1. rjvalenta

    connecting to the RMN5104A - has anyone?

    i have a RMN5104A connected to an XTS5000 or an XTS2500... i downloaded the manual, the instructions seem pretty simple... but neither my Apple Airpods nor the JLab GO Air Tones (which I use with my AnyTone handheld) can seem to make the connection. i opened the Bluetooth settings on my Mac...
  2. P

    Minitor 6 amplified charger DIN connector

    I’ve been looking for a DIN connector for the minitor 6 amplified charging base. Preferably looking for a DIN to wire. Any help is greatly appreciated
  3. N

    Motorola Quantar Intellirepeater Single Site-VOC Configuration

    Hi All, Wanted to ask if anyone here has experience on setting up a single-site, voice on control channel configuration on a Motorola Quantar using the Intellirepeater system type, along with the correct APX programming fields. I have been testing different configurations and have not been able...
  4. B

    Fluctuating SWR reading

    I’m having the issue where my SWR will not stay rock solid. If I get it just perfect, it does. Any other time it’ll start to climb excessively, then hold steady. Or it keeps increasing. The PA cuts power & I’m forced to power off. Equipment is a Motorola MTR 2000 with the hated Notch Reject...
  5. J

    Motorola quick call II B four digit/number tone decoding

    Hello, I work at a dispatch center and we are stumped trying to figure out how to decode the four digit/number code the motorola 7500 series console uses to create the audible two tone alert for minitor devices. For example one of the codes used to create a two tone alert is A29B, we dont want...
  6. C

    XPR 3500e Firmware Question

    Looking at an XPR 3500e with the firmware version R02.21.01.1002. Trying to figure out how old the radio is. Thanks
  7. Radiotronics

    Motorola RMU / RMV / RMM / XT Scambler Inversion Frequency

    Motorola Solutions has several business-grade two-way radios. In the USA they're prefixed RMU, RMV and RMM. In the UK and Europe, they're prefixed XT. In the programming software (and FPP), these radios have the option of an inversion scrambler. Does anyone know the inversion frequency of...
  8. P

    Can anyone explain this obscure video?

    I know this isn't a video forum, but this does pertain to Motorola in this case. This video popped up in my YT homepage and as weird as it seems, it was about Motorola SmartZone. The whole video is mainly skits and a Wayne's World parody, The production quality is low which for a film made by a...
  9. M

    Motorola Emergency Mode for analog systems

    Hi, I'm trying to setup emergency mode on a XPR 7550 radio but unfortunately the system uses analog channels only. It appears no emergency features work with analog channels, but wanted to verify if this is correct. Optimally, I'd just like emergency mode to activate a hot mic/vox for 15-20...
  10. P

    Motorola DMR system question

    This may be a stupid thing to ask, but can you use any brand other than Motorola on any Motorola trunking system, whether MotoTRBO or any of Motorola's pseudo-trunking systems like CAP, CAP+, CAP MAX, CON, CON+, etc.?
  11. I

    Programming MCS2000 Motorola Radio

    Is there anybody out there that knows how to reprogram MCS 2000 Motorola Radios? A few friends and I just got a handful of these radios and we would like to program them to a different frequency. I have the RIB cables, The CPS software was given to me by the same guy that programed the radios...
  12. daugherh

    Dual Deck Setup Options/Questions

    Motorola guy here thinking about switching over to KW. I've been eyeballing the NX5x00 line because of the ability to do dual deck single head install. The way it is now in my truck I have to remote mount units (one UHF and one VHF) so that I can utilize both bands at the same time monitoring...
  13. X

    Motorola XTS 5000 NAS

    Hello all! I have a Motorola XTS 5000 700-800 mhz that I set up for NAS and hidden TG on my county's P25 Phase 1 system. I followed the directions on the forum to make sure that it didn't affiliate and is not able to transmit. They have 3 different sites, and I entered all the control channels...
  14. J

    Motorola/Vertex Battery date code question

    Hey Guys, looking at a Motorola Battery that is made for the Motorola/Vertex line of radios. Unlike the Motorola batteries and Vertex batteries, I'm not sure how to decipher the manufactured date of this battery.. Any help would be appreciated... Thanks..
  15. Lup1n

    How can I know the Address of my Pagers?

    Hello, they gave me 2 pagers, a Motorola GoldLine and an Advisor, in neither of them can I see the Address, I would like to be able to send a message with my SDR equipment, but I don't see it anywhere, at a hacking convention there was a pager that had his address written and we were able to...
  16. H

    Motorola XPR 3500e vs 3500

    What is the difference between the Motorola XPR 3500E and the 3500 (non e) ? I know the 3500 (non e) is discontinued but I wanted to know the difference to inquire about a use one since I already own a e version.
  17. L3KDE

    CPS 2.0 Copyable FRS and GMRS Channel Lists / Codeplug Paste

    You can copy the below XML code, then right click in the "Zones" section of CPS 2.0 and click "Paste" and it will create zones for you for FRS and GMRS, respectively. Please note: Do not use this to transmit GMRS or FRS on non-GMRS / FRS licensed radios. Remember, FRS and GMRS are licensed to...
  18. S

    Encryption Changes w/ Migration To Motorola

    Hi, I'm starting to notice that a lot of agencies in Florida are slowly migrating over from Harris radios to Motorolas (portable-wise). I'm not sure whether or not it means they need to create an entire new TRS (not referring to the sites ?), I have no idea how what works. My question is -...
  19. M

    XTL/XTS5000 Power Issues

    I own a XTL 5000 and had my firmware upgraded recently from R07, to R20. When I power down the radio for a long time and try to turn it on, the W7 head does not display. When I took the power source out, held the power button on the radio, and plugged in the power source, the W7 head display...
  20. Stretchman

    XTS 3000 issue with tx

    I recently acquired a Motorola xts3000 and managed to get a virtual box win xp vm installed. It's talking to the radio, and I have an efj 5100 that can hear the 3000 talking, plus, the 3000 can hear the 5100 and the hot spot. But when I tx on my hotspot or to the local repeater on astro, it...