WS1098: Socket Error 1101 Host not found?

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Sep 8, 2010
I Have a Whistler 1098 scanner that I would like to update. My Scanner Programming Software is Version 2.24, My CPU Firmware is at 3.6 and I want to go to 3.9, My DSP Firmware is at 3.0 and I want to go 3.1. When I go to "Updates" and check "Check all updates" It checks all versions I have installed on the scanner and shows I need to update some to the current version, so when I click on "OK" to update the scanner. I get either the Socket Error 1101 or scanner not found, please connect usb cable to computer? When I get these error messages, I can click on "Scanner/SD Card" and go to Copy Config to scanner and it writes to the Scanners SD Card, so I know the cable is connected and everything appears to be working? I have tried to " Update" with both the Scanner off and on, sometimes it locks the scanner up and I have to disconnect the power to the Scanner to get it to come back on? Anyone got any ideas on how I can Update my 1098 Scanner? I am I doing something wrong?

Not open for further replies.