1. EmergencyToday

    Two CHP Related Questions

    Hello All Question One: Relates to CHP Gold North Sacramento Office! The signal seems to suck in the Natomas area bad on I-80 West El Camino to Northgate Blvd Also expirencing static on Gold in lots of other Locations. Scanner is a Uniden BC15X Antenna Laird C-40 This setup works great in all...
  2. es93546

    CHP Inland Division Blue 1 & the New Blue 2

    The database has shown that the Inland Division's blue was on the old 42.340/42.180 and "Blue 1" on 39.140 Base and 42.180 mobile. Both have the long standing tone of 118.8 assigned to the Inland Division. Up here in the eastern Sierra, the Bishop Dispatch Center has had all 3 of its area office...
  3. M

    California Highway Patrol - Aircraft Fleet Tracking on ADSBexchange Aircraft Tracking Site

    California Highway Patrol - Aircraft Fleet Tracking on ADSBexchange Aircraft Tracking Site N911CA - AC9A95 - RAYTHEON AIRCRAFT COMPANY FL-462 B300 N137HP - A095EF - GIPPSAERO PTY LTD - GA8-TC 320-15-218 N139HP - A09D5D - GIPPSAERO PTY LTD - GA8-TC-320-15-224 N140HP - A0A36D - GIPPSAERO PTY LTD...
  4. K

    CHP Mapping Help Wanted

    I've searched for all the CHP maps, and I've even tracked down some of the old ones, but it is time for a new one using modern technology and I'm in the process of drawing one for the whole state. Here's how you can help: Post everything you know about where channel switch points are on the...
  5. D

    Listening to CHP in Modesto Area

    Ok, So I am a hobbyist. I have had scanners for years. I have never had any luck getting to listen in on CHP frequencies. I now live in Modesto area, and I've read the very long explanations on radioreference on how CHP does base to mobile and mobile to mobile transmitting. I still cannot...
  6. N6JPA

    CHP Callsign letter designations

    I listen to the CHP White Channel which covers the California Central Coast on 42.560 and 460.5500 MHz. Some of the units have letters with their call signs such as 14-3A, 14-3B,14-3C and 14-3S. Does anyone know what the letters in their call signs mean? TIA
  7. CopperWhopper67

    CHP Base Channel vs Mobile Channel (and Mobile Extenders)

    What is the functional difference between the base channel of a certain color and the mobile channel of that certain color? Also, what's the difference between the 700 MHz extender listed with each color channel, and the universal VHF mobile extender listed after the Division listings? Thanks...
  8. drsn0w

    CHP UHF Frequencies

    Hello RR! Looking at the CHP database here, I noticed that under the Division Wide sections there are some UHF frequencies, usually just named "UHF 1" and "UHF 2". Does anyone know what those are used for? As far as I'm aware, CHP is usually on lowband. Any insight into this would be greatly...
  9. F

    CHP - Santa Rosa

    Is it just me or as CHP Santa Rosa (Emerald 4) been awful quiet the last few days...? I have 2 different radios and a scanner sitting on the base channel and I usually hear things, but nothing since Wednesday. I'm picking up CHP - Napa (Grape) and others just fine. Regards, -Frank C.
  10. J

    Time for a new scanner.. Uniden BCD436HP vs Whistler TRX-1?

    Hello All, I'm looking for a new handheld scanner. My current one is almost 15 years old and is falling apart. I'm currently debating between the Whistler TRX-1 and the Uniden BCD436HP.. and I'm not sure which one would be best for Southern California (specifically Los Angeles, Kern, San...
  11. D

    I need scanner antenna help

    I need advise for a new scanner antenna. After many many years its finally time to put my old ST2 to rest. It has become a victim of bad weather and old age. I need a new antenna and not sure which one to buy. I'm looking for one that's very good on 42.92 MHz and 42.64 MHz that's Imperial County...
  12. radiochuck

    CHP Southern Blue

    Can anyone tell me if CHP Southern Division uses any other "Blue" frequency, besides Southern Blue-2 on 45.42 / 136.5 PL? I was monitoring a pursuit last night in East L.A.'s area, on the Yellow3 frequency. Once they were well into Long Beach, dispatch advised all units to switch to the Blue...
  13. O

    Callsigns For CHP, LASD, and Fire

    I'm familiar with the naming convention used to identify LAPD units (e.g., 10-A-12) where 10 is the division, A is a two-officer patrol, and 12 would be the car identifier. Can anyone provide similar conventions for callsigns of CHP, LASD, LA County Fire, and LA City Fire? I hear them called...
  14. ssmith39

    CHP and Border Patrol Interop

    After listening to a "failure to yield" pursuit the other day I heard what sounded like Border Patrol units on low band getting involved. (1) Are the "Border xx" callsigns CHP or Border Patrol? (2) What (who) is the "Border King" callsign? (3) How does the Border Patrol communicate with the...
  15. D

    CHP scanning in Silicon Valley / South Bay

    So per my other thread, I'm trying to determine how i should be configuring my new BCD436HP and what i should expect from a reception perspective. It was suggested there that i need to post this here to get additional feedback...
  16. T


    Hey, guys. In another post that I had read on here (I don't remember what post) a while ago, someone posted a link to a website displaying a CHP incident page ( this page is awesome because it's similar to looking at a CAD. I'm posting this because I was curious if there's...
  17. C

    CHP Radio Freq. in the foothills!??

    Hey guys I have been having a hard time trying to figure this out. I live in El Dorado Hills and listen to the CHP Green - Base and Mobile - Auburn (45) / Grass Valley (42) / Placerville (44) radio frequencies. I have a 15 inch magnetic antenna mounted outside my house. It works fine for all the...
  18. gmclam

    PSR-500 and CTCSS on low band VHF

    My go to scanner for monitoring CHP has been the PSR-310. Especially when mobile, I monitor CHP above most else. Because they are on low band VHF, and the re-use of frequencies throughout the state of CA, I always program CTCSS codes. ALL of my scanners handle them well except for the...
  19. mcjones2013

    CHP Air-71 and Air-37 in Sac today

    Does anyone know why CHP Air-71 and Air-37 were in/around Sacramento today/tonight? Head Air-71 in the mid-afternoon contacting Sac on the CHP-Black saying trouble contacting Chico on the CHP-Brown, staying on the Black, then saying they would be turning back and heading to Executive for fuel...
  20. RadioGuy1951

    CHP radios / Antenna

    Any corrolation between these antennas and the radios in use..?