1. rgv_tech

    TYT MD-9600

    I have a new MD-9600 That is not TX/RX on the correct programmed frequencies. I have tried different FW versions but have not been able to resolve the issue. the issue is on both VHF/UHF. Would someone please guide my resolving this issue.
  2. $98 TYT MD-380 UHF 400-480MHz DMR Handheld + Free Shipping!

    $98 TYT MD-380 UHF 400-480MHz DMR Handheld + Free Shipping!

    Selling my TYT MD-380 UHF 400-480MHz handheld for $98 OBO free shipping within the United States! The condition is absolutely great only used it a few times in the house and have all accessories including the programming cable. I put the MD380Toolz software on there and can remove it if you’d...
  3. T

    Tytera TYT TH-350 "tri-band" HT unable to tune to 1.25m

    Hello I recently picked up this HT from a local hamfest. It is advertised as a tri-band radio, it came with all the original material and box, but I am unable to tune to anything in the 1.25 meter band. When I switch to VFO input and manually input a frequency like 224.00 it just gives me two...
  4. bobwilley

    Tytera No Audio out of left side of receiver on a TH-9800

    This is identical to a post from 2017, with no resolution...??? I am having an interesting problem and I am not sure if it is possibly something I messed up or something went bad in the radio. Both channels receive and show signal strength, etc. I can transmit on both sides of the radio but...
  5. K

    Tytera TYT TH-8600 Waterproof?

    I am looking for a radio that I can install on my Harley and have it weatherproof. I picked up the TYT TH-8600 because of it’s claim of IP67 rating. I took the top off the radio to look around a bit and noticed it doesn’t have any sort of gasket. Just metal on metal. Has anyone else opened...
  6. H

    TYT GMRS mobile and FRS handheld radios submitted to FCC certification

    GMRS mobile 5W/25W: FCC ID POD-GMRS25 Analog Transceiver by TYT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD FCC - OET TCB Form 731 Grant of Equipment Authorization FRS handheld 2W: FCC ID POD-FRS Analog Transceiver by TYT ELECTRONICS CO., LTD
  7. U

    TYT *default//OEM* programming software

    You may have seen my other post regarding my new TYT TH-8600 and using RT Systems to program it. That's a separate conversation and I appreciate everyone's replies. This conversation has to do with TYT's programming software they package with their radios. I've had no issues programming about...
  8. U

    TYT TH-8600 & RT Systems

    RT Systems’ website says in order to program the TYT TH-8600 you have to use their branded cable. Is that fact or BS? The radio came with a TYT branded cable in the box. I’d rather spend $25 on just the software versus $50 for the software/cable “bundle” if the cable I have will work.
  9. wqwx352

    Can't Hear Base Station but Can Hear Me

    Hi all, I'm wondering if someone can explain how this can happen with my current setup. It doesn't make sense that the base station can hear me but I can't hear the base station with the same equipment and power on a hill. Base Station has a Browning BR-180 Dual Band Antenna 20ft High using...
  10. allandunn

    MD=2017 Programming Cable

    Ten months ago I purchased a MD-2017 for amateur radio use.. Problem is that two of my programming cables have failed apparently due to poor workmanship limiting my use of the radio. Is there any source for a reliable programming cable?
  11. ai8o

    TYT TH-7800 remote controller cable

    I sold my pick-up truck, and removed my TH-7800. I had to abandon in place the remote controller cable. I want to mount the radio in a new truck. So, I need to acquire a new cable. The cable looks like it might be a RJ-12 (6P6C). I am not sure if it is just an RJ-12 cable, or if there is...
  12. N2AL

    TYT MD380tools Display Screen Error

    I just updated my TYT MD-380 using the KD4Z - MD380tools-vm Toolkit (v4.40). I ran the flash and flashdb functions, and once complete the screen is having some issues I was not expecting. Instead of the white background with black text, the screen is blue, and the text is white. This occurs when...
  13. A

    Please read!! DMR CALL ID!

    Hi, I want some help on how to get a DMR Call ID without knowing the ID. I wanted to listen in a DMR Freq, but it dosent have the Call ID. Is there anyways to get the Call ID?
  14. ai8o

    TH-7800 Hyper Channel

    This is menu function #13. What does this function do? I am using Chirp to program my TH-7800. The programming menu has two choices: "Manual" or "Auto". The default is "Manual". I have tried changing this to "Auto" in my TH-7800. I have not noticed any effects. Can I use this to set my...
  15. Danny37

    How to disable Transmit capabilities on TYT radios

    I have a TYT UVF8D radio and I want to disable Transmit on certain channels but the programming software doesn't seem to allow me to do so, does anyone know how to? Thanks.
  16. T

    Upgrade firmware for TYT-MD 380 questions

    Hi Before I do firmware upgrade I want to make sure I am using the correct firmware. Currently my Radio version is: FIRMWARE VERSION : D002.034 CP VERSION: 0.127 I have no idea if this radio has GPS or not. in the back it just says model : MD-380, output 5W, Frequency 400-480Mhz looking at...
  17. W

    TYT MD-390G won't lock onto GPS

    I've found posts about receiving another radio's GPS over DMR, but I can't find anything about displaying my own GPS location on the TYT MD-390G. As far as I can tell, it's all set up correctly. I have an ID from DMR-MARC, I've installed the code plug for my area. None of this should affect the...
  18. R

    Tyt UV8000d

    Hi I'm looking for some help!! I'm a bit of a novice to these radios and I bought some as they seem easy to program. I did so using the software and all seemed well. However for some reason they don't transmit properly. Whenever I transmit nothing is received on the other radios. And vice...
  19. F

    TYT or Tytera MD380 VHF version as scanner

    The VHF version of this popular radio is not so commonly used since most of the VHF amateur DMR repeaters are in the Northeast US and the UK.Many public service frequencies have converted to DMR, however. I bought one of these radios to use as a portable scanner for public safety VHF DMR...
  20. R

    TYT DM UVF10 and UK dpmr

    I've been trying to fine out how you programmer a DM-UVF10 to cover the UK dpmr channels. for some reason, I can not fine out why, if you program in 446.10375 (channel 1) it resets to 446.10000 anybody know how to do it?