1. A

    SDS200 / SDS100 FIPS SAME Alerts Not Properly Detected

    I noticed the other day when some storms came through that the FIPS code detection on my SDS200 and SDS100 is not working correctly. I can get alerted of alarms sent by NOAA, but I can't get my scanners to properly decode the FIPS county code I have stored in them. As a result, they alert to...
  2. WX9RLT

    Using Close Call, How Do I lockout 162.0-163.0 range?

    Using Close Call, How Do I lockout 162.0-163.0 range? It is picking up the WX station band, and I have no idea how to avoid them during a close call search, without locking out the whole band. There any way I can just skip that freq range, while doing a close call search?
  3. O

    Weather Alerts outside of NWR Range?

    Is there any good way to receive weather alerts and weather information in the outdoors where no NWR reception exists, such as in large areas of the Southwest? Options I have looked at: - Red Cross or FEMA app for warnings and windy or meteoblue for weather forecasts - Preferred way, but...
  4. AK4FD

    NEW Skywarn Organization in the Charlotte area!

    Greetings all, We have had a few big changes locally occur within the past week. For starters, the Charlotte Regional Skywarn no longer exists. It was disbanded last week (4/14/20) due to irreconcilable differences between the leadership. HOWEVER, nothing to fear, as I have been in contact...
  5. Z

    NC Tornado Outbreak 2/6

    Multiple Skywarn repeaters in Raleigh and Charlotte active. Both have links on Broadcastify if you care to listen. I know theres been some observed Tornados around Charlotte. CLT airport was shutdown for a period of time, with the ATC tower evacuated...
  6. S

    SDS100/SDS200: wx alert won't resume scanning

    after a weather alert siren triggers from NWS, the alert message keeps repeating(as it should) and my issue is: 1. I would like to have the scanner resume scanning after a certain time period. It's a pain to have to track down the scanner and get it to scan again(laying in bed, for example). You...
  7. M

    Newark PD & FD Inter-Ops for Winter Storm Quinn

    Thought it was interesting with the ongoing nor'easter Newark FD has patched Newark Fire Channel 4 (TGID: 4211) with Newark PD Channel 6 Citywide (460.47500 PL 123.0) for interoperability during the storm. Just thought this was interesting and haven't heard them do this before.
  8. K

    Equipment for streaming NOAA Weather Radio

    Now that weather radio is permitted on Broadcastify I've volunteered to provide the stream for my local area. I would prefer to use a regular weather band radio for this instead of keeping a scanner tied up for such a simple task. The issue I've found is that all the weather radios I've found...
  9. BlueDevil

    Good TNC Modem for Davis Weather Consoles

    Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations on easy to use and economical TNC modems to use in conjunction with Davis Weather Instruments Weather Stations? I would like to set up a couple APRS Weather Stations and the only piece I am not totally familiar with is the TNC and the...
  10. dbsar

    BCD396XT/BCD996XT: Uniden BCD396XT Weather

    I don't like the way you have to access the NWS weather channel via menus. So I just programmed in all NWS channels into a group and gave it its own quick key. So now, whenever I simply press 0 on the keypad, the weather broadcast comes on.
  11. B

    Ontario Weather Channels

    I'm in Kitchener attempting to listen to the Environment Canada weather reports and I cannot find them. I've turned on Weather scanning in both my BCD396XT and BCD996XT and am getting no hits. I've tried tuning directly to 162.550 MHz (source) and it's silent. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. W

    TWIRL (Tornadic Winds: In-situ and Radar observation at Low levels

    Just read a story from the NSF that discussed a new VORTEX2-like project named TWIRL that is going on now in the Mid-West. I wonder if they are using the same frequencies as VORTEX2 (although likely not as many).
  13. S

    169.025 NWS HNX

    Looks like Hanford has installed a system to relay data from their remote weather stations using standard AX.25 packet radio. The callsigns seen are WX6HNX, which is the issued callsign for the office, and NR6G, who is one of the electronics techs there at the office. The reporting format is a...
  14. marksroberson

    Weather radio receiver question

    Hello, I just thought about this, I live in Jefferson County, Alabama, my house is on the side of Red Mountain, the local Weather Radio transmitter is on red mountain as well (KIH-54) but the National Weather Service office is in a entirely different county It is at the Shelby county airport, so...
  15. kk4dnl

    NOAA / NWS Fill In The Blank Weather Sheet?

    Has anyone ever hear of a fill in the blank sheet for NOAA / NWS radio transmissions? I have a very bad memory and thought it to be a great idea to have a sheet of laminated paper that has the basic structure of a NOAA radio transmission filled out and you the listener just fill in the blanks...
  16. K

    Crosstalk issue with LE, WX freqs. BC92xlt

    I'm having an issue with crosstalk or interference on the primary frequency used by local law enforcement when scanning with my 92xlt. Freq. Is 154.86. Sometimes, I hear the local noaa wx radio walking on transmissions from the le dispatcher, only. This is frustrating, as this is the primary...
  17. daugherh

    GSP NOAA Weather Radio Question

    I happened to tune to WXJ21 (162.550 MHz) about 3:15 PM today, Sunday July 21 2013 and noticed that the broadcast fluctuated between the normal computer generated voice you normally hear and what sounded like a true human talking into the mic. Anyone know if the transmitter is having problems or...
  18. C

    McLean Co EMA storm spotters

    Heard Heyworth talking to McLean County EMA last night giving storm reports on Starcom21 TG 30357. Have the storm spotters abandoned 453.700 in favor of Starcom? I was hearing this briefly on the Champaign site. Late last night during the storms METCOM said the Dawson Lake Starcom21 site went...
  19. spectr17

    WX feed alert programmed into scanner

    I see the warning not to use the Feed Alerts on the admin page for weather alerts, what I'm wondering about is programming the scanner to do WX Alerts for our county here that would go out on the feed like the fire and EMS traffic. Does anyone provide that in their feed? It seems like it would...
  20. spectr17

    WX alert. How to program it in with Freescan?

    I have the SAME number for my county. The input fields are: SAME Group Name FIPS1 FIPS2 FIPS3 Also do you check any of the 3 boxes? Weather alert, attenuater, record? Delay. 1 to 5? Thanks