trunk programming

  1. W

    Whistler 1065 programming –*newbie question

    Newbie question … I’m following the steps detailed here: Though I haven’t yet downloaded to the scanner (the next step), I’ve saved trunked frequencies I’m interested in, but I’m uncertain...
  2. C

    APS ID 4816

    I've programmed in the frequencies and IDs on the APS SmartZone Trunking system found here. But, I turned on ID search and I keep seeing ID 4816, which seems to be very active and very clear. Does anyone have any idea what this talk group is for?
  3. I

    BC246T: Programming template

    I'm a new member and I'm so far unable to program trunked systems successfully. I've been trying to set up a Motorolla VHF system. It seems that some of the terms are not universal between my owners manual, my ARC software, and this site. Is there anybody who would take the time to make up a...
  4. J

    Need help: Programming scan in astro spectra

    Good Day Masters! I would like to ask some information and proper method in programming SCAN in ASTRO Spectra using ASTRO SPECTRA CPS. Need to program all my channels and talkback to any channel. Instead of choosing to every channel, this thing will help us a lot in monitoring. Please help...
  5. I

    pro 97 Motrola II trunk programming I am missing somthing doing somthing wrong

    I have read several how to, and my man. but am missing something. never programmed to trunk track have been trying but always just get control audio and scanner opens up on control chan. the system i am trying to program is as follows. 867.87500c Primary control Ch. 867.36250a...
  6. N

    Need a little help programing

    I am looking for a little advice on programming my GRE 500 for the Victoria, BC trunk system. I don't seem to be getting anything from it. There is something I have missed while inputting the info. Any advice for steps would be of great help
  7. cj5

    U.S. DOD Pendleton Programming on BC396XT

    I've been having some trouble programming this system (U.S. Department of Defense: Project 25 Trunking System, Various, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies), so if there is anyone that can help, it would be greatly appreciated. I entered the system in as a P25 trunk system, assigned the...
  8. M

    Pro-164 trunk programming EDACS

    I am totally a newbie at scanners. I just got a Pro-164, I trying to configure. In fact I am trying to configure local police and fire department. They are running on EDACS Standard. I am based in Quebec city, I am not sure to understand how to setup System Frequencies and System Talkgroups...
  9. radioscan

    Understanding how Ohio MARCS works

    If you need an understanding of how the "networked" statewide Ohio MARCS system works, please click on the following link: The Basics of Trunking :wink: When programming MARCS make sure to set the system as MOT800/900, not P-25. MARCS is an analog system using digital voice, it is not a...
  10. L

    Pro-94 Trunking Programming Problem

    I am attempting to program a Pro-94 for trunking and am running into a problem, following the instructions, I have selected the trunk system type (e2-800), entered all the listed frequencies for the system... the instructions then say to press SRC to start searching the entered freqs for the...
  11. cj5

    University of California Irvine is Silent

    I live about a mile from the campus, and I added all the frequencies of the UCI trunk system to my scanner bank, as a trunked bank. I've only added police and security talkgroups to the ID's in this bank, but I am not picking up anything. Is the Radio Reference info about UCI up-to-date? I have...
  12. raystcyr

    BC796D Hangs on CC

    I have a BC796D that will scan great. Sometimes for an hour or so. Then will decide to lock on to a control channel and not scan again until I press scan button. I have reflashed unit to new firmware and then back to old fw. I also reprogrammed unit all over again (Banks and freqs) and checked...
  13. J

    Uniden BR330T Mass S P Programming

    I have the Uniden BR330T and I have the ARC330 software. I cannot seem to be able to program the scanner for the Massachusetts State Police. For example, this site lists the system as Motorola Type II Smart Zone. The software menu does not list the same thing. It lists Type II 800 Standard, Type...