Repeater Contoller Comparison

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Jul 22, 2006
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Good afternoon! I have a project coming up linking 3 VHF repeaters together via UHF links and wanted some input on a direction to go with for repeater controllers. Its been a few years since I have used some of the controllers and know things have changed but wanted to throw it out to all of you for some feedback of what works and what doesn't. As far as hardware goes, I have that aspect down and each one is already working on its own, just need to interface to each of the repeaters and add the link radios. Just need help in pros and cons of whats out there, ease of programming, connecting etc.

Basics of the system is a local PL tone for each repeater that is for local use only and then a second PL tone for system wide linking going out for all repeaters on the system. I'm sure most controllers can do this from my memory.

Some of the ones I have looked include the ones below but open to any and all. Not sure I want to go the route of an rpi controller, prefer a dedicated controller.
-Sierra Radio Net controllers

Thankyou in advance!


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Jul 18, 2004
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The Scom 7330 is the top of the line. Lots of features. Lots of expansion capabilities. The learning curve may be steep.

I've never used an RLC.

I have an old NHRC 7. Useful features, but can only be programmed by DTMF tones going in on one of the ports.

I also have an Arcom RC-210 and there are several of them in use in my area. Lots of features, easy to program, probably not as robust or expandable as the Scom.
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