1. G

    Recording a Baofeng UV-5R?

    Hello all, I've just made my first CB radio contact with my Baofeng UV-5R, and I realized that I should record my calls on my cassette tape deck on my desk. I don't know how to combine the microphone and headphone jacks, any ideas? The tape player has 2 input jacts (Left and Right), I might be...
  2. L

    Baofeng UV-82L question

    Ok, just picked up a Baofeng UV-82L. I’ve downloaded and installed both the Baofeng SW as well as the CHIRP SW, both seem to work well except I can’t figure out how to program “Channel B” independently from “Channel A”. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  3. G

    BaoFeng UV-5R Make Scanner Only

    Hello, I recently purchased a BaoFeng UV-5R from eBay, and I enjoy it a lot, but I have a big issue. Because it can broadcast on frequencies that are illegal here in Australia, I am scared to even use it. I have looked for transmit inhibit, but all I find is how to make specific VHO channels no...
  4. R

    ANI Code

    Hello All, I have a Baofeng UV-82L. For the life of me, I can not figure out how to get the ANI code to display on receiving radios. Does the UV-82L have the ability to always transmit the ANI code and have it displayed on a receiving radio that is capable of displaying the ANI code? I'm...
  5. H

    BaoFeng uv-5r help

    Hello all awesome site, newbie here with the uv5r. My question is I am only able to see 2 channels in memory/channel mode "000 and "127" not sure what I did but I would like to unlock all the memory channels to program in. Thanks for your help.
  6. S

    Uv5ra with byonics aprs

    Can some one show me how to set up bionics aprs on a Baofeng Uv5ra. I want to be able to send/receive aprs packets. If you have done this please post some photos of the equipment you used (cables tt3/4 ect.)
  7. W

    Baofeng UV-5r +

    I purchased 2 Baofeng UV-5r + recently. I was wondering if there way to make a control head for the radios to use as a mobile repeater? Any Ideas?
  8. VE1GAT

    Baofeng UV5 squelch problem, any solutions?

    I have several UV5s types with firmware 297 and none of the units have a working squelch. I have not joined the CHIRP mail list but use daily builds. Have not found any bugs reported or fixed about this issue any solutions
  9. D

    Newbie Question- new radio

    This is all very new to me. I am totally lost so hopefully someone can help. I was given a Vertex VX-354 a few months ago and figured I would give it a try. I really like using it, but it's an older model so I decided to upgrade. I am currently using the vertex software to program it. I just...
  10. VE1GAT

    Canadian Legal GMRS with Beofeng UV5

    I've been working on programming the UV5R to be legal GMRS ready for Canada. It needs to be 2 W radiated power. I have a CHIRP image here Index of /radio features: weather channel in RX mode Emergency use of Marine CH16 (do not misuse this channel) scanning of MURS (not yet legal in Canada...
  11. Danny37

    I got my hands on a baofeng uv-3r mark 2, out of band recieve.

    I got one of these little units for 30 bucks off a friend and its a great little radio. Great for scanning. The only downside is its limited recieve. I wanted to recieve the uhf t band on this radio and after researching and trying numerous amounts of modifications to the setup.ini file I keep...
  12. R

    Baofeng UV-B5

    I hope someone here can help. I Just purchased at Baofeng UV-B5. Love it so far...The only problem I am having is that I've programmed a community repeater into it, and I can key the UV-B5 and hear it on the repeater, but unless I manually open the squelch on the side of the UV-B5 I cannot hear...
  13. N

    Chinese radio features

    Hey Everyone...I had a couple of questions regarding the chinese two way radios such as wouxun, baofeng, etc. I'm looking for a radio that has 2/5 tone encoding, a voice (who knows what) scrambler, and possibly mdc, and other commercial features... I'm a bit confused as to the origins of these...
  14. K

    Programming Boafeng 888s

    I picked up a couple Boafeng 888S radios from Amazon. I plan on using them on the FRS frequencies at low power so they are legal, but am having trouble with the programming. I have the driver installed (PL-2303 on Win7x64, ver and supposedly working correctly. I have the BF-480...