1. sadave

    Customized Display on SDS100/SDS200/Sentinel

    Good morning! This past week, a couple of anomalies appeared related to the customized displays on my SDS100 as well as the Sentinel profile settings for my SDS200. Bottom line up front. Everything is now working properly but wanted to share in the event others have encountered similar...
  2. K

    SDS100/SDS200: Problem activating IFX on SDS100

    I'm trying to figure out how to activate IFX on an SDS100. I have complex display mode turned on, and an IFX symbol should appear in the bottom left area of my display. While scanning, I've tried to press the function key and then 7, but that doesn't activate the IFX symbol. I've also tried to...
  3. Uniden SDS100 Scanner with NXDN and DMR licenses

    Uniden SDS100 Scanner with NXDN and DMR licenses

    Scanner will be shipped in original packaging and has all original inclusions. Scanner has NXDN and DMR already activated! Comes with bonus case (shown in pic) and Remtronix antenna (not shown) Everything (unit, original box etc.) is in excellent condition! VENMO Standard (US) shipping...
  4. R

    Better BNC adapter for sds100?

    Hello! I wonder if anyone have found better BNC adapter for uniden sds100. I have some stiff BNC antennas that's kinda hard to remove/install without proper grip and needless to say it's pretty hard with stock SDS100 adapter. I tried one like this, but due to raised part of antenna connector...
  5. SDS100, extra antennas, GPS, battery

    SDS100, extra antennas, GPS, battery

    SDS100 with GPS cabling and puck, Remtronix 842s antenna, Remtronix 820s antenna, OEM antenna, and extra battery and charger. Belt clip and original box. Has worked great for me but I just no longer need it. Payment by Zelle or Venmo is preferred. Buyer pays actual shipping & we can look...
  6. R

    SDS100/SDS200: Please help with signals

    Can someone please help.... I have a two SDS100's. One with a Diamond tri-band rubber ducky and the other with a Diamond D300N with LMR400. This is all new equipment. Just installed today. (The base antenna that is). My RSSI signals are stronerg with the rubber ducky then the base antenna. I...
  7. D

    Montgomery County Fire Tones

    I am looking for how to hear the station tones, and tone-out tones. Whenever a dwelling is dispatched, I hear no tones or anything. If anyone could help me further, I have a Uniden SDS100. Thanks in advance!
  8. SDS100 plus GPS - $575 - SOLD

    SDS100 plus GPS - $575 - SOLD

    SDS100 with GPS cabling and puck. Includes ZipScanners desk stand and aftermarket Remtronix antenna. No battery issues, powers on and works great. Has been on the desk for 95% of its life, and doesn't have a ton of time on the charger. The belt clip is missing, and I do not have the original...
  9. I

    SDS100 Car Mount

    Hello, I have a SDS100 and I'm looking for a car mount for my Chevy Tahoe. Ether a cup holder mount or a window mount with extension arm. I bought this but it DOES NOT work for the SDS100. There is no stabilization so the radio flops around with every bump and you can't push a button with...
  10. I

    ProScan - SDS100 - Marine VHF Channels

    Hi there, I hope you're doing well! Exciting news – my new SDS100 is set to arrive tomorrow, and I've been tinkering with the ProScan (PAID) software in anticipation. I'm eager to add the US Marine VHF Channels to a Favorites List, but I could really use some guidance on this. I've attempted...
  11. SOLD: Uniden SDS100 with Latest Firmware

    SOLD: Uniden SDS100 with Latest Firmware

    I’m selling a Uniden SDS100 that’s in great condition! I’ve had it for a couple of years and it’s fully functional and has the latest firmware installed. It was sent to Uniden a while back where I had the cold solder issue addressed and I have replaced the dreaded battery door clip with one...
  12. V

    DMR audio quality on SDS100 vs BCD325P2

    I own both the sds100 and 325p2 and before I pay for the DMR upgrade, I wanted to get opinions on whether I should updgrade DMR to the 100 or 325. We all know the analog rx/audio quality on the sds100 isn't good, so I'm leaning towards upgrading 325 to DMR. I don't have any experience with DMR...
  13. B

    SDS100/SDS200: SDS100 connected to PC - Close Call folder ?

    When I connect my SDS100 to my PC, I am trying to locate what folder or area that Close Call hits are stored. As is appears now, they are not being stored or simply what I am trying to do is not possible. Not sure. Any info is appreciated. Thank you
  14. B

    SDS100/SDS200: SDS100 drops last .5 second of each received audio

    Hello ! Scenario: Just purchased a preowned and operating SDS100 from a reputable Ham Radio store and it is all updated per Sentinel software to latest firmware. Also own the SDS200, which does not have this issue. Possibly a setting in my SDS100 is the problem. I programmed my SDS100...
  15. K

    SDS100 programming favorites question

    Recently purchased an SDS100. I'm slowly working my way through all the features. Can someone help me understand programming a favorites list off a large P25 group (TxWARN)? The goal is to have a specific favorite list to monitor at work. I watched how to create a favorite and assign quick...
  16. L

    SDS100/SDS200: SDS100 vs SDS200

    So I am looking to buy one of these radios but there's just a few reasons that has me kind of stuck. I am obviously gonna have it on a lot so is battery life gonna be a constant issue where I'm charging numerous times a day and device life, as far as sending a ton of cycles through the battery...
  17. kf6olc

    Recent Uniden updates video.

  18. Wrzl830

    New to scanners looking for suggestions

    Hello I currently live in Broward county and looking to get a scanner or a pager I keep seeing mixed reviews on the sds100 and some things about the unification G5 pager , im maninly looking to listen to Broward county tac channels as well as many some EMS/Fire stuff and public health related...
  19. *SOLD* Uniden SDS-100 in Box w/Accessories NXDN/DMR unlocked / Remtronix Antenna - Free Shipping

    *SOLD* Uniden SDS-100 in Box w/Accessories NXDN/DMR unlocked / Remtronix Antenna - Free Shipping

    Uniden SDS-100 in Box All Accessories included UNLOCKED DMR/NXDN - big savings having that already done. Upgraded Sandisk Ultra 32gb SD Card for more recording time Upgraded Remtronix Antenna better for 700/800Mhz. (include original) Full Size - Color Printed Manual No scratches on unit...
  20. R

    SDS100 842S REMTRONIX Alternative in South Africa

    Hi, I have an SDS100 and I want to upgrade my stock rubberduckie antenna. I listen to mainly VHF and UHF. But the 140-155 spectrum is more important to me. I've read that the 842S fits the SDS100 and is the best. But, it is not available in South Africa. The SDS100 just took a month and a...