1. K

    How to listen to Utah Communications Authority traffic with Unitrunker

    Hey everyone! I figured out how to listen to the Motorola Type-II trunking system using a couple of RTL-SDR USB dongles and Unitrunker. Even though the Motorola Type-II network will be retired by the end of this year, I thought some of you might appreciate this walkthrough in the mean time...
  2. K

    Am I programming to many sites?

    Hi, I'm new to scanning Utah. I Live in weber county but work a lot in Salt Lake County. I only have interest in scanning Weber, Davis, Salt Lake counties. My scanner is fully programmed & working and picking up feeds sometime static. But I was wondering am I doing it wrong. For Instance, when...
  3. KD7DDC

    SLVSA - Salt Lake Valley Scanner Alerts (New Group)

    Announcing Salt Lake Valley Scanner Alerts Starting June 1st, 2020 Salt Lake Valley Scanner Alerts will launch for full operations. We are now open for early access as we finish working out some of the bugs and details. This will be a group of Radio Scanner enthusiasts along the Wasatch Front...
  4. L

    Davis County Utah Feed

    Does anyone know what happened to the Davis County police and fire feed? It hasn't worked for months.
  5. S

    154.86MHz UtahCo SherN Sheriff North (linked to UCAN 46112) FM

    About a week ago, the 154.86MHz North Utah County Sheriff Law frequency, linked to UCAN went quiet. Does anyone have any additional information on this? I'm guessing it's gone quiet for good, not just down for repairs as it's almost been a week now. Several other linked frequencies appear to...
  6. N7YUO

    Hill AFB, Utah

    Today, I discovered a new P25 system operating in SLC, Utah. So far, Unitrunker found three freqs 406.7625 CC, 407.1625 407.5625 (US Govt Band) These are some of the freqs of the (now silent) 6227 site 4. My PSR500 is getting a 99% decode at my home in Kearns. The display shows: APCO P25...
  7. T

    Newbie questions.

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get into the police scanner hobby, and I have a few questions. I have a general understanding of what trunking is and know most police agencies in my area, and all state agencies use motorola Utah UCAN trunking. I also know that all of the Utah Highway Patrol uses UCAN...
  8. kd7rto

    Mapping the UP&L MPT-1327 Network

    I've been getting familiar with the Trunkview program, now it's doing a flawless job tracking UP&L with my IC-R8500. Many other radios are also supported, and it can be configured to follow MPT-1327 conversations in either a one radio or a two radio (control/voice) setup. One nice thing to...
  9. A

    What to start with?

    Brand new to radio stuff. I understand the concept, but I actually want to do something. I obviously don't want to spend a huge amount of money, until I know I like it. My friend in Utah (I'm in Florida.) does some radio stuff, and I wanted to know if there was some type of cheap equipment that...
  10. kkirkpatrick

    Utah/UCAN Radio ID's

    I apologize if this has already been posted and or asked but I cannot find anything in the forums about what I am asking: Does anyone have any information for Utah Radio ID numbers for the Pro-106 iScan? I can bring them up and view them on my radio but have no previous info for them. Any...
  11. bbrasmussen

    2012 Hill AFB Air Show - Warriors Over the Wasatch

    I'm not sure when it was announced, but I just heard the dates for the 2012 air show will be May 26 -May 27. Website is: Hill Air Force Base - WarriorsOverTheWasatch Big bummer though is the prohibited items list: "Scanners of any kind." Wish the organizers would change their mind on that...
  12. M

    Ogden, Utah police first-in-nation to use surveillance blimp

    Ogden, Utah police first-in-nation to use surveillance blimp - Published 23 September 2011 The police chief in Ogden, Utah, said the city could launch a surveillance blimp by Christmas as part of the city’s crime-fighting efforts. The 54-foot-long craft will be equipped multiple cameras and...
  13. wbloss

    Provo Utah Dispatch rescinds blackout of info

    Provo • Utah County dispatchers, in an effort to keep the public informed, are lifting a news blackout and now will tell reporters where a fire or police incident is happening — and who is in charge. The Utah Valley Dispatch Special Service District’s board unanimously voted Thursday to...
  14. recon20

    Identifying wildcard hits in Utah

    Hello everyone, I've got a pro-197 that I recently purchased, and I'm finally starting to get somewhat comfortable with it. I live in SLC, and I've programmed most of the police, fire, etc. When I get wildcard hits, how do I identify them? Is there a list of them by radio I.D.#? I've got...
  15. Humancell

    Suggested Scanners for Live Audio Providers

    First off, it is great to see such a great site, and project, dedicated to feeds! What a great idea, and community. Now that I have found it, I want to add my local county and city feeds to the network. I'm really curious about suggestions on the "best" scanners to use to provide live feeds...
  16. P

    PRO-93 the "old fashioned" way

    Hey All, and thanks in advance for the help, I've reprogrammed my PRO-93 this morning with Davis County frequencies each 15 lower than the old frequencies, and it's not working. When in trunking mode, the scanner seizes on the control channel 852.83750, flashes familiar talk group IDs for...