SHF Antenna Failure

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Aug 21, 2008
If anyone if familiar with the following, please respond as I can't find an answer to this anywhere..

In our current Communication setup, we have established a TSSR link with trans/recieve frequencies at about 15 GHz. Directly behind (I mean 10 feet or so) is another SHF antenna (WPPL) that is operating at a freq of roughly 5GHz with an output of about 60W of power. We are only transmitting the signals about a mile or so across water and the TSSR's RF assemply (Specifically the Synthesizer) keeps "burning up." Is is reasonable to assume that the 60W WPPL is overdriving the circuitry on the TSSR and therefore causing it to self destruct? Both systems will run for about a 12 hour period and sure and day becomes night, the TSSR runs into a summary alarm and the link goes down. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Not open for further replies.