOLD)

    (SOLD) Moved to the Bay under icemantim8. I have one Uniden SDS100 new in the box. This is an unopened box direct from the retailer. I opened the box just to take some pics.
  17. J

    Two Tone decode

    I found the below on the Uniden website (SDS100 True I/Q™ Digital Handheld Scanner) for the SDS100 and am wanting some verification. Are you able to program to allow mute until alert like a regular Minitor does on selective call? "Fire Tone-Out Standby/Tone Search – Lets you set the scanner to...
  18. K

    SDS100: SDS100 Can't Press Down On Volume Knob

    On my SDS100 I can't press down on the knob to change the volume level anymore. It worked fine for a few months but now it feels like it's stuck, it doesn't "click" like it used to. Scrolling left/right works fine but pressing it down to select/change the volume doesn't work. Is there a way to...
  19. Salvatorejrc

    Sds100 jumpy knob

    The volume knob on my sds100 is very jumpy to the point where it sometimes is hard to file through things because it skips very fast, and the slightest movement on the knob makes it move when in reality you should hear the subtle slick before it changes the selection. Does anyone else have this...
  20. D

    SDS100 - like new with DMR and NXDN upgrades

    Have a like new SDS100 for sale. Bought it this past June, used it maybe a handful of times. Comes with original packaging, cables and all. Comes with DMR and NXDN upgrades and can provide purchase keys if desired. My area doesn't have much for simulcast, so it's not needed. I'd be happy to send...