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Mar 29, 2004
MetroEast-St Louis
Howdy Folks...

Many people have known me over the years. I have literally devoted "MOST" of my free-time to the betterment of scanning society for over 15 years, relying on the scanning society in general to help me keep things updated.

I am now 39 years old and been listening to the scanner since around the age of 5 or 6, when we got our first 8 channel Bearcat IV Crystal scanner, listening to a small town area in ISP District 18, Carlinville, Macoupin County.

I work daily with the FCC Website (Applications/Modifications) to provide new information to users. (and update it to the RR DB/Wiki)

Besides CARMA Chicago, I feel I have been one of the most active in keeping things going in the state of Illinois, St Louis Region and Missouri.
I also, along side with Rich/CARMA, helped bring the STRACOM21 information online to scanning community.

RadioReference.com Forums
Illinois - Illinois Radio Discussion Forum - The RadioReference.com Forums
Metro Chicago - Chicago Metro Area Discussion - The RadioReference.com Forums

It all began in the late 1990s on http://www.ScanIllinois.com (eventually also http://www.ScanIL.com)
Later I brought in STARCOM21.com / DigitalScanning.us (and eventually www.digitalscanning.us)
(Also w9vey.net, I-warn.com, I-warn.net and many others)

Lately because of (no) funding on web hosting, I have turned off web hosting on all my websites.
Only Facebook pages and Yahoo!Groups now exist. I would like to at least have hosting for my legacy pages and a few I still update regularly

ScanIllinois - Founded: Jul 9, 2000
STARCOM21 - Founded: Sep 30, 2003
ScanMetroStLouis - Founded: Apr 10, 2006
ScanMissouri - Founded: Jul 4, 2004
MOSWIN - Founded: Jul 7, 2011

Scan Illinois - https://www.facebook.com/ScanIllinois
STARCOM21 - https://www.facebook.com/groups/Starcom21/
Scan Madison County - https://www.facebook.com/ScanGlenCarbon
Scan Macoupin County - https://www.facebook.com/scanmacoupincounty
Scan MetroStLouis - https://www.facebook.com/groups/ScanMetroStLouis/

I joined RadioReference.com as an admin:
Member Since 2004-03-30 00:00:00
and started converting all my website information there.

I also acknowledge CARMA Chicago for much of my information, as well as continually updating them with known/updated info.
We WORK TOGTHER. Please don't deny the rest of the scanning community updates and information by not submitting updates to RadioReference.com
Home Page

STARCOM21, rebanding and narrowbanding have brought a lot of changes to IL in the last 10 years. Please help!

Thanks very much for your support and continual help
Terry Weatherford, Jr.
WX9SAR (formerly N9MAE)

Related info to review
Common / Shared (Interop freqs)
DB Page - Statewide / Common / Shared Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference
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DB Page - Illinois State Police (ISP) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference
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SC21 Wiki Page for Radio IDs

Page 1 0000000-0023999 Motorola, Tollway, St Clair County
Page 2 0024000-0027999 St Clair County
Page 3 0028000-0099999 Statewide1
Page 4 0100000-0999999 Statewide
Page 5 0400000-0499999 Statewide
Page 6 0500000-0699999 Statewide
Page 7 0700000-0999999 Statewide
Page 8 1000000-1999999 Statewide
Page 9 2000000-2999999 Statewide
Page 10 2000000-2999999 Statewide
Page 11 3000000-3999999 Statewide
Page 12 3000000-3999999 Statewide FUTURE
Page 13 4000000-4999999 McLean County
Page 14 5000000-5999999 Chicago Area
Champaign County MDICE

1) What VHF frequencies/ tones are still in use in your area
1A) are they linked to SC21 (simulcast)
1B) ISPERN - all tx linked to SC21 TG?
1C) I-REACH - all or just sometimes linked to SC21 TG or used as just and M/A Channel
1D) Local Patch - ever used, for what, with who?

2) TIPS Codes still used? 10 Codes? Plain Language? Patrol Areas?

3) Mobile Extenders / 700/800 MHz tac usage

3A) Verified your district tones in use, on 700 MHz mobile extenders?

4) DCI - any known usage lately on 154.905, 154.92, 154.95, 156.00? Or only SC21 ENC now?

