1. J

    Harlan Co. Public Safety System Question

    This may come off as a silly question, but I am still learning about trunking and scanners, so please bear with me. I have a BCD996P2 and I plan on getting the NXDN upgrade from Uniden, so I can monitor the Harlan County Public Safety Trunked System. But, I notice it says "NXDN NEXEDGE 4800"...
  2. Uniden BCD996P2 (NO UPGRADES)

    Uniden BCD996P2 (NO UPGRADES)

    Like new BCD996P2 with power cable, usb cable, and stock antenna. Recently moved and simulcast renders this scanner useless on the system I monitor.
  3. B

    Newb in Ohio - up against a time constraint

    Good Morning! So a friend and I are taking a road trip across the country soon and he asked me to program his scanner while he is working on other vehicle aspects. Sure! Why Not! Can't be that hard! - or so I thought. I have years of experience in CB radios, Alarms, Remote Starters, etc, so I...
  4. Disk4mat

    BCD996P2: Priority Scan not working for P25 and DMR

    I have enabled Priority Scan for two systems. One a P25 and the other a DMR. Enabled Priority for several TGID's and when turning on Priority Scan "No Channel" is displayed. Priority Scan does work however for conventional channels. Firmware version 1.08.01 - - - - Separate issue but maybe...
  5. Disk4mat

    BCD996P2: Not possible to toggle Priority for Channel right?

    Just wanted to confirm that while holding on a channel there is no way to toggle Priority on/off for that channel. The only option is to go through the menu and edit the channel right?
  6. Disk4mat

    ProScan: Proscan Recording Folder names dont match System

    I love PS and its features are more than useful. You can tell allot of work and love goes into it. I am rather new so I might be overlooking a setting. Here is my problem in short. Recordings. Folder names for conventional systems get named properly as the System name. Digital, trunked, DMR etc...
  7. T

    BCD996P2: No Signal?

    I just recently had an issue with my BCD996P2 scanner where it's not picking up a signal? It was working yesterday now today it has just stopped working and won't pick up a signal, is there a way to fix this ? *it's already updated to the latest firmware*
  8. D

    Noobie with a quick question

    I just ordered a Uniden BCD996P2 and I'm using FreeSCAN + RadioReference Premium to get it programmed. I imported the system I want to monitor for my county using the RadioReference Import but it doesn't look like it imported the control channels under the site's trunk fq. list, is this normal...
  9. H


    Im having serious problems with my scanner on Baltimore City PD channels. I've put in ALL the available frequencies in the APCO band plan AND Trunk frequencies section of Freescan. The problem is when i set the scanner to a particular channel lets say Northeast District; one particular...
  10. A

    Phoenix Area Uniden SDS100 Review

    I just wanted to make a quick initial review of the SDS100. @KR7CQ Did a fantastic write up regarding the SDS100 and it is certainly more in-depth than mine will be. I picked this scanner up from HRO on Friday 12/21/2018 and I was admittedly a bit apprehensive. My current scanner is a BCD996P2...
  11. K

    Turn off the service scan?

    This is making me crazy. I have the BCD996P2 and have programmed it using FreeScan and RadioReference data. The frequencies are programmed, and they work fine. When I turn the radio on (and almost immediately press the “Hold” button), the stations I programmed come up immediately, and I can...
  12. SlipNutz15

    BCD996P2 audio blips

    Can anyone tell me why my scanner is "blipping" or "spiking" at the start and end of each transmission. These transmissions are digital and the settings for each are set as digital. Link to audio: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cvvr744almye9hx/Audio%20Clips.m4a?dl=0
  13. C

    Help with choosing a new scanner?

    I have several scanner and ham radios, but none that have Alpha Tags. I have had a feed for some time but only used ScannerCast in audio only mode. Is there an up-to-date selection guide? A example is a BCD996P2 that appears to have replaced the BCD996T, but appears not to have all the updates...
  14. J

    BCD996P2: Saving Changes to Settings

    Hello All! I just purchased a Uniden BCD996P2 and I have what is the first of what will probably be many questions. I read on the forum that I could change the P25 threshold to manual setting. However, when I turn the scanner back on the changes did not hold. Also, I changed the display to...
  15. C

    Boone/Morgan Co. and IDPS

    First off, I am running a Uniden BCD996P2 with a Remtronix 800 antenna. I am located on the south side of Brownsburg. Last night I eagerly programmed in the Boone County and IDPS S1 (IFD.IEMS) only. No traffic. Nothing. Dead. I get "Finding Control Channel" flashing on the screen. However, for...
  16. E

    i have it programed, now what

    Hello all, I'm really new to all of this. My family had a scanner from the 80s that we used everyday until a few months ago. I got my dad a Uniden BCD996P2 for Christmas. I just got the premium membership so I can easily find the frequencies and everything for my area. I uploaded them to the...
  17. L

    BCD996P2: BCD996P2 Stuck in S0 Built in Frequencies?

    I have programmed my BCD996P2 using Freescan Software with conventional systems and groups only so far. When I turn on the scanner, it automatically goes into a scan mode of "S0" with some built in groups or systems? Such as FRS, Racing, CB. I cannot seem to turn these off. Am I in some mode...
  18. billforbush

    BCD996P2 TG Scan

    I'm sure this is a simple issue to resolve but I am SOOOO frustrated. I want to scan only the TGs that I have programmed into the system. No matter what I do, I seem to get any traffic on the system. I am trying to scan a few VHF conventional frequencies and a couple of dozen MPSCS sites and...
  19. K

    BCD996P2: USB not working after PC reboot

    I've got 6 BCD996P2 scanners connected to a PC running separate instances of ProScan to control them remotely at a different location. Whenever the PC reboots, the software launches but fails to connect to the scanners. To fix, I have to physically turn off the 996P2s and turn them back on to...
  20. A

    Progamming new BCD9962

    Excited to have my first new scanner in over 25 years. Having trouble programming it and the software is even more confusing. I'm a lawyer and supposedly smart! Would greatly appreciate if someone could help me program this. I'd prefer not to send it off. I'm in Sandy Springs but will be...