1. D

    Pro-97 Trunking

    OK, so I can program regular frequencies on my Pro-97, however, I'm confused as to how to put the actual trunking frequencies in. On the trunking page (located at Scanner Frequencies: Saint Mary's County Trunking System, Saint Mary's County, Maryland) it lists 10 regular frequencies above the...
  2. B

    Eddy Co-Regional Interop Network

    See: or: News Organization: Carlsbad Current-Argus Sectors: Emergency Services Date Submitted: December 26, 2008 - 00:29 The completed installation of a multi-million dollar regional...
  3. P

    Idylltek LT8R trunking controller

    Has anyone been successful setting up an ltr system using Idylltek's LT8R controller? If, so did you come across talkgroups interfering with one another, and how did you correct this?
  4. C

    I can hear base opertions but not patrol

    I live in Garfield county in CO. The problem is that I can hear the base talking but only garble from the patrol cars. I have a Pro-96 handheld from radio shack. Any help?
  5. E

    Programming a Radioshack Pro-95

    Can anyone please offer me easy step-by-step directions on how to program everything relating to Hanover County's Trunked Radio Systems? I'm so confused with how to even program this scanner. I've tried understanding the manual that I have for it but it doesn't make any sense. Any help would...
  6. B

    Help...Tarrant County (MOT Issue)

    So I purchased a Pro-164 and used the Win-97 software to upload the FTW Public Safety and around 150 different DEC ID's. Sometimes I get MOT: 07664 (or other numbers) and sometimes I get the actual tag i.e. South Division. The banks can store 150 different DEC ID's. However, I am wondering...
  7. Robbyboy

    New Hanover County TRS Request for Assistance

    Good Afternoon - I am making several trips to NHC over the next month and have been monitoring quite extensively! I am trying to tighten down the TRS as it displays in the database and if anyone here can provide assistance with that I would appreciate it! I am going to clean the formatting...
  8. P

    PRO-93 the "old fashioned" way

    Hey All, and thanks in advance for the help, I've reprogrammed my PRO-93 this morning with Davis County frequencies each 15 lower than the old frequencies, and it's not working. When in trunking mode, the scanner seizes on the control channel 852.83750, flashes familiar talk group IDs for...
  9. BCasto

    Duke University

    I live near the RDU airport and have been unsuccessful monitoring Duke University. In the Reference file no frequency is highlighted as a control channel and my BCD996T doesn’t detect a control channel on any of the frequencies. Could it be I am just too far away from that system to monitor it?
  10. P


    Okay, I have heard of Ageis, Provoice, OpenSky, ESK, Motorola (All Forms), P-25, EDACS (All Forms), L.T.R., TETRA. Now comes NEXEDGE. What is it? How does this work?
  11. kf4lhp

    Chattanooga / Hamilton County Rebanding

    Note that this also affects Catoosa County as well... Applications are either pending or have been approved for rebanding of the Chattanooga / Hamilton County system. In the simulcast zone (Lookout / Signal / White Oak / Sale Creek Mountains), these frequencies will be added to replace the 11...
  12. P


    Okay is this compatible with any Trunking Scanners? How does this work? What do the Talk Groups look like?
  13. D

    Trunking: Data Noise Problem

    I have a Radio Shack Pro-96 scanner, a friend has a Radio Shack Pro-528. Both are programmed (separate bands) with two trunking police agencies (La Quinta California and Palm Desert, California) and several other local non-trunked public service frequencies (Indio, AMR, CHP, etc.). We have no...
  14. K

    Trunking Radio System Grants

    Folks, I actively ride on a volunteer rescue squad and fire department (separate organizations, same borough) in central New Jersey. For a few years, we have been applying for grants to convert to a trunking radio system, as our county has one in place, but we don't have the money to do it...
  15. V

    Pro-97 trunking help

    I need help programming the trunking on my pro-97 scanner. I believe I have all the frquencies I need, but don't know how to set it up. any help is greatly appreciated!