1. S

    First attempt at SDR... what did I do wrong? (Ontario, Canada)

    Hello, I'm a new user. I've previously owned an analog scanner and used it to listen to emergency channels before they went encrypted many years back. I decided to get back into it and ordered the Noelec RTL-SDR v5 from Amazon. I understand you ideally need two for trunking, but I wanted to see...
  2. P

    Trunking systems ins and outs

    Can anybody educate me on these systems more than the wikis show? Like the process of building these systems, managing, the required amount of frequencies to function (input and output), control channels, modes, and systems that could work with it, pseudo trunking, and more? The reason I ask is...
  3. D

    Motorola Trunking Controller Virtualization

    Hey Guys, does anybody tried to virtualize Motorola Trunking Controller like Smartnet, CPX2000, MTC etc. ? The Controller is Sparc Hardware with Solaris 6. So virtualization could be possible with Qemu. However, I fail because of the network interface that a real controller has. Has anyone...
  4. P

    What was the digital voice mode on the Motorola Type Trunking Systems?

    Apparently Motorola has digital voice capabilities on their old trunking systems, what kind of digital voice was it since DMR didn't come out until 2005 and these systems have existed since I think the 80s to early 90s? But I just want to know what digital voice was used on those systems.
  5. RadioDitch

    Système P25 d'Hydro-Québec / Hydro-Quebec P25 system

    Bonsoir tout le monde. Après des moments épuisants et difficiles au cours des deux dernières années et de nombreux voyages dans le monde, je recommence enfin à travailler sur la mise à jour des bases de données dans les régions de la Côte-Nord et du Labrador Ouest. Je prévois faire un voyage de...
  6. P

    Questions about joining a trunking system

    I don't think anyone has asked this before. But if were wanted to join a trunking system, how could I locate the owner/company of it and what would I need to do to join one. Along with other questions like; what are the main requirements that I need to meet, how frequent are the charges if used...
  7. P

    BCD996P2: How do I program in talk groups?

    I have no idea how to program in talk groups on a trunked system, I can't seem to find anything on how to except for whistler radios. I want to listen to police, fire, ems, etc. how can learn these trunked system?
  8. Z

    Phillips County trunking

    New to scanner life. Was wondering if I’m doing something wrong. Phillips County in Montana has police/fire frequencies on the basic county look up. But I noticed on the Phillips Co trunking system they have frequencies there too. I programmed the trunking side as well BUT I’m getting...
  9. CopperWhopper67

    XG-100P Mission Plan Help

    Hello all, I recently picked up a Unity XG-100 and have been building a mission plan for both trunked and conventional systems in my local area. I have both Sacramento's (SRRCS) and Placer's (PIRCS) P25 networks programmed in, and Sacramento's system is working very well. However, the Placer...
  10. rvacs

    TRX-1 P25 Phase 1 System - Keeps Cutting out during broadcast

    Hello All, Got a TRX-1 and got the P25 Phase 1 System I am using loaded in. Sounds good but often during broadcasts it drops for a fraction of a second and comes back in. I have squelch turned all the way to the left. Signal shows full strength... In EZ-SCAN - Should I adjust anything like...
  11. Omega-TI

    SDR Dongles -vs- Real Scanners - for Trunking Reception

    Trade-offs: price -vs- headache factor (SDR dongles -vs- a real scanner radio). There is a lot of talk about hooking up multiple SDR dongles into hubs, using multiple power supplies, gobs of cabling, antenna splitters, with software configuration nightmares, etc. So my question is, how many...
  12. H

    Does a P25 tower act as a repeater?

    I have an 800MHz P25 Simulcast site nearby and I was deciding if a directional antenna would be a good idea for my stationary scanner. It would make sense for improving Control Channel and Alternate Control Channel's signal, but if I'm not mistaken, the P25 radios don't talk back through the...
  13. melona380

    Announcing Trunk-PlayerNG (Next Generation)

    Howdy All, I recently took over Development for Trunk Player and I am happy to announce myself (@maxwellDPS) and @NebraskaCoder are bringing life back to the project! Development is in progress This will be a complete rewrite of Trunk Player, all from scratch! The new version will be all API...
  14. H

    TRX-1: What kind of cc and how to set up?

    Can anyone tell me how to work with this kind of control channel? I've tried sets on MOT, P25 and DMR but none of them worked. 👇🏽 Control Channel
  15. SDS100 For sale or trade for handheld Amateur Radio equipment

    SDS100 For sale or trade for handheld Amateur Radio equipment

    Hello! I am 1 month away from getting my hopefully General Ticket and have no radio gear at all. Portable, Mobile and looking for SW receiver as well. Will be using these at a Science Museum here in Durango as well. Let me know what you have to trade please. Contact by email. I would like to...
  16. Uniden SDS100 Digital Scanner w/ DMR/NXDN

    Uniden SDS100 Digital Scanner w/ DMR/NXDN

    The SDS100 is a true I/Q scanner. This is the FIRST scanner to incorporate software defined radio (SDR) technology to provide incredible digital performance in even the most challenging RF environment. The SDS100's digital performance is better than any other scanner especially in both simulcast...
  17. D

    Motorola Type II SmartZone Omnilink Assistance

    Hello reader, I am trying to set up my SW1040 to scan Utah County's system, and am having no luck, I'm attempting to scan "Fire 1,2,3,and 4" but it wont work, here's what I've done so far 1. Changed from EDACS to DEC 2. Made new system for utah county and added Utah County Simulcast (turned...
  18. S

    SDS100: SDS100 Control Channel

    Has anyone had issues with trunked systems after the most recent database update? It appears when on site hold, the unit will no longer stay on the primary control channel thus nothing is heard unless a transmission occurs on a frequency the SDS100 was currently tuned to.
  19. P

    P25 Phase 1 recommendations?

    Currently using a Pro-82 to listen to Fire Rescue (453 - 460 MHz). Considering getting a programmed HT1250 UHF to get better reception. I want something to listen to Miami-Dade Police. Specifically Site 102 on the system. Was thinking of getting a BCD996P2 to listen at home, and a BCD436HP to...
  20. D

    Kennesaw State DMR

    I am a current student at Kennesaw State and was doing some looking in the RR database and found that KSU has an FCC license (Callsigns for FCC FRN: 0024065971 (Kennesaw State University)), I believe this is a DMR and I am using SDRTrunk as my trunking software and I was wondering how I can...