1. captaincraig44

    Sentinel shuffling systems between FL's

    Using 2.00.05, I am programming my SDS-100 with Sentinel. After editing FL's and writing to the radio, some systems have some how swapped between FL's and erased the systems that were in that FL. I have not read from the radio between programming in Sentinel and made sure to save after editing...
  2. kf6olc

    SDS100: What am I doing wrong? I want to create favorite list for future travels

    I want to create a special list/profiles for future travels. This is what I've done so far. " 1.In upper left hand corner of Sentinel labeled "File" I clicked the"new" section. 2. The "Enter profile name" box pops up. I enter the name for the profile. 3. I notice that in the "Database" tree...
  3. J

    Sentinel Enhancement Requests

    I was thinking that it would be nice to have a thread (sticky please?) whereby we can submit enhancement requests for the Uniden Sentinel application. It's a great application that continues to improve but there is always room for improvement! Just going through the latest release (2.00.02) I...
  4. W

    Importing HP2 list?

    Has anyone successfully imported a favorites list yet from a Home Patrol 2 to their brand new SDS100? I have 5 or 6 very customized favorites list and hope to avoid a lot of typing again when I purchase the new toy.
  5. mesocyclone

    BCD536HP: Sentinel install fails

    I am trying to install the latest Sentinel (1.07.05) on Windows 10. The installer says that .NET 2 is required, and gives me the option to install it. But that option takes me to the Microsoft general .NET install, and that tells me that .NET 4 is already installed on my system. What do I do now?
  6. kf6olc

    HP-1: Question: How do I transfer my recored audio files to the HP Sentinel?

    I would like to transfer all my audio recordings from my HP-1 to the HP Sentinel. I thought that when I synced this during my updates that this would do this automatically. It's not doing this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,KF6OLC
  7. AK4FD

    BCD536HP: Sentinel Software question

    If this has been requested/brought up before then please accept my apologies ahead of time, I couldn't find any topics when I did a search for it. If I may suggest, to add a feature in the Sentinel software, similar to Whistler's EZ-Scan with the TRX models, in regards to recordings maybe add...
  8. H

    Kent County Newbie needs advice

    OK, I'm an idiot, right? I need some advice so, please forgive me. I have a Uniden BCD536HP. I have it set up and I have the Sentinel software on my PC. I updated the firmware and the database of frequencies on the SD card in the radio. OK, here's my question: How do I (easily?) create...
  9. M

    BCD436HP: Trying to install Sentinel on new Win10 system

    New to scanning, I picked up the BCD436HP and now I'm trying to install Sentinel software. Keeps telling me I need framework 2.0 installed. I have the latest framework installed but it doesn't want to recognize it. Could use some suggestions on how to get this installed. Thanks
  10. plaws

    BCDx36HP: Sentinel - "Alpha Tag" not "Description"

    Subject pretty much says it all. How do I get Sentinel to pull the database's Alpha Tag column instead of the Description column? I *think* I've looked at every menu item but can't find it. Some DB admins get pretty wordy in those Descriptions - I only need the Alpha Tag.
  11. W

    Creating Favorites in MPSCS

    I just purchased a Home Patrol 1 and when I enter my Zip Code it finds over 600+ Channels. I only want to monitor Westland, Wayne, Garden City, and Inkster PD and Fire Dept. When I use sentinel and add these cities to my favorite list it looks like it ends up adding the entire MPSCS data base...
  12. K

    BCD436HP programming question

    I've programmed the Sentinel software with a Favorites List (to which I've assigned Favorites QK 1) that contains 6 systems in total. One of them is a P25 system to which I've assigned QK1. Four of them are Conventional to which I've assigned QKs 2, 3, 4 and 5. The last one is a Motorola System...
  13. MourningRain

    Sentinel Software freq database

    So.. I've played with my new BCD436HP scanner for about, maybe, a half hour so far. I'm coming from a Radio Shack pro-34 scanner, so you'll probably see me here asking questions over the next few weeks+ :) I installed the Sentinel software and plugged in my scanner with the mini-usb cable...
  14. M

    BCD536HP Download from Sentinel

    I was having this problem before I sent the scanner to Uniden for the clock fix. However, when I "Write" the data from Sentinel to the 536 it only downloads what was originally there. It will not display any of the new favorites list that I have added. I also have a 436 that I have no problem...
  15. N

    City not included in Uniden BCD536HP Database

    Greetings, I returning to scanner use after a 10 year hiatus, having retired from a lifetime of service in my local fire department. A lot has changed. I just purchased a Uniden BCD536HP and have it up and running monitoring my local emergency services. I also want to monitor the emergency...
  16. B

    Open source the sentinel software?

    Is Uniden open to making the Sentinel software 'open source'? If an option, Uniden and our Uniden scanning community will benefit significantly and harden an already very loyal following by complementing a fine set of radios with a community supported software that exceeds expectations making...
  17. rvacs

    BCD536HP: New Bcd536hp can I use my Sentinel Favorites from my HP-2?

    Hello All, Sorry if this is a bogus question. Can I use my Favorites in Sentinel for my HP-2 for my new BCD536HP? I assume I will need to add Quick Key assignments to them since BCD536hp relies on them. I didn't have to add those Quick Keys for the HP-2. Any other info? Thanks, Rich
  18. gibson135

    Sentinel Settings

    I'm sure this is a dumb question. It will be enough dumber if there isn't a way to do this: When making changes to the preferences of channels on your favorites list (i.e. color and alert sound) how do you change multiple or all of the channels instead of doing each one individually with the...
  19. T

    Help with Llano, Burnet, Blanco Counties

    I just got a BCD 436HP and programmed it using Sentinel but not sure if I have it optimized the best way. Can anyone share how they have their scanner set up. I previously had a 396XT set up to single frequency system so it would search for the NAC and had talk groups programmed so I could shut...
  20. joefil

    HP-1: Sentinel Software

    Hi all Anyone know if the Sentinel software that came with my 536 HP can also be used with my HP-1 Thanks Joe