DNR (and old SOS)
DB Page - Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference
Wiki Page - http://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Illinois_Department_of_Natural_Resources_(IDNR)_(IL)

1) any use of 151.25, 151.28, 151.445 in your area? (Tone, location, who?)
***Really need to know what local stuff is still in use (Park Ops, etc)

DB Page - Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference
Wiki Page - http://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Illinois_Department_of_Transportation_(IDOT)_(IL)

1) Listed freqs/tones still in use, no longer in use
1A) Particular use not listed

2) Known SC21 Uses / Comms

Hospitals /EMS / Ambulance / Medical Helicopters / IDPH
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1) Are MERCI channels still being used normally in your area?

2) Are any MED channels still being used normally in your area?

3) Are ER Reports still being transmitted over the air? (Encrypted, NexTel, other?)

1) major/usual use of any fireground channels (particular?)

2) I-REACH usage (who, for what, to who?)

3) 155.37 Statewide Point to Point (still used, who, for what, to who?)

4) 800 Interop / UHF U-Tac / VHF V-Tac
4A) Local usage? (repeater?, mobile? who/what) any 86x.xx old pre-banded still in use?

5) TIPS Codes still used? 10 Codes? Plain Language? Patrol Areas?

6) Narrowbanding - If you KNOW it has occurred, please inform us to update the db from FM to NFM

Illinois Dept of Corrections
DB Page - Illinois Department of Corrections (DOC) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference
Wiki Page - http://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Illinois_Department_of_Corrections_(DOC)_(IL)

1) Known local repeaters, tones, TRS talkGroup Updates?

IESMA / Emergency Management
DB Page: Emergency Management / Homeland Security Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference

1) ESMARN 155.025 use in area (even if used locally for other agencies)
1A) Agency, tone(s)

2) SC21 use (state/local/county)

Illinois State Agencies (CMS / Lottery / Fire Marshal / Agriculture / Mental Health)
DB Page: - Illinois State - Other Agencies Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference


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Apr 24, 2008
Hoffman Estates, IL
I can field at least couple of these.

ISP Districts Chicago and 2 (the two I could hear from my location) don't use the HF-2 or HF-4 channels at all, at least that I've ever heard, and I used to scan them 24/7. Those 2 plus D15 do use ISPERN extensively, bases carry a PL of 67.0, never have caught a PL on a mobile. Point to Point I believe is used mainly as a PSAP to PSAP link now, I've heard both Lake County and Northwest Central calling Chicago Police on it to check warrants, but never ISP. I've never heard ISP use I-REACH either; around here it's mostly all used by Kane County. Never caught any mobile extenders, but I also haven't tried while actually out on the road.

Skipping around a bit, Fireground Red is by far the most actively used MABAS fireground around here; I think I've only heard of one other that was ever in use. ESMARN isn't used much around here since DuPage OEM stopped sending out storm alerts on it, I don't hear much of anything on it anymore other than a couple towns using it as a talkaround. I have heard key-ups and testing of some sort being done on IEMA's 45.440 repeaters, but the vast majority of their traffic is on StarCom now.

Maybe things are different elsewhere in the state, but this is what I've observed in my area. Hope this helps!


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Jan 29, 2006
I'm not sure where else to note this, since I can't find the previous thread listing unknown Starcom21 talkgroups?

Monday evening, about 2100 hours I heard a unlisted TG 4712 with encryption not found on the RR database or Carma database.



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Jan 21, 2006
DuBois, Illinois
Ashley Fire in Washington County put a new repeater online for local ops. 151.325 transmit, 159.315 receive, 71.9 CTCSS. This will be used for local ops only for a couple weeks, then their dispatch will be retransmitted on the repeater as well. Washington County and Jefferson County will still page on 154.430. It's confusing but county changes and narrowbanding made for some drastic (and fairly expensive) changes for them. And, as far as I know, all of the Washington County public service agencies are now narrowband.


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Jan 29, 2006
Several additional talkgroups are popping up for mclean county school district 5 ,

As of this morning tg 5508 came up with more school district ops, unknown yet as to which school.
Most of their traffic has been garbled on their end.



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Jan 29, 2006
Mclean county school dist 5 talkgroups and a few mystery freqs as of today,

talkgroups 5492

I had A friend tell me that supposedly, they have approx 30 talkgroups but I haven't confirmed that or where they all are.

A couple of other unknowns in the mclean county area are,

462.375 repeater with pl 186.2
464.6125 repeater with pl 241.8 poss. maint?
463.425 repeater with dpl 306



Feb 24, 2003
Utica, IL
According to an article I read there's supposed to be "30 channels", but so far I've only logged 26 of the new McLean County Unit 5 School District talkgroup, 5491 - 5516.
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