1. N

    Icom AH-4 antenna tuner - any shops in Georgia that can troubleshoot?

    Greetings all, I have an Icom AH-4 long wire antenna tuner that is not working. Checked it inside the case for the usual suspects like burned components, cold solder joints or anything else obvious but the unit will not tune up on any band. Looking for a shop in Georgia familiar with this item...
  2. rjvalenta

    fan harmonics

    i'm new to HF... and as i posted in a different thread i'm considering an MFJ Octopus, which is effectively a fan dipole. i have to choose 4 dipoles made of hamsticks to put in this - which will connect to my tuner. i was watching one of Dave Casler's videos (the man has taught me so much)...
  3. rjvalenta

    dipole to get the most bands with tuner

    relatively new to HF, everything i've done so far has been FT8, and i was super proud of the 20m dipole i built... until a branch fell and did epic damage to my house and took out my dipole in the process... my MFJ tuner couldn't get my 20m dipole to work 6m, so my plan once the roof is...
  4. rjvalenta

    20m dipole ATU tuning vs EFHW 4010

    new to HF here, always on FT8... i have been using a 4010 EFHW for a few months with an MFJ939i tuner to my IC7100. I was always able to tune the EFHW from 40-10 as expected but could also tune it to 60m and 80m and even 6m. but i had to position it in a way that was causing RFI into my...
  5. C

    EF Longwire Antenna and FC40 tuner woes.

    Hi, I've decided to remove a EFHW antenna I had and put up a end fed long wire antenna attached to a FC40 tuner as I wanted to try to get 160m to 6m The tuner is right outside the window of my shack and the cable goes up 9 metres on a budget flagpole across 14 metres to a 12m Spiderbeam. The...
  6. Q

    Streaming an AM/FM Tuner

    Greetings radio people. I have a remotely controllable AM/FM broadcast band tuner which I stream to internet for my own private use, although the stream is not protected in any way. I put up the stream so that I could listen to my radio at home when I am not at home. This radio is located in...
  7. N

    CDM 1250/1550 squelch adjustment

    Hi, I have a LB CDM1550 radio that has its squelch set too tight. The squelch breaks at ~-111dBm or .63uV. I need to readjust the radio so squelch opens at ~-120dBm or .21uV. Using a comms tester I read the radio using Moto's Tuner app (admittedly I have only used CPS in the past and have no...
  8. D

    Icom: Icom IC-745 tune problem

    Hello, I have an Icom IC-745 radio that has a new problem. When you power the radio on, the frequency indicator and the radio itself starts to constantly tuning down all the bands at a slow but steady pace without touching the knob. If I hit the lock button it will stop tuning down but...
  9. M

    Yaesu: Using Yaesu FT-600 with FC-30 tuner

    Hi Yaesu FT-600 (SYSTEM 600) is an old rig. Its manual states FC-800 as its external tuner. I've found a FC-30 for sale (which is rather a new model) but I don't know if I can use it with my rig. Anyone here has the experience? (With Icom, you usually can use any rig with any tuner. They have a...
  10. K

    LDG 1000 Pro II odd occurrence is normal??

    I found that once you train the tuner to your antenna, and you then improve your antenna, so you SWR goes from 3:1 to 1.5:1 on a particular band, the tuner will not be triggered into tuning on a frequency that it already has in memory. So you will see your SWR is higher than you know it should...
  11. K

    Tuners other than 820T/E4000

    Just happened across a FC0013-equipped EZCAP stick that someone gave me because "it wasn't as good as their new E4000-based one". I fired it up and compared it against another E4000-based RTL stick head-to-head in dual SDR# windows with identical whip antennas. My particular FC0013 sample...
  12. KK4LQX

    800 MHz Astro Spectra Programming

    Hello All, I recently bought an 800 MHz radio off of eBay and have run into an issue. I am able to read/write the radio using ASTRO Spectra CPS Version R05.03.00 just fine. When I try to read the radio with ASTRO Spectra/Saber/XTS3000 Tuner Version R01.03.00 the radio will not read. If i'm...
  13. J

    Antenna Tuner Question

    Does anyone have any good recommendations on a good tuner for random wire antennas on HF band? I am receiving only shortwave broadcasts and wondering if a tuner would give me a decent signal over what I have now. Any suggestions or info would be great. Thanks
  14. M

    Cable between Auto tuner & Antenna HF

    Hi, can any one please tell me what kind of cable/wire should be used between an Auto tuner & antenna. The antenna tuner is a Barrett 911 ( 911 Automatic antenna tuner ) the antenna we have is a 18-20 foot aluminium vertical with just a single screw for connecting the wire from the tuner to...