1. C

    EF Longwire Antenna and FC40 tuner woes.

    Hi, I've decided to remove a EFHW antenna I had and put up a end fed long wire antenna attached to a FC40 tuner as I wanted to try to get 160m to 6m The tuner is right outside the window of my shack and the cable goes up 9 metres on a budget flagpole across 14 metres to a 12m Spiderbeam. The...
  2. Q

    Streaming an AM/FM Tuner

    Greetings radio people. I have a remotely controllable AM/FM broadcast band tuner which I stream to internet for my own private use, although the stream is not protected in any way. I put up the stream so that I could listen to my radio at home when I am not at home. This radio is located in...
  3. N

    CDM 1250/1550 squelch adjustment

    Hi, I have a LB CDM1550 radio that has its squelch set too tight. The squelch breaks at ~-111dBm or .63uV. I need to readjust the radio so squelch opens at ~-120dBm or .21uV. Using a comms tester I read the radio using Moto's Tuner app (admittedly I have only used CPS in the past and have no...
  4. D

    Icom: Icom IC-745 tune problem

    Hello, I have an Icom IC-745 radio that has a new problem. When you power the radio on, the frequency indicator and the radio itself starts to constantly tuning down all the bands at a slow but steady pace without touching the knob. If I hit the lock button it will stop tuning down but...
  5. M

    Yaesu: Using Yaesu FT-600 with FC-30 tuner

    Hi Yaesu FT-600 (SYSTEM 600) is an old rig. Its manual states FC-800 as its external tuner. I've found a FC-30 for sale (which is rather a new model) but I don't know if I can use it with my rig. Anyone here has the experience? (With Icom, you usually can use any rig with any tuner. They have a...
  6. K

    LDG 1000 Pro II odd occurrence is normal??

    I found that once you train the tuner to your antenna, and you then improve your antenna, so you SWR goes from 3:1 to 1.5:1 on a particular band, the tuner will not be triggered into tuning on a frequency that it already has in memory. So you will see your SWR is higher than you know it should...
  7. K

    Tuners other than 820T/E4000

    Just happened across a FC0013-equipped EZCAP stick that someone gave me because "it wasn't as good as their new E4000-based one". I fired it up and compared it against another E4000-based RTL stick head-to-head in dual SDR# windows with identical whip antennas. My particular FC0013 sample...
  8. KK4LQX

    800 MHz Astro Spectra Programming

    Hello All, I recently bought an 800 MHz radio off of eBay and have run into an issue. I am able to read/write the radio using ASTRO Spectra CPS Version R05.03.00 just fine. When I try to read the radio with ASTRO Spectra/Saber/XTS3000 Tuner Version R01.03.00 the radio will not read. If i'm...
  9. J

    Antenna Tuner Question

    Does anyone have any good recommendations on a good tuner for random wire antennas on HF band? I am receiving only shortwave broadcasts and wondering if a tuner would give me a decent signal over what I have now. Any suggestions or info would be great. Thanks
  10. M

    Cable between Auto tuner & Antenna HF

    Hi, can any one please tell me what kind of cable/wire should be used between an Auto tuner & antenna. The antenna tuner is a Barrett 911 ( 911 Automatic antenna tuner ) the antenna we have is a 18-20 foot aluminium vertical with just a single screw for connecting the wire from the tuner to...