1. Thoraldus

    SDS200 Avoiding 'Nothing to Scan'

    Several days ago I learned that 'Service Type' must be enabled for those entries with Service Type defined or they will not be scanned. This morning I learned that a location must be programmed for each entry if 'Location' is turned on. I didn't have the luxury of owning a 436 or 536 prior to...
  2. D

    SDS100 poor performance on VHF DMR Cap+

    Hi there! Yesterday i am compared my SDS100 with 436hp on VHF DMR Cap+ system. There are only 3 sites with 4, 6, 4 frequencies per site. Video here . both scanners have last firmware. SDS100 decode less transmissions then 436hp. This issue only with my scanners or other users have the same...
  3. G

    HPE files for VIC?

    Hi, Just procured a new SDS100 and am starting to wrap my head around Sentinel - it is obviously very US/Canada centric, but with the release of this and similar models in Australia, I was hoping to find an easy way to import frequencies into the SDS100...from what I can gather, Sentinel HPE...
  4. Z

    Does Anyone with SDS100 monitor Mass SP

    I just bought the SDS100 and live in NH. Occasionally I drive to Mass and would like to monitor Mass SP Troop A (area close to NH State Line Rte 93 Rte 95). I think I live too far North to pickup transmissions now to see if I grabbed the correct radio reference items thru Sentinel. Would...
  5. M

    SDS100 - TG Database and location/radius

    New SDS 100 owner coming over from a TRX-1. Ive created a home FL with a 30 mile radius. So far so good as its catching only those towers inside the radius however Im not getting some of the TG text labels. I turned on ID Search for this particular system. I got TG's that are known in the RR...
  6. W

    SDS100 Fast Staccato-like Static

    HI, new SDS 100 user, mostly monitoring NYPD (UHF T conventional). reception seems mediocre, in addition there are bouts of staccato"machine gun "sounds which we used to identify as paging systems and which were evidence of a weak front end on the scanner. is it possible that to this scanner is...
  7. J

    SDS100 Audio Muting Mid Transmission

    I have a recently purchased SDS100 that I am having the previously reported transmission muting issue. I believe that the other post was for the SDS200, whereas this is the SDS100... I got my first SDS100, had the issue described below and returned it for a new scanner from Zip Scanners. Both...
  8. S

    Manual entry of DMR systems in Sentinel

    Hello all. Fairly new to digital modes. I'm trying to manually enter DMR systems not listed in RR database into Sentinel and I'm a bit lost. This is the system I'm trying to add ( Baycom DMR Bay Area repeaters ). Could someone walk me through doing this or point to a tutorial? I'm trying to...
  9. S

    Any interesting DMR or NXDN systems to monitor in the Bay Area?

    Using an SDS 100 and picked up the DMR and NXDN upgrades. I've added Radio Guys, Silke, Signature, Fisher TeamTalk, and TelePath from RR database but hear very little traffic on them. Wondering if anyone here has any interesting systems (commercial or other service types) I should add to take...
  10. S

    SDS 100 Small battery and cover?

    I purchased my SDS 100 after the battery had already been replaced with the larger battery and battery cover. I understand those who purchased with the original smaller battery received free upgrades to the larger battery and cover. Is there any way to get one of the original smaller batteries...
  11. C

    My 5 favorite scanners....

    Getting ready for the Daytona 500, so it's time to make sure my NASCAR scanners,3, Uniden SC-230s, are ready to go. So what better time for a picture wth the old BCD-398xt and new SDS100 flanking them. Too bad my BCD325p2 is sitting in my office.
  12. S

    Warble sound on SDS100 Headphone Jack P25?

    First thread, apologies if this has been covered before I searched and did not see anything specific. I'm getting a constant and uniform low warble (wub-wub-wub-wub-wub) sound mixed with voice transmissions when using headphones or headphone jack to speakers on my SDS100. So far it's constant...
  13. mcjones2013

    SDS100: Why show the System ID in HEX format?

    Hello, I was wondering why the SDS100 shows the System ID of trunking systems in HEX format instead of the "normal" format seen on the BCDx36HP series when in Search mode? Is there a way to change this? For example, there's a multi-site Connect Plus system in my area, with the System ID of...
  14. R

    SDS100: VHF Low Antenna for SDS100

    I'm looking for an antenna that gives me better reception on VHF low (150-159) and also provides a proper fit for the SDS100 SMA connector. Anyone have any recommendations?
  15. GTR8000

    BCDx36HP Sentinel 2.01.00 (adds support for SDS200)

    New version of the BCDx36HP Sentinel that adds support for the new SDS200.
  16. R

    Monitoring VSP with SDS100

    I'm trying to monitor VSP from Loudoun County using my new SDS100, but not having any luck so far. At this point, I've added VSP to my FL as follows: USA > Virginia > Loudoun > Statewide > VA STARS > Virginia State Police, then 'Append to Favorites List'. With all of the repeater locations...
  17. V

    Remtronix 820S Antenna

    I previously owned the BCD436HP and had the Remtronix 800 antenna, which performed far superior to the stock included antenna for local 800hz P25 reception. I now own the SDS100 and recently purchased the Remtronix 820S antenna, expecting a difference from the stock included antenna...
  18. trp2525

    SDS100: BT-954 large battery now available for sale separately

    I haven't seen this information posted anywhere on RR so I figured I would pass it along for anyone interested or in need. Bearcat Warehouse is now offering the BT-954 large battery for the SDS100 for sale separately for $49.90 plus $7.95 Flat Rate Shipping (if only the BT-954 battery is...
  19. V

    How to add battery icon? (SDS100)

    On the SDS 100, i see in the customize screen a battery indicator icon, and I have seen some YouTube vids where other owners have this displaying. How do you do that? I can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks in advance for the responses and anxiously awaiting instructions.
  20. A

    Phoenix Area Uniden SDS100 Review

    I just wanted to make a quick initial review of the SDS100. @KR7CQ Did a fantastic write up regarding the SDS100 and it is certainly more in-depth than mine will be. I picked this scanner up from HRO on Friday 12/21/2018 and I was admittedly a bit apprehensive. My current scanner is a BCD996P2...