1. Uniden SDS100 Digital SDR Scanning Receiver Package

    Uniden SDS100 Digital SDR Scanning Receiver Package

    For Sale: I have a mint condition, Uniden SDS100 handheld digital trunking software-defined scanner complete package available. This was a backup radio for me that I've found I am just not using so I am selling to someone who'll put it to good use. The scanner is capable of scanning...
  2. S

    WTB: Scanners with Broken Screen

    If anyone is looking to make something back on their scanner with a broken screen or other defects, please contact me as I am interested.
  3. JimD56

    SELL SDS100 $600 or Trade for SDS200 and Cash

    Looking to SELL or trade my SDS100 1-year-old, mint condition for an SDS200 with no hum. SELL $600 SHIPPED or TRADE for SDS200 plus $25 My SDS100 does NOT have the DMR, Pro Voice or NXDN upgrades, as I do not need them I'm rearranging the home shack. I will be moving one of my BCD996P2s to the...
  4. Uniden SDS100

    Uniden SDS100

    Gently used SDS100 purchased from Webtron-X 7/2019. Guaranteed working. Excellent condition. All accessories included EXCEPT the "button" and screw that allows attachment of the belt clip to the scanner. The radio is serial # 383Z88007505. Works great here in the Madison/Dane WI area. It's never...
  5. V

    Remtronix vs. RS 800mhz Antenna?

    I have a SDS100 and I'm using a Radio Shack 800mhz BNC antenna. They look almost identical (externally).. Can anyone tell me if they perform the same? Should I purchase a Remtronix antenna? Thanks
  6. V

    San Mateo County Fire Tone Out codes

    Compiled list of San Mateo County Fire Tone Out Codes. This is a work in progress. Please let me know if you have any to add to this list.. I've spent time compiling these for my Uniden SDS100.
  7. trp2525

    SDS100: Uniden Small Battery Pack and Door Cover for SDS100 Now Available

    FYI for those who have been looking for the small battery pack (and small battery door cover) for your SDS100, it is now available for purchase from Scanner Master (supplies are limited). It is listed on their website as Product Code 10-592021 and the price is $69.95 plus shipping charges based...
  8. trp2525

    SDS100: SDS100 National Back Order

    I received a marketing email from Main Trading Company ( in Paris, TX last evening (03-20-2020) and it had the SDS100 specifically listed in the email along with the following notation: "Will be on National Back Order Soon." I was also on the Factory Outlet Store website and...
  9. R

    Using two profiles in the SDS100

    I have a question on properly using profiles in the SDS100. Consider profile_a with 15 favorites that is open in Sentinel. From Sentinel I click File>New and make profile_b. Of course the same favorites are in profile_b, but with profile_b active in Sentinel, the Monitor and Download options...
  10. trp2525

    SDS100 and SDS200 Discount/Sale Pricing on Brand-New Units

    I didn't see this posted anywhere else on RR so I figured I would pass this along for any prospective owners of the SDS100 or SDS200 scanners. I just noticed on eBay that eBay seller Bearcat Scanners is selling the SDS100 for $599.99 (normally seen advertised everywhere for $649.99) and the...
  11. SDS100 Battery Clip Upgrade/Replacement

    SDS100 Battery Clip Upgrade/Replacement

    Have a broken battery clip on your SDS100? Want a clip that's stronger than the factory part, and easier to use? This battery clip is 3D printed with carbon fiber reinforced material that is stronger than the factory plastic, and is thicker than the factory clip. The factory clip is 2.3mm...
  12. fdnyfish

    SDS100 New Model ?

    I spoke to bearcat warehouse yesterday, on the website it says SDS-100 New. I asked him What NEW meant, and he said it’s the latest version that had some hardware issues corrected, like humming and cracklings. can someone confirm if this is true? If it is true, is there a starting serial...
  13. ll35689k

    ISO Uniden SDS100 Battery

    I am looking to purchase a Uniden SDS100 slim regular size battery and battery cover.
  14. C

    General help w/new SDS100

    Just received mine and it had never been opened. Was sold as store demo. It is so confusing. The users manual looks like the words from a dictionary thrown at a sheet of paper. I want to program in 6 NXDN conventional frequencies in my county and the P25 type 1 trunking system in an adjacent...
  15. N

    Sentinel database will not update

    Trying to update the firmware in a new SDS200 is Uniden site down? Cant connect to site in Sentenial for update
  16. SDS100


    1 year old sds100 working perfectly include all the upgrade(provoice, dmr,nxdn)the big and small battery with cover a remtronix antenna the one with the washer made specifically for sds100 and also the original antenna charger and programming cable i have too much scanner can't listen to all at...
  17. A

    SDS100: How to Copy OEM SDS100 SD Card to other SanDisc 32gb SD Cards for multiple spare backups?

    Will appreciate some Three Stooges caveman comprehension level "slowly I turned step by step" instructions or link to YouTube video, if any exist. How do I copy what was on the OEM SDS100 SD Card, that also had some local programming done to it by the seller, > to a new formatted 32gb card I...
  18. A

    Opened up my SDS100

    So I recently sent in my SDS100 for a volume knob repair. It came back receiving absolute garbage for transmissions. Thought it was a corrupted SD card. Rubber duck antennas won't pick up much of anything. A mobile antenna will pick up some stuff. So it being out of warranty already I decided to...
  19. whooey

    SDS100: SDS100 Issues

    For starters my USB2 (Charger) Port stopped working, It will work if the wire in the port has downward force, if you hold it just right. I have tried multiple wires. It has not been tugged on or anything like that. I bought a extra battery with charger, so I wouldn't have to worry about...
  20. C

    SDS100: Specific Freq Question (I am a noob, please try to not roast me)

    Just a few days ago I was able to fully listen to: Nashville, TN, Davidson County: Police: West Precinct/Patrol and now I am getting zero... Can the SDS100 handle this? Thank you in advance. I am a noob, don't roast me :/ DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag 10201 27d9 DE * P101WSTD...