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  1. S

    SDS100: SDS100 Control Channel

    Has anyone had issues with trunked systems after the most recent database update? It appears when on site hold, the unit will no longer stay on the primary control channel thus nothing is heard unless a transmission occurs on a frequency the SDS100 was currently tuned to.
  2. dnadareski

    SDS200 DMR with a Control Channel?

    I have a SDS200 with DMR key activated. I programmed Leominster, MA UMASS Hospital with the 14 frequencies found on FCC Website. I set it up as conventional and I hear a control channel. I also hear the staff talking on some of the other frequencies and it shows as DMR with Slots 1 and 2...
  3. J

    BCD996XT Finding Cntrl Chan

    Before you read the title of this thread and say "Oh this guy programmed his scanner wrong or oh the antenna is probably shot", I am reaching out to this form because that does not appear to be the issue. I have programmed several of these scanners for the same system with no problems using ARC...
  4. J

    system and sites. need all sites? whistler scanner

    i have the whistler trx-1. do i need to import all the sites of a system? if i select only some sites do i need to select certain talk groups instead of all also? my area is here; Chandler would be my system for my area. so would i...
  5. I

    Multiple control channels

    I have a Motorola XTS 5000 800mhz 9600 baud trunking. I'm currently monitoring a trunking system of my city, but I have some problems. The system has 4 control channels and some of them only monitor specific talkgroups. So the radio only scans one control channel and I can't listen all the...
  6. T

    BCD 996xt control channel issue

    I am trying to find out how to lock on to a specific control channel .... my scanner will sometime auto lock on to 853.6000 then some time it goes away and shows NFM and I'm unable to hear anything in Prince William County Virginia.. please help so I can hear the channels constant wth no issues...
  7. D

    Control Channel indicate Talkgroups active on site?

    In realtime, does a P25 control channel stream indicate what talkgroups are currently active on the site, and can DSD+ or Unitrunker (or any other software for that matter) have a way to show that (in realtime)? The reason is that I am curious to study what towers (sites) are best for...
  8. D

    Need help programming radio

    I am trying to understand trunking/programming I have a couple of issues. Just some background info I have a pro-164 RadioShack scanner with a programming cable and software. 1-RadioShack no longer has the firmware update for my pro-164 radio. Scanner master will not give me the file. They want...
  9. L

    Trunking Issue: Site "Finding Ctrl Chan"

    Hello Everyone, I am relatively new to the world of Scanners and I recently purchased a Uniden BC346XTC, Stock Everything. I am a Volunteer Firefighter and I got the scanner as a way to monitor my department's communications and for use as a Fire Tone Out Monitor at night. I have configured...
  10. V

    BCD396XT: "Finding Control Channel"

    I have two systems that I have downloaded from the RR library, both P25, Phase I, that just do not seem to work for me. Everything is there, including all the freq's, control channel, talkgroups, but when I scan nothing happens and if I hold on a talkgroup, it always says "Finding Control...
  11. K

    CloseCall VSP? TGID Search Without Control?

    I got a Close Call this morning on 163.5125 MHz. Saved the freq and had 40 or so hits afterwards. Half were P25 and the other half were encrypted. The transmissions I heard definitely sounded like VSP. The freq did not show up searching the database. I am in east Fauquier Co. I am using a...
  12. L

    Van Buren Twp. & Belleville, MI.

    Where would I find the correct system for Belleville & Van Buren Twp., MI., I have found the TG, but i cannot heard any activity. is the control channel 853.3000 in MPSCS /Wayne County Simulcast correct ?
  13. A

    BCD436HP: Control channel output

    Hi all. I have found C_COUT hole on my scanner's motherboard 436HP, but I don't know how I can decrypt this signal. Which program should I use? And how I need connect this to my PC? Thanks all.
  14. C

    Control channel issue with Richmond City using a 396XT

    I programmed in the correct rebanded frequency of 853.95. The frequency on the display in scan mode is 853.9625, for some reason, and I'm not receiving any transmissions at all. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. SlipNutz15

    PSR500 decoding P25 issue?

    I'm not sure if it's an issue with the scanner or the system that it's not completed but here's the situation. When the console transmits on a Talkgroup the scanner does not decode the transmission unless there is a radio (mobile/portable) selected on that channel somewhere on the system. Ex...
  16. D

    Unitrunker & SDRsharp- 2 recvrs- changing control channels

    I have a setup to listen to a Motorola Smartnet II analog system, working well, with - Windows 7 - 1 SDR dongle for control channel, with SDR# (SDRsharp.. however you decide to say it these days) - 1 SDR dongle for voice channel, with another instance of SDR# - Unitrunker successfully decoding...
  17. W

    700 MHz System in OKC Area?

    I was wondering if someone could help me verify that there is a 700 MHz system in operation in the OKC area. I am picking up a lot of traffic between the 790 through 795 MHz range. At times I am picking up voice communications between 775 through 779 MHz range. A possible control channel is...
  18. 8

    Trunking Control Channels/ BCD396XT

    Noticed in the db configuration that I imported and uploaded to my scanner, that for a re-banded Motorola system (Motorola Type II SmartZone-Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface), that all frequencies associated with this system were listed including control channels). But the selection in...
  19. Jay911

    Unitrunker with BCD396XT

    I have an issue with the 396XT when trying to use it with Unitrunker and I think here is as good as any place to bring it up, since you're talking about XTs and Unitrunker already. When I leave my scanner on hold on the trunk control channel (as you said in the first paragraph), with the volume...
  20. Bote

    Unitrunker tip for Uniden XT scanners

    My local public safety SmartZone trunked system has been giving me fits because it keeps changing the control channel on me. I am using a BCT15X to dump control channel data to Unitrunker and I thought the scanner is required to HOLD on the control channel. While testing the delay problem I...