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XTL-5000 Program Questions

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Jan 8, 2011
Midwest, USA
I want to start by saying I am here to grab others knowledge to assist me in things so main thing to remember is I am not as knowledgeable as some on here. I have a VHF XTL-5000 in my personal vehicle that I use for (Local Fire/State SAR/Private Company) the tech that has programmed my XTL hasn't programmed to my exact requests as I think I am lacking the terminology to explain exactly what I want out of the unit. I am listing out what I need the radio to do below then I will stem out to the problems and so on.

1. User selectable scan list selection w/ user selectable priority (this would be for numerous zones)
2.*Emergency Button that transmits for Zone A Channel 1 with unit id sent
3. Silent monitor function that can be switched on and off as needed
4. *Mobile Unit ID Displayed on Screen
5.*Zone Button push allows the channel dial to select zone
6.*Quick Call (3 Tones Added to one freq) is this possible ?
7. MDC-1200 Enabled on select Channels

Now that with that being said it was programmed and the issues were that I could only scan one zone at a time and my priority channel was what I ever my channel selector was on. I didn't have a monitor button so the monitor function was constant. I was told I couldn't have the scan lists the way I asked which I was confused because a co-worker has it. Could I not be clear on my needs or am I not using the appropriate lingo ?

Can the Quick Call (if mobile can do) act in a sense like my minitor pager and Alert me when a tone is dropped ? Also does anybody know the name of the mic that can control the unit ? I will post a separate thread on this.
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Aug 17, 2010
he setup a different scan list per zone, he should have set all of them to scan list 1. and then in teh scan list setting set priority as "user selectable". did you want talkback scan or, talk on selected channel, cause you have to decide which of those you want. i prefer selected channel, because it is a PITA to get users to understand they will key on whatever channel had recent activity if they try to talk too soon. yes QCII can be enabled on whatever channels you wish, so long as they are conventional channels and do not have another signalling type such as MDC assigned to them.

monitor can be programmed several ways. when the mic is out of the clip, it can go to monitor or it can be set to stay on PL and in scan. you can have a push button to quick monitor, hold the button for a few seconds to permanent monitor. then monitor cna be set to be quiet or to give squelch noise.

it may be best to get your coworker's radio and have the tech read it so he knows which options you want.
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