1. R

    MagOne Programming Question

    Good day! Running into a complication. I've mostly been tasked with maintaining the fleet of radios we have, as we often replace radios or expand as our company expands. So we have a few different models, and I have been able to navigate, mimicking the settings just fine. However, they...
  2. Motorola 5550e UHF fully enabled, never used!

    Motorola 5550e UHF fully enabled, never used!

    Hello, I purchased this model AAM28QPN9RA1AN 5550e DMR Color 25-40W, 403-470 UHF WIFI/BT mobile from Aircomm a couple of years ago, and never used it. Still under warranty for several years. It's fully enabled, comes with all books, cables, original box and original receipt! Shipping in the...
  3. M

    XPR XPR7580e Stuck on “GOB Bootloader” Screen

    I recently received my first Motorola radio from eBay. The radio is in great condition and had a codeplug installed with everything working. I used CPS to read the codeplug and modify it to my needs. After I loaded the new codeplug to the radio, it boots like normal then shows “GOB bootloader”...
  4. SirJ

    Motorola XTL5000 uhf T Band 450-520MHz

    I have the modified CPS so I’m able to bring the radio below the commercial van split down to amateur radio however some stuff works some stuff doesn’t as far as the ham band goes the radio is pretty forgiving I only use the radio for receive because I listen to Los Angeles PD in Los Angeles...
  5. R

    TRX-1: How to program DMR DCDM (Motorola) (also @Whistler Support)

    Hi there! How do I decode this with my TRX-1: "Dual Capacity Direct Mode (DCDM) is a DMR enhancement that can be employed when using simplex (direct) communication between radios. When operating with a DMR repeater, the repeater provides a sync signal for the two DMR time slots. Normally, DMR...
  6. M

    Difference between NAE6483AR and PMAE4016A antenna?

    I know the PMAE4016A is a replacement of the NAE6483AR, but I'm not sure how to tell the difference between them as they look identical, and for some reason, they're not labeled. I have some that have "MOTOROLA" on them while others don't. The ones that have "MOTOROLA" on them are taller than...
  7. L


  8. mcgee508

    CPS 2.0 Problem

    I have a sl7550 i am trying to get CPS 2.0 to Read / Write and I continue to get error #101005 CPS 2.0 V2.110 Radio is sl7550 Ver : r02.06.03 Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. GraniteScanner

    Supervisor and Intercom Panel?

    Hey Everyone, Was browsing eBay and I came across this Motorola CDM1550 LS+. The listing also says its a GR500? What I'm most curious about is the box the mobile is attached too. It has some supervisor and intercom buttons. Anyone want to enlighten me on what this attachment does? Thanks
  10. 3

    XPR 7550 Basic/Advanced Encryption Compatability

    I'm currently looking to see if anyone knows which Amateur or "Ham" style radio brands/models (Hytera, Retevis, TYT, ect) are compatible with either the Basic or Advanced encryptions on the XPR 7550, or if there is a trick to maybe use decimal VS Hex in one or the other. I'm currently working...
  11. Y

    Importing BrandMeister repeater list to Motorola DMR (MOTOTRBO) radios

    Hi, I recently created a simple script which makes use of BrandMeister API to retrieve the the list of actual DMR repeaters and import them into Motorola DMR radios as zones, filtered by country or location. Mostly for mu own use, but I still hope it helps someone else...
  12. nofdexplorer406

    Signalink and CDM1550 LS+ Zello@Work

    I'm running a Motorola CDM 1550 LS+ with a Signalink USB via 16 pin accessory port for 911 Communications via Zello@Work, my only continuous issue I'm having is the audio varies user to user some users audio is lite others are so loud their distorted. Haven't been able to figure out why the...
  13. PENDING TRADE (2) XTS2500 700/800

    PENDING TRADE (2) XTS2500 700/800

    Picked these up at a local reseller and didn’t realize they were 700/800 and they won’t do returns. I bought the pair for $424. I’d like that back and will eat the shipping :( H46UCH9PW2BN Comes how you see it. 2 radios, 2 batteries, 2 impress chargers, 2 holsters, 1 belt As-is. Both power...
  14. F


    I have recently got an XTS2500 to use with the USFS on deployments as a personal radio but the FPP future was removed. How can I get that back? Current specs: XTS2500 FLASHcode: 540018-401488-6 Codeplug:0024 Firmware:R17.00.02 Feature set: Q574 H869 Q883 H04 Q947
  15. F

    Minitor 5 Question

    Hi Everyone. Does being on Wideband in a bank for normal scan make any difference in reception of the channel? It's unchecked on all banks as of now. Ive been getting a lot of static after each transmission too when the carrier drops for just transmissions and not 2 tone pages. Are those...
  16. SirJ

    APX8000 top displays UID

    So I noticed something which may be a programming error ? when on a p25 conventional system, while receiving a transmission the top Display-only shows two letters “ID”. Once they unkey it alternates between ID and the actual numbers for a few seconds. Is there a way to remove this alternative...
  17. P

    OP25 Add RC4 (ADP) decryption

    I'd like to add ADP decryption capability to OP25. I have been doing research for a while about RC4 cipher (a.k.a. Motorola ADP), so I do know how the cipher works. I have some experience programming in C, so I'd like to know where I should start. It would be great if Boatbod gave me a hand with...
  18. SpectralContent

    ISO XPR7550/XPR7550e UHF

    Looking for a XPR 7550/e UHF. With some accessories is preferable. Contact me if you are interested in selling! Thanks! Connor
  19. I

    Moto dp3600 display.

    Does anyone know how to get the display to activate on reciept of Group Calls, Private calls etc… mine seems to stay off and will only illuminate on a channel or volume switch. 🤷‍♂️
  20. E

    Issue with Quantar wireline compatibility

    Hi folks, I recently had to replace the SCM on one of my quantar satellite receivers and after doing so I noticed that the wireline is not quite functioning right. Once the unit boots up, it will be solid for about 30 seconds and then the aux light will start slowly blinking and the WL light...