1. TJX400

    Command Center/Dispatch Console Build

    I recently bought a new desk for my radio room to replace the previous countertop & drawers. When I was searching for the new desk, I had some requirements in mind... I needed it to be sit/stand, L shaped or wraparound, and be humongous enough to fit my monitors, radios, both PCs and...
  2. R

    Scanning the North Carolina VIPER System

    Hello, everyone! This is my first post, I wanted to ask for some advice getting my scanner (BCD 996P2) programmed with the VIPER system for North Carolina. I have ProScan as well and it is activated, and am a premium member of RR. I have programmed the system extensively before, but the VIPER...
  3. P

    BCD325P2 vs BCD996P2 on simulcast

    Before you say anything; yes, I know they both are not made for simulcast but let me tell you. I recently bought the 325 and tried it out and I didn't have the best time on simulcast in my area but it worked! I atleast heard 70-75% of the conversation, until I traveled a bit with it and it...
  4. Uniden BCD996P2 - Remtronix Antenna - Less than 1 Yr old - in Box

    Uniden BCD996P2 - Remtronix Antenna - Less than 1 Yr old - in Box

    Uniden BCD996P2 - Less than 1 year old in box * Includes all packaging. * Includes: Bracket / Original Antenna / Power Supply / Data Cable / Owners Manual * Includes BONUS Remtronix Antenna (much better than stock Antenna) ** Adult Owned - Non Smoker ** PayPal Shipping Included in Continental...
  5. R

    BCD996P2: Uniden BDC996P2 won't reset

    Hi, I am very new to the scanning world and know very little to start. I'll probably be posting a lot on here soon but I'm starting with reading through the manual on this scanner. I got this scanner out of a tow truck and I'm trying to factory reset it so I can start fresh but when I try the...
  6. P

    BCD996P2: Color display question

    Can it do orange like the other non flagship uniden scanners?
  7. P

    BCD996P2: How do I program in talk groups?

    I have no idea how to program in talk groups on a trunked system, I can't seem to find anything on how to except for whistler radios. I want to listen to police, fire, ems, etc. how can learn these trunked system?
  8. P

    Question about frequency storing for one simulcast tower

    Hello, I am soon getting my BCD996P2 scanner and I plan to build a Yagi antenna for 800 mhz to listen to local police, fire, etc. and point it towards one tower. On the RR database, it has all the frequencies for the towers for my county, do I need to program them all in or just the ones...
  9. F

    BCD996P2: Trouble with programing Sacramento Regional Radio Communications System (SRRCS)

    Seeking assistance with programing SRRCS. At this time, I am not getting anything...not a single bleep. I have the Uniden BDC996P2, Discone Ant, programing it with ARC-XT Pro and RR. I am current on Firmware. I am in Roseville, CA within range of SRRCS, I receive Roseville's P25 just fine...
  10. V

    BCD996P2: Display Color Issue

    Hey Folks, My BCD996P2 display has always been set to "Cyan". After a couple of years I decided to change the color and noticed that White is now like Yellow, Green is now like Cyan, Blue is so dark that it's almost unreadable. Has anyone else had the same problem? Is there a simple fix or...
  11. KG5HHS

    Trade: BCD325P2 for BCD996P2

    Looking to trade my BCD325P2 for a BCD996P2.
  12. Uniden BCD996P2 - Like NEW - Just Sits In Rack $275

    Uniden BCD996P2 - Like NEW - Just Sits In Rack $275

    I have my Last BCD996P2 up for sale. They do not have the DMR, NXDN, ProVoice Upgrades. Complete with ALL accessories. Never mobile stayed in the Shack Rack. Going with another SDS200. I'm now completely surrounded by Simulcast. $275 FIRM with FREE USPS Postal Priority Shipping. It is sold out...
  13. M

    BCD996P2: BCD996P2 Programming problem

    I have been a member of RadioReference and an BCD996P2 owner for almost 3 years and this is my first forum post. I have been trying to program my scanner to always start on my county sheriffs frequency, and that part is easy, but the problem is that the scanner reads the tower sites in...
  14. L

    Best magnet mount antenna

    What would be the best magnetic mount antenna for BCD996P2. Thanks
  15. T

    Uniden Scanners & Accessories Flash Sale

    For those currently in the market for a new Uniden scanner or some Uniden accessories for your current scanner(s), Main Trading Company (mtcradio.com) in Paris, Texas currently has a "Flash Sale" going on. You have to add the item to your cart to see the sale price. FYI the sale prices are for...
  16. K

    BCD996P2: Bcd996p2 randomly looses control channel

    I picked up a bcd996p2 brand new a while back and I’ve been trying to figure out an issue any help would be appreciated. While scanning Howard county indiana it will randomly stop trunking and display NFM. It’s very hard to recreate because it does it randomly but won’t scan properly until I...
  17. A

    BCD996P2: BCD996P2 Locked Up...BRICKED?

    Have the 996p2 and have updated the firmware earlier with BC VUP Version 1.10.01. Everything fine, and when I updated some Quick Keys, everything went to crap! Here's what happens. I turn on scanner, and there the uptones showing its connecting to computer (But its really not) Welcome screen...
  18. C

    Uniden BCD996P2 Questions before purchasing

    I would like to know if anyone has any experience owning and using the Uniden BCD996P2 scanner here in Michigan and has the Michigan Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS) P25 Phase 1 programmed in and Muskegon County Simulcast programmed as well. With that, if you do. Does it work well...
  19. JimD56

    MAY 2022 Shack Re-Do

    In my last shack, I had everything in one Rack (Box) an 8U Black Woodgrain Rack (24"hx21w"x16"deep) which took up the whole left side of my corner desk, reducing my workspace. Great for the radios/scanners not good for desk space. In this new change, I found smaller narrow standard rack boxes...
  20. M

    BCD996P2: MN ARMER Digital: BCD996XT to BCD996P2

    I have two 996XT's that receive the MN ARMER digital trunking system just fine, purchased a new 996P2, transferred the programming via FreeSCAN, the 996P2 is completely quite. My first thought was that I had a bad scanner, returned it but same problem with the second new one. Prigramming...