1. ll35689k

    APX 4000 Volume

    We have a APX4000 and by default whenever it is turned on it defaults the volume to 12. Is there a way to default it to 15 (the highest)? I have looked in the radio profiles but all I see is Max and Min volume. The radio volume does not appear to be as loud as the APX6000's, are there any...
  2. BlueDevil

    Bluetooth Scanner Volume Control

    I finally got my scanner setup with a BLE Volume Control that allows me to wirelessly control the volume of the external speakers hooked up to my scanner. It works like a champ. I also put the scanner on a WiFi Controlled Outlet adapter so that the scanner can be turned off remotely and/or put...
  3. K2NEC

    Commander mic issues

    So I bought a commander I mic (RMN5038A) today and I hooked it up to my XTS5000 only to find that the volume buttons do not work. Is this something with the mic or is it common? Could it be something in the programming that I missed? And the mandown button doesn't function as it should either...
  4. Z

    Poor Sound Quality

    I recently purchased a Motorola XTS 2500i in 7/800 P25 for the Ohio MARCS system. The radio was programmed by a government affiliated company, due to the radio needing a specific ID. The radio is extremely quiet when receiving transmissions. It almost sounds as if the radio is turned all the way...
  5. D

    Improved audio level management

    Like many feed providers, I've struggled with inconsistent audio levels from different agencies. https://broadcastify.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204739995-Managing-Audio-Dynamics-and-Leveling talks about using software to compress and level the audio, but I couldn't find anyone who had...
  6. D

    Audio cutting out on Sportcat 200

    As the title describes, my sportcat 200 is having a few issues. It unpredictably loses all volume at times, but it becomes more frequent when running on the battery as opposed to being plugged in. Sometimes it will be fine for 20 plus hours without an issue, other times the volume cuts out...
  7. S

    Kenwood TK-941 - Volume Problem

    I have a few kenwood TK-941 radios. One of these radios has a very strange volume issue. When I power up the device, the volume automatically resets to 100 % and you hear the ear piercing "BEEEP!" So I looked around in the software to see if there was any option for this, but I could not find...
  8. R

    BCT15X: Volume Disable Option?

    Good Morning All, Quick question for all you scanner aficionados. We have a BCT15x in the common room of the firehouse. We would like to keep the privilege open for channel, squelch, lockout adjustments and physical display of the screen. We are often finding the volume turned down to the...
  9. C

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: Volume Normalization

    Is there a way to normalize signal loudness on the BCD996P2 device? We're running the audio through a computer and then speakers to achieve normalization but it's ugly and I'd rather not if the scanner can process the function internally. Thanks
  10. R

    BCDx36 Wish: REAL AGC

    I sure miss having a working AGC. The volume varies from barely audible to blast-me-out-of-my-recliner. An external speaker might help, but shouldn't be necessary. With all the digital signal processing going on in the radio, an AGC that works should be a piece of cake. Anyone else?
  11. listen13579

    BC996XT crashes & restarts

    Hi, I recently put my BC996XT in a new car. I have it plugged in via the cigarette power adapter. If I turn the volume up past approximately the 2 o'clock position and the scanner receives a transmission, the scanner will crash and restart itself. It won't work correctly until I turn the volume...
  12. U

    Low Audio Volume

    Hi, I'm listening in Douglasville, GA and the audio volume is very low even when I turn the volume all the way up on my phone. Fix please?
  13. J

    Barrow County: Low volume

    Lately I have had really low volume for Barrow County on my BCD996XT. Even with the volume turned all the way up you can barely hear dispatch and units but signal doesn't seem to be the issue. Any ideas?
  14. M

    Big difference in volume

    I had been streaming through another service. It was working, but I wanted to move it over to here for the better player. After moving it here, I noticed my volume is 1/4th what it used to be. All the settings on my computer's input are where they ought to be, and my scanner's volume is all the...
  15. S

    volume on broadcast

    I have recently started a new broadcast and for some reason the volume from the broadcast is very low. I have the volume on my scanner maxed out and still when I listen to it on the computer it is very low. Any ideas on how to fix this? P.S. I am using a mono cable.
  16. kc8mln

    Motorola Saber: Replacement Knobs NEEDED!

    Does anyone have a source for NEW replacement knobs for the Motorola Saber series? We are looking to get BOTH the Channel and Volume replacement knobs that are NEW and NOT old stock... we are tired of pulling them off of other radios to have them still brittle and break and crack, so we need a...
  17. C

    Make Volume Higher On BC-120XLT?

    I have a handheld BC-120XLT that I use for railroad scanning, and it does a great job, but the volume seems kind of low, even when I have it up all the way. I purchased an external speaker, and that helped a little, but it still seems quiet (I struggle to hear it when traveling in my car with...
  18. T

    Need More Audio Output from Internal Speaker

    Hi, I have a Radio Shack Pro-34 handheld scanner. I would like to modify it so that the audio output is louder. I did some research and found out that it currently has a .3 watt speaker. So, I found a 1 Watt speaker of similar dimensions at Mouser: AS04508MR-3-R PUI Audio Speakers & Transducers...
  19. D

    Minitor 5 Volume Setting

    Hello all, I am programming a used Minitor V pager, and have noticed that the volume setting for both alerts & regular radio traffic is fixed on the minimum level. No matter how high I turn the volume knob, the beeps and voice does not change volumes. The fixed volume alert option is disabled...
  20. krokus

    Maratrac volume control

    Being the one currently in charge of radios for my FD, I'm getting complaints from some members that the volume control for one of our first-out units is causing a problem. Reportedly the audio levels are changing on their own, and there is a notable lag/overrun in the intended volume control...