1. G

    Motorola APX CPS 23.-- with APX7500 not communicating

    Had absolutely no issues until yesterday, when out of nowhere, CPS will not communicate with my 7500. Historically, I plug in the programming cable to the APX and Windows asks if I should connect to the network, I accept, and all is fine. Yesterday it stopped working all together. I...
  2. SpectralContent

    Motorola XPR 3300/3500 or 4500 series VHF

    Looking to see if anyone has any VHF models of the newer or slightly older XPR series radios for sale at a decent price. I am willing to coordinate shipping/pickup from around the USA/Canada. Please reach out if you have one you are thinking of selling! Thanks!
  3. M

    CPI Panels

    Hi all, I'm helping out a friend in getting an intercom system working at a new (old) farm they've got. There are a bunch of CPI DR10 remotes scattered around the house and the various buildings and those all work fine. Where the challenge comes in, is there used to be a Motorola Base station...
  4. SpectralContent

    Radio Sound Effect Files

    Looking to see if anyone has any .wav or .mp3 files for the MOTOTRBO sound effects (ie. Startup, accessory attached, accessory detached, busy, transmit, incoming call/message, etc.) for a project I am working on. I've found the startup sound but it always appears to be on very questionable...
  5. B

    Motorola XPR 3500 UHF

    I need some help i have both CPS 16 and MOTOTRBO 2.0. Bought a radio off ebay. Version 02.05.00 cant read on 2.0 but can read on CPS 16 but saying Region not supported. Anyone can help?
  6. E

    New Trunking System, New Problems with the KMF

    Good day all, I wrote here a few years ago asking for help and it was provided by this amazing community. Over the past two years I have continued visiting and learning from those more knowledgeable than myself. I have been out of the Motorola game since 2018 but recently just got back and alot...
  7. M

    Enabling Channel announcement on XTS 5000r

    Hi I was wondering if I can enable Channel announcement on my XTS 5000r on Astro 25 Portable CPS 20.01.00. I have never actually programmed a radio in CPS before so is this something if I do wrong I can brick my radio or screw something up?
  8. E


    My department still runs HT750s. I got my software about a year ago in the hype of the pandemic. Just getting around now to messing with it. I am trying to program both of my HT750s. I got a cable for it (Radio to USB) and am trying to program it. Open CPS with no issue and connect radio to...
  9. Y

    [US Navy] Help me find my Tx/Rx issues please

    Good morning. I dont have a lot of information on this system. There is a school that the Navy sends people to but no one on my ship has been able to attend. We have Motorola XTS2500I radios and I have the ASTRO 25 programming software. Other than that info I dont have a lot. I know there are...
  10. O

    Motorola GP380 Q400 P-Channel Mosfet Transistor Query

    Hi, can anyone advise the exact specification of the Q400 P-Channel Mosfet transistor found on the Motorola GP380 main PCB? I suspect mine needs replacing but when searching for p-channel mosfet transistors, there are a number of different amperage and voltage options. Attached is GP380 PCB...
  11. E

    Quantar programming question

    Hi guys, I'm looking at a UHF quantar repeater here (model T5365A), and I'm wondering what programming software is used and if it's possible to purchase a copy of it from somewhere. To be clear, this is not a "I want a free/cracked cps" request. Anybody have any ideas? Should I maybe just stay...
  12. Motorola XTS2500 Model 3 (full keypad) with AES encryption

    Motorola XTS2500 Model 3 (full keypad) with AES encryption

    I am selling these portables, first come, first sold. These are in great condition and are military surplus. The HOST/DSP is R17+. The Flashcode for every radio is 160003-000100-8. Every radio has FPP activated and is P25. NONE have been modified so the tags and flash match. These were used...
  13. M

    XPR 5500 power up

    Alright I'll try and make it as easy as possible to understand my issue, I am the radio tech for a fire dept, we have several motorola XPR 5500s and they do not start automatically when power is applied, I have attempted to figure out how to make the radios power up automatically but to no...
  14. M

    APX in radio strap creating interference when transmitting and receiving

    Using my APX 8000 and trying to transmit on an analog frequency the radio is creating a scratchy/windy interference noice when in a radio strap. It only creates the interference when walking around, the interference goes away when you stop. When I take it out of the strap the interference goes...
  15. M

    Motorola APX 8000 repeater problem

    I had just purchased a used APX 8000 and was programming it to find that for some reason it won’t hit the repeater. I double checked to make sure the frequency’s were correct and they all are. If I use a direct channel then I can use talk around but you can’t hear other people on the repeater or...
  16. S

    OTAP Issue (Radio Management )

    Hi, I've activated the NAI license for my SLR 5500 VHF repeater and it's connected via Ethernet cable to my PC. Both RM Client and Server are installed on one PC and I have also configured a number of radios in the RM client and MNIS is configured as well. Further to what I have done...the...
  17. T

    APX4000s Recent Call List

    A bit frustrated trying to program our APX 4000. I added the RCNT menu option to our radios, which from my understanding logs any radio traffic for instant replay. Below is a video of the feature I'm mentioning. However, when I check and go under RCNT a "No rcnt calls" message appears. This is...
  18. V

    Need information on a Motorola speaker tsn6002a1

    I can't seem to find any information in a Google search I can find plenty for the 6,000 model but not the 6002
  19. BlueDevil

    PM1500 Blowing Fuses

    I have a Motorola PM1500 that is blowing the inline power fuse every time the power is connected to the radio. This started occurring after the truck that the radio is in was jump started. I am thinking that something was damaged within the radio causing the positive connection to go to ground...
  20. Qty 16 Motorola XPR2500 UHF 403-470 MHz, 25 W, 128 Ch MOTOTRBO Mobile Radios For Sale - Open Box

    Qty 16 Motorola XPR2500 UHF 403-470 MHz, 25 W, 128 Ch MOTOTRBO Mobile Radios For Sale - Open Box

    For Sale is the Motorola XPR2500 UHF 403-470 MHz 25 Watt 128 Channel MOTOTRBO Mobile Radio Model AAM02QNH9JA1AN. The XPR2500 is supplied with New PMMN4090A Microphone with Clip. These radios are OPEN BOX having never been placed into service. As New. Analog or Digital 12.5 /25 KHz programmable...