1. A

    XPR 6550 LTR Trunking

    Hello RR World, I've not posted before, and to be honest, I'm not quite sure if I'm posting in the right area or if it's been answered, but I really need some help on programming an 6550 to do LTR. I am a beginner and trying to trouble shot my way through this for work. First off, I am...
  2. K

    trunking help

    I am working on gathering used equipment to put together my own trunking repeater. What I need to know are the specifics on what is actually needed. I have 3 Motorola quantar repeaters and a Motorola trunking controller. This is going to be a single site system. What else am I missing? Any...
  3. laythrom

    Private Trunking or Conventional?

    First off, let me say that if this is in the wrong location on the forum, I apologize. Secondly, let me explain the situation and why I made this post. *Disclaimer - I'm no where near an expert on radio comms, just a little bit to be dangerous; I am talking to a couple companies to get things...
  4. T

    XTS 3000 Out of Rage Tone Trunking

    Hey everyone, So I have an XTS 3000 and I get the out of range tone on the trunking system only when its in the housing (like it should be for normal use). When I remove the housing the radio works no problem - i can hear the traffic on the talkgroup. I am only keeping the radio connected by...
  5. B

    Specific Talk Group Not Working

    Hi guys, first time poster here. I've been getting really into SDRs and radio monitoring in general, recently I finally got everything I need to monitor my local trunked police radio successfully and everything's working great, I even started my own live broadcastify feed! I have one problem...
  6. H

    Pro-668: Need help ISCAN Trunking P25 programming

    I just can't seem to get the hang of how to do this manually and get it to work. I need someone to please walk me thru the basic steps and help identify why I'm having so much trouble doing this. What I'm trying to do is simply program the local police that patrol in my neighborhood and area...
  7. H

    "T" flashing on display but no sound

    Quite often the "T" is flashing on my display indicating that my scanner is receiving a trunking control channel frequency but I don't get any audio during that time, some channels I do get audio with the flashing "T" , some I don't or intermittent. Is this a out of range antenna type issue or...
  8. M

    Hytera XPT DMR

    I'm using the BCD436HP with the latest firmware. I’ve found three 150MHz band channels in my area that show “XPT” on the display when receiving the regular burst from the repeater every few seconds much like you see with the MotoTRBO Connect Plus systems. Each of these channels belongs to a...
  9. R

    Permian Basin Regional Interoperability Network Abandoned?

    New Radio System Will Allow Better Communication For Odessa' Saw this story. Anyone have any info on it? Are they going solo like Midland did, or is the, what seems to be, un-utilized, Wide Area Network being abandoned? Or is the network going to convert to Phase II? The impression is...
  10. M

    TK-5210 p25 trunking

    How do I tell if my tk-5210 is trunking compliant? If it is not, is there a way to make it trunking compliant?
  11. K

    Is this possible?

    I've never owned a Motorola or an advanced commercial HT. I'm wondering if it's possible to have a combination of trunking and conventional programmed into the radio? For example: An XTS2500 UHF 450 to 512 - Our FD uses both convential UHF and a trunked system. Is it possible to have both on one...
  12. D

    Need help programming radio

    I am trying to understand trunking/programming I have a couple of issues. Just some background info I have a pro-164 RadioShack scanner with a programming cable and software. 1-RadioShack no longer has the firmware update for my pro-164 radio. Scanner master will not give me the file. They want...
  13. Motoballa

    Dirty Secret behind LTR Passport Trunking Systems

    One thing about PassPort trunking protocol: It exposes — and overcomes — the dirty little secret among “good” dealers, “bad” dealers and their customers involving LTR systems. (Source: PassPort exposes dirty secret | content content from Urgent...
  14. 1

    Digital Trunking System Scanner Voices

    Hey i was wondering why digital trunking system voices sound not like human voices kind of and analog frequencies sound the exact way there voice sounds if you were talking to the person face to face?
  15. mijo

    New at trunking need help

    Hello I have a Pro-93 radio shack scanner i have had it for many years but just used it for regular scanning i was informed that Pawnee county,ks now uses some trunking. so i set one of my banks to trunking MOT but i am not hearing anything so not sure if i set it up correctly the closet place...
  16. J

    BCT15x 9000 Trunking Programming Help Needed

    Received a BCT15x 9000 and I have tried programming a couple trunked systems. But the unit receives nothing on either system. the two systems are Clarke County Trunking System, Athens, Georgia - Scanner Frequencies and University of Georgia Athens Trunking System, Athens, Georgia - Scanner...
  17. marksroberson

    Jefferson County P.S. Site 05

    I was scanning and found the Jefferson County Public Services' Site #05 (not yet listed on the database), Control Channel: 853.0625 located in "WARROR" (at least that is what is says on my little PRO-652 screen) I have submitted it to the data base and am waiting for a response. you guys might...
  18. B

    BCT15X Trunking Help

    I have had no issue with programming the conventional channels in as I have many standard non-trunking scanners over the years. Luckily in my are (Kitsap) there are not to many organizations using trunked systems. I finally bought myself a scanner that accepts trunking and decided to play around...
  19. T

    Pro163 not receiving any trunking stations

    Hello, I have a Pro163 Radio Shack scanner. I purchased the programming cable and software, and had the software download all the frequencies from RadioReference for my county. The software then programmed my scanner with the downloaded list. I can pick up standard UHF/VHF frequencies, but...
  20. N

    Question for Rochester scanner enthusiasts

    Hi, I just bought a Uniden BCD536HP scanner and am new to the trunking listening. In regards to RFD frequencies, if I enter the Monroe/Ontario Counties P25 frequencies, I seem to not receive the dispatch or truck talk. If I enter the old 154.130 - etc. I receive the old scratchy transmissions...