1. Robert721

    BCD536HP: Programming multiple radios

    I have several radios(436 & 536), plus a friend wants me to sent up his radio for a different area (he is not scanner or software literate, he is just a casual listener). I want them to have different data in them. different FL, QK, systems etc... Is this possible using Sentinel? I have been...
  2. drdispatch

    BCD436HP: Can't connect to Uniden Server

    So I've been scaling the learning curve on my new 436HP. I ordered it "Optimized", but the date in the bottom left corner of the Sentinel screen says database version 9/23/2013. I tried to check for firmware & database updates, & I get "Unable to connect to Uniden server". This is my first go...
  3. screenersam

    Choptank on Sentinel?

    I can't find Choptank (Electric) on the Sentinel database. (it is in the RR data). Anyone know where it's hidden? is there a way to import from RR to Sentinel? (was going to ask this in the Md/X36 forum but don't see it)
  4. gibson135

    Adding to Favorites List in Sentinel

    This question seems so logical that I assume it's just under my nose being overlooked 1000 different ways, but how to you add selected frequency lists, groups of channels, or whatever the exact way it's supposed to be said, from the database seen in Sentinel to a favorites list you have made so...
  5. E

    RS 20-047 cable for BCD436HP WS1080? | WS1080 requires continual + web access?

    1. Will my old orange Radio Shack 20-047 USB Scanner Interface/PC Cable work with the Uniden BCD436HP and Whistler WS1080 scanner? If not please recommend one that will work with an old Windows Vista pc. I hope to first run the Sentinel program with the BCD436HP. Getting ready, I do not have...
  6. S

    BCD536HP: BCD536HP and BCD436HP - Using BOTH with Sentinel - Help Please

    A little background before I ask my questions, if you'll indulge me. I am not new to analog scanning having had a Radio Shack PRO-43 Hyperscan Scanner for years. However, I sprang for a BCD536HP this Summer. Frankly, I've barely scratched the surface of the multitude of features on this...
  7. W

    BCD436HP: Help please

    Hi. I purchased a BCD436HP recently. Tried to set it up using ZIP code. It programs my scanner for adjoining state 100 miles away as well as my state and national database. When I try an adjoining ZIP code it gets closer, but I hear almost nothing on my local P25 network, except for one rescue...
  8. mikewazowski

    HP-1: Mixed TDMA/FDMA talkgroup support

    Let me get this right out of the way first: I understand the HP-1 is not able to listen to TDMA talkgroups. If unlistenable modulation formats such as NXDN, D-Star and talkgroups marked Encrypted are imported, I don't understand why TDMA talkgroups aren't imported? There's a system near me...
  9. P

    BCD436HP: Setting 436 Up to Scan for Just One Talkgroup

    I live near a national park in the US and the rangers are dispatched by the county on the far side of the park. That county uses a Motorola Type II SmartZone system. What I want to do is put that system in the scanner...and I know how to do that with Sentinel or with Butel's s/w which I am...
  10. W

    Can't Read or Write Scanner w Sentinel

    Hi, I have a new BDC532HP. Just came today from Amazon. For the life of me I can't get the Sentinel software to read or write. I have version 1.01.07. I did get it to "Clear User Data" by checking the the "Display All Drives" box and selecting the E: drive. Anybody else having problem getting...
  11. dirkleas

    Mac Users -- Sentinel (BCDx36H)

    I scan from a Mac-only household and am struggling with managing my new BCD536HP. As a long-time Parallels virtualization user, I'm currently running latest release of 9.0 and have a 64-bit Window 8.1 virtual machine for my ongoing Windows application needs. I also regularly use it with a wide...
  12. O

    BCDx36HP Sentinel Software & Siren App Discussion

    Like a new kid around Christmas time, I've been seeking out all I can find about the new scanner models, even downloading and looking at the Sentinel software. I'd like to suggest that the moderators create a sticky on the BCDx36HP Sentinel Software so that as those of us who tinker with this...
  13. O

    Create new favorites list for HP-1 in Sentinel

    Hello, Could someone please provide a simple procedure for creating a new favorites list in Sentinel for frequencies which are not in the database. I can create a new favorites list, but I am unable to enter any frequencies. I could not find this information in the Sentinel manual or in the...
  14. G

    Home Patrol issues

    Got my new Home Patrol last week and I'm finding some difficulties in operating it and the Sentinel software. First problem is I see no way of adding newly found frequencies when running in discovery mode to a favorites list. When using the Sentinel software and reviewing the discovery log, I...
  15. D

    HP1-E - Setting ID Search mode using Homepatrol Sentinel

    Sorry if this question is buried in another thread...couldn't find it. I purchased the Extreme upgrade and I know how to set "ID Search" mode on a system using the scanner itself. Is there a way to set this option using the HomePatrol Sentinel software? Would be great if you could highlight...