PSR-500 Not Working

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Dec 11, 2006
Turned my scanner on today, and it will not search. It shows that it is scanning, but it displays a convention frequency on the bottom. I checked, the squelch is not a problem.
When I manually display a talkgroup from any of the trunked systems it does not show that it is picking up the trunked system.
I tried re initializing to factory settings, no good.
I tried reloading from memory, no good.
I tried loading from Win500, no good.

So am I missing something? I admit I am not all that knowledgeable.

I am rather hoping that this is not the end for a rather expensive scanner.


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Jan 10, 2003
Autauga County, Alabama
I had a similar problem with mine. When it was acting up, it wouldn't receive anything, even the local national weather service transmitter!

I noticed that if I held my PSR-500 in my hands, and put light pressure on the LCD or the case above the LCD with my thumbs, reception would be fine. If I released the pressure, the reception would cease. I suspect that maybe a connector between boards wasn't making good contact. BTW, I also had the infamous loose silver screw as well.

After my PSR-500 doing this several times, I opened up a ticket with GRE. I spoke with one of their staff who was very helpful, and very appologetic that I was having problems. They offered to swap out my PSR-500 under warranty. Its at GRE now, and i'm waiting for a replacement. Its been a long time since I got great customer service like that! FWIW, the person I talked with at GRE did say that they have had some quality control issues with the some of the PSR-500s.

If you're having problems, open up a ticket with GRE - they'll make it right.


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