1. S

    Beginner in Radio Scanning with AOR DV 10 Switzerland

    Hello everyone, I'm a beginner and need a short introduction to the radio scanner aor dv 10. I have read the instructions but I can't receive anything at the moment can someone give me brief instructions on how I can programming the Radio Scanner so that i can hear somethings? i live in...
  2. R

    Where to Begin

    Hi everyone. This is all pretty new to me and I am eager to learn more about scanning and becoming a licensed amateur. I have registered for my FRN and will be working on taking the exam shortly. I have some general questions on how to pick up chatter as I cant seem to pick up anything on my...
  3. Salvatorejrc

    Books & learning materials for beginners

    Hello, I am new to the hobby of HAM & scanning in general. I have just purchased a uniden sds100, but I am not too familiar with the science behind radio communications. Besides the AARL handbook, what are some books that can help me to learn the hobby itself including the technical aspect of...
  4. K

    I'm new to scanners, which one should I get as a beginner?

    Hi, I'm new to scanners and I'm just starting out for the first time. I'm not interested in listening to live streaming scanner audio over the internet and wish to buy a new physical scanner radio receiver to listen to instead. How do I know which model to get looking at all the various...
  5. S

    How Would i go about programming the Uniden 325P2 for the KCERS system?

    title says it all, I want to programmed it for all of this sites and talk groups, but I will most likely only use the King County/ValleyCom site, most of the time.
  6. L

    New to Radios - How to Begin

    Hello all, First let me say I am currently studying for my Technician's test. I hope to have passed the test by the end of the year. Having said that, I do have a question about getting started once I have my license. I currently have 2 BaoFeng UV-5R radios and want to use those specifically...
  7. R

    Listening to OKC Police

    I know this sounds like the tipple newbie thing, but what is the cheapest way to be able to listen into police with a mobile scanner? I dont understand all this ProVoice stuff... I have used a boefeng but only for when i worked at walmart. I just want to be able to listen in to dispatch in my...
  8. MourningRain

    Uniden BCD436HP or Whistler TRX-1?

    Uniden BCD436HP or Whistler TRX-1? I'm in Nebraska. My last scanner was the Radio Shack Pro-34. Most of the buttons on it don't work and I haven't yet desoldered the board from the antenna connection to remove it and see if I can just clean the contacts or what.. But,... Considering my...
  9. T

    Beginner CW HF transceiver

    Hello. I have my technician license and I am studying for my general license. I am thinking about getting an HF radio (within the next couple of months). I have also been learning CW and I can do most of the characters. Because of this I would be interested in an radio that would work with CW...
  10. lazyfortress

    New to SATCOM: Help

    I'm either getting a PRO-650 or PRO-649, and I have no experience in satellite downlink monitoring. I know NOAA satellites operate on 137 MHz, and I have a frequency database of military satellites. I want to know how I can get signals on a radio scanner, and what antenna I need. I'm only...
  11. E

    how to input my area in proscan help for dummies

    Can someone tell me how you input your area into the radiofeed on proscan? I listen to broadcastify, but I would like to listen to the more specific feeds. Does it go somewhere in the source client? yikes.. don't understand this.. thanks!!
  12. A

    What to start with?

    Brand new to radio stuff. I understand the concept, but I actually want to do something. I obviously don't want to spend a huge amount of money, until I know I like it. My friend in Utah (I'm in Florida.) does some radio stuff, and I wanted to know if there was some type of cheap equipment that...
  13. T

    Travis County Beginner

    Hi, I'm new to radio in general and I want to get a scanner to hear what's going on in the Travis County/Austin area. I've only used a scanner a few times (in WA state, about 10 years ago) so I don't know much. My questions are: Would a Pro-197 be an OK starter scanner for this area? I know...
  14. A

    First Ham Radio, What is good?

    Greetings, I know this will be a loaded question but it is a place to start. I am working on my technicians license and will be purchasing my first Ham Radio very shortly, I have six kids and four have also endeavored on this journey with me... we shall see if it lasts. Anyhow I would like to...
  15. jdw1958

    Butts County. City of Jackson, GA

    I'm considering buying a scanner to monitor police and fire in Butts County. Would like to reach Lamar, Spalding and Henry County as well. I have looked at the PRO-197. I am still a novice in regards to understanding the Trunking, Digital signals. On a limited budget, can I get some...
  16. L

    Beginner / Vevay / Switzerland Co. Area / Digital Or Analog parents used to have an old scanner that bit the dust a few years ago. Thought I'd replace it as my Mom has said she wished she had one again... and would enjoy the local police / EMS / Weather, stuff...I live in Florida So this whole thing turns out to be a little more complicated...