1. K

    I'm new to scanners, which one should I get as a beginner?

    Hi, I'm new to scanners and I'm just starting out for the first time. I'm not interested in listening to live streaming scanner audio over the internet and wish to buy a new physical scanner radio receiver to listen to instead. How do I know which model to get looking at all the various...
  2. S

    How Would i go about programming the Uniden 325P2 for the KCERS system?

    title says it all, I want to programmed it for all of this sites and talk groups, but I will most likely only use the King County/ValleyCom site, most of the time.
  3. L

    New to Radios - How to Begin

    Hello all, First let me say I am currently studying for my Technician's test. I hope to have passed the test by the end of the year. Having said that, I do have a question about getting started once I have my license. I currently have 2 BaoFeng UV-5R radios and want to use those specifically...
  4. R

    Listening to OKC Police

    I know this sounds like the tipple newbie thing, but what is the cheapest way to be able to listen into police with a mobile scanner? I dont understand all this ProVoice stuff... I have used a boefeng but only for when i worked at walmart. I just want to be able to listen in to dispatch in my...
  5. M

    Uniden BCD436HP or Whistler TRX-1?

    Uniden BCD436HP or Whistler TRX-1? I'm in Nebraska. My last scanner was the Radio Shack Pro-34. Most of the buttons on it don't work and I haven't yet desoldered the board from the antenna connection to remove it and see if I can just clean the contacts or what.. But,... Considering my...
  6. T

    Beginner CW HF transceiver

    Hello. I have my technician license and I am studying for my general license. I am thinking about getting an HF radio (within the next couple of months). I have also been learning CW and I can do most of the characters. Because of this I would be interested in an radio that would work with CW...
  7. lazyfortress

    New to SATCOM: Help

    I'm either getting a PRO-650 or PRO-649, and I have no experience in satellite downlink monitoring. I know NOAA satellites operate on 137 MHz, and I have a frequency database of military satellites. I want to know how I can get signals on a radio scanner, and what antenna I need. I'm only...
  8. E

    how to input my area in proscan help for dummies

    Can someone tell me how you input your area into the radiofeed on proscan? I listen to broadcastify, but I would like to listen to the more specific feeds. Does it go somewhere in the source client? yikes.. don't understand this.. thanks!!
  9. A

    What to start with?

    Brand new to radio stuff. I understand the concept, but I actually want to do something. I obviously don't want to spend a huge amount of money, until I know I like it. My friend in Utah (I'm in Florida.) does some radio stuff, and I wanted to know if there was some type of cheap equipment that...
  10. T

    Travis County Beginner

    Hi, I'm new to radio in general and I want to get a scanner to hear what's going on in the Travis County/Austin area. I've only used a scanner a few times (in WA state, about 10 years ago) so I don't know much. My questions are: Would a Pro-197 be an OK starter scanner for this area? I know...
  11. A

    First Ham Radio, What is good?

    Greetings, I know this will be a loaded question but it is a place to start. I am working on my technicians license and will be purchasing my first Ham Radio very shortly, I have six kids and four have also endeavored on this journey with me... we shall see if it lasts. Anyhow I would like to...
  12. jdw1958

    Butts County. City of Jackson, GA

    I'm considering buying a scanner to monitor police and fire in Butts County. Would like to reach Lamar, Spalding and Henry County as well. I have looked at the PRO-197. I am still a novice in regards to understanding the Trunking, Digital signals. On a limited budget, can I get some...
  13. L

    Beginner / Vevay / Switzerland Co. Area / Digital Or Analog parents used to have an old scanner that bit the dust a few years ago. Thought I'd replace it as my Mom has said she wished she had one again... and would enjoy the local police / EMS / Weather, stuff...I live in Florida So this whole thing turns out to be a little more complicated...