1. A

    996T/996XT/15XT front connector name

    Howdy, Does anyone know what the name (model/part#/anything) of the front programming port on the 996T/996XT/15XT is called? I would like to get a 90degree adaptor to help control the cable to the computer. 996P2 (top scanner) has a nice USB standard connector and was easy to find.
  2. C

    connecticut state police

    is connecticut state police going encrypted
  3. J

    BCD996XT Finding Cntrl Chan

    Before you read the title of this thread and say "Oh this guy programmed his scanner wrong or oh the antenna is probably shot", I am reaching out to this form because that does not appear to be the issue. I have programmed several of these scanners for the same system with no problems using ARC...
  4. D

    BCD996XT: Delete channels from system

    I have a BCD996XT. my question is if i download a system and don't want to monitor all channels on it, can i delete those channels before uploading to scanner? Or, must i lock them out only?
  5. R

    BCD996XT: DMR support

    Hey guys, Is there a way I can get my 996xt to decode the DMR systems that are out there?
  6. F

    BCD996XT: All Keys & Buttons not working

    Looking for help with my 996XT, for some reason none of my keys will work. My lockout, menu, hold/resume, every numeric key will not work when pressed. Only functions that work are the knobs to power scanner on/off, and Squelch, all other keys/buttons will not work. I checked to make sure the...
  7. BCasto

    Frequencies with 5 numbers right of decimal place

    In Raleigh NC we have a new trunking systems with frequencies like 769.20625 with 5 digits to the right of the decimal place. My 996XT and my ProScan software use 4 digits, essentially rounding off the last digit. There are a lot of smart people in the forum and I am sure one or more can help...
  8. S


    I see uniden is discontinueing the 996xt, Does this mean the firmware wont be updated anymore? I just got mine and didn't expect it to be discontinued this quickly, Kind of disappointed in Uniden, now I have a obsolete scanner?
  9. R

    BCD996XT: Antenna connecter

    What does the antenna of this unit look like? Can I connect an RG-6/59 coax to it or will I need a special adapter? I don't even know if it is an BNC male or female port or if a coax can connect to it.
  10. R

    Niagara Region FreeScan file

    Hi, I live in Beamsville and I bought a BCD996XT. Could some one please send me the file so I can program this unit? Since this is my first scanner, I have no idea what the range of these things are. Could I listen to Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara and New York? Anyway here is my email address...
  11. J

    BCD996XT: 996XT Woes

    First the problem. All audio, including analog audio is chopped. I get 6 out of 7 words. Because by trade, I am a network administrator I will put it in computer geek terms. It is like listening to audio with regular packet loss. Here are a list of things I have tried: * Tweaking the P25...
  12. W2IRT

    Multiple scanner profiles?

    Hi all, I now own a BCD996xt and a 396xt, both of which I program with Freescan. I use more or less the same codeplug in both radios (with subtle changes), but I would like to set general options for the radio slightly differently. I cannot seem to find any way to set up profiles on a per-radio...
  13. R


    Ok I know this is most likely posted someplace, but I have not found an easy answer. So I'm going ask here and continue searching. I just received a 996xt as a gift and I'm new to this type of scanner. I have a premium subscription to RR and downloaded freescan. Im trying to program...
  14. W2IRT

    Need to mount two DIN radios in my 2004 Toyota Tacoma

    Hi all, I would like to remove the factory stereo from my 2004 Tacoma pickup and install a standard DIN sized stereo and my Bearcat BCD996xt scanner. I was all set to get this done when the shop I planned to hire said the dash kit is not quite 2 DIN units high (he said it was about 1.75 or 1.8...
  15. K

    Digital Audio and Discriminator tap

    It's been a long time since I've done any real upgrading to new technology for scanners, so I am certain my questions will seem like they just stepped off the good ship S.S. DUH. But here goes: 1) About a year ago I bought a HomePatrol scanner, based on the ease of programming it supposedly...
  16. J

    Android control of 996XT

    Is there and application that will allow control and / or display of a 996XT on an Android tablet? I have a Motorola Xoom 10.1" running A 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). I would like to effectively mimic the scanners display on the Xoom in the truck. R/ Joe
  17. C

    One antenna for scanner AND CB? Would this work?

    Hey guys. I'm a newbie when it comes to scanners, but I plan on putting a 996XT in my truck soon. I was just curious if it would be possible to use an ABSCANCS antenna ( Laird Tech ABSCANCS - $39.95 : The Antenna Farm :: , Your Two Way Radio Source! ) on the roof of my truck for both my scanner...
  18. J

    996xt and GPS question

    I'm loading information into freescan in anticipation of my 996xt arriving later this week. In doing so, I'm loading the gps information into it and it is selected as enabled. I'm not planning to get a gps soon. If I were to leave the gps enabled, and the 996xt doesn't have the gps connected...
  19. H

    996T --> 996XT Cloning question

    Hello, I have been requested to program a few 996XT scanners at work. They are mounted in vehicles and I don't want to have to pull them out individually to program them. I have access to a 996T that isn't mounted anywhere that I can program. Is it possible to cable clone a 996T and a 996XT...
  20. Bote

    Unambiguous AGC settings 996XT

    I have looked at the "Easier" manual and the official Uniden manual and found them identical and ambiguous. Searching here and the Yahoogroups turned up nothing more. I am just looking for an unambiguous statement on the AGC settings in the BCD996XT, for example: "Digital AGC response time of...