control channel

  1. S

    Looking for help with my 346XT

    A couple of quick questions... 1) While scanning a system if the "signal bars" are not displaying, am I not getting a signal? 2) Sometimes I cannot receive on a certain system, when this happens I have put it on hold and scrolled to a talkgroup and get the "Finding CtrlChan". Why can I not...
  2. del1964

    Control Channel Data Output 396XT

    Control Channel Data Output - allows the analysis of control channel data without the need to perform invasive modifications