1. T

    ProScan: RRDB Differences doesn't detect when a TGID Alpha Tag has been changed.

    Today I noticed something odd in ProScan's RRDB Differences feature -- not sure if it's a bug or normal. Recently the following TGID Alpha Tag has been renamed on the RRDB site (highlighted in GREEN): Here is the URL link where you can find these changes in the RRDB for reference: San...
  2. D

    Albany County P25 System Unknown Talkgroup 21381

    I have been monitoring some unknown talk groups in the Albany County P25 system and have come across talkgroup 21381. The talkgroup is broadcasted on the Albany Metro Cell/Simulcast and has a very unique talkgroup because all of the other talkgroup ids start with 1 and this starts with 2 and is...
  3. Joshua_Zetlaw

    Harris XG-100P

    Hello group, On the XG-100 conv P25 channel there’s the option to add a TGID. However we don’t use TG on this particular repeater. I’d like to replace the PTT TO CALL: “DEFAULT” to something else other than “DEFAULT”. Reading the help files, it says something about changing to “Channel” in...
  4. V

    Rockland county talk group

    New to phase 2 and p25 system I currently have a BCD325P2 scanner and am trying to get into Rockland talk groups for police and I’m just unsure on how to do it can anyone help I have the TGID.
  5. I

    Motorola and P25

    Greetings, I am programming a scanner, but I am not currently in the reception area where I can test my theory. I have a quick question. I am a newbie so forgive me if I sound stupid. The system I want to listen to is on Sentinel under the State of Oregon, Washington County. The name of...
  6. C

    TGID with no name displayed

    I am listening to my SDS100 scanner and I notice that it is stopping on certain tgids but there no channel name. It displays the trunking system name, but no dept. nor channel name. Is there a setting I can change? How is this happening? Can anyone help.
  7. JohnO44

    CLMRN (was CSERN)

    All cars being called in today to install new radios. Any insight on this? Hope its not for the “e” option.
  8. D

    TGID Blocking

    Hello all - Made a few steps in progress as far as programming. Right now I'm utilizing the Freescan software. Questions: 1. Is there a way to block specific TGID's from a specific site? The problem I'm running into is this: I'm creating a system that contains 1 site. That one site...
  9. K

    Uniden 996T not displaying frequencys

    Hello everyone, I have a 996T scanner that I programmed with Bell Fleetnet to listen to OPP and Hamilton EMS. It is picking up signal fine and works great, but when it is receiving transmissions it is not displaying the frequencies or TGIDs like my other 996T does. I have tried to clone it and...
  10. marksroberson

    Homewood Public safety no longer conventional?

    I have waited awhile to post this but I think Homewood police and fire no longer operate on the 460.125, and 460.625 frequencies, I have heard the Police get dispatched on the Jefferson County Public Safety System (trunked 800 system) and heard the Fire department migrate to a different dispatch...
  11. K

    CloseCall VSP? TGID Search Without Control?

    I got a Close Call this morning on 163.5125 MHz. Saved the freq and had 40 or so hits afterwards. Half were P25 and the other half were encrypted. The transmissions I heard definitely sounded like VSP. The freq did not show up searching the database. I am in east Fauquier Co. I am using a...
  12. Z

    BCD536HP only stopping on lowest TGID's

    Hello all, I am an owner of a new BCD536HP and I am comparing the performance of the BCD536HP against my BCD996XT. I noticed that the new BCD536HP is only stopping on the the lowest TalkGroup ID for each system I am monitoring. The BCD536HP will not stop on the other TGID's whereas the...
  13. J

    PRO-97 Not displaying all TGID tags

    My PRO-97 will not display certain talk group ID tags. It displays some but certain TGs will only display the number not the ID tag I have programmed. I have tried pressing the text button when the TG is active and this does not remedy the situation. I have manually scrolled through the TGs...
  14. Z

    ARCXT importing P25 from RR

    I am using ARCXT to program a new BCD996XT for the Minnesota statewide public service system (ARMER). If I select all the system talkgroupIDs I need, they import with group headings from the RR listing (like Statewide Interop, Zone 3 Interop, Minnesota National Guard, etc) and since there are...
  15. D

    St. Joseph Unknow TGID's

    Im using my bcd396xt on search id while I scan and coming up with a ton of talk groups that all sound like police. I looked through the rr database and only found a couple of them. Wondering if there is a better way to refrence these so I could make alpha tags for them. Thanks.
  16. J

    P25 Conventional System

    I'm wanting to set up a Motorola Quantar as a P25 repeater with multiple talkgroups for our FD. My thought was to set up a talkgroup for each district. Each talkgroup would have the same NAC but different TGID. We will be running XTS2500 VHF / XTL2500 VHF units on the system. One drawback is...
  17. Eastie

    Pls update to MassPort Trunked System

    Can someone please update the MassPort Trunked System database? There are many TGID's appearing on my scanner that are not on the database. For example TGID: 02224 just popped up. Let me know if I'm missing something. -Eastie
  18. S

    Little Rock Public Safety Talkgroup ID 528?

    Does anyone know what the Little Rock Public Safety Talkgroup ID 528 is?
  19. del1964

    Trunker program ran on Seymour SAFET Site

    I ran a trunker program tonight for about 45 minutes and found these frequencies: 856.2875 856.3375 866.4625 868.9875 867.4125 867.8875 868.3625 868.9125 866.1250 866.1750 856.3375, 866.1250, 866.1750 & 856.2875 are not on RR for this site. RR site frequencies came up right away as unitrunker...
  20. G

    Lafourche TGID's LWIN 700mhz

    I have found some of these TGID's that are not in the Louisiana Lafourche Database These are all the Talk Group ID's that came from our LAFOEP radios TAG TGID Description 15 LPG-EVENT-1 33567 All Agency Special Event Channel 16 LPG-EVENT-2 33568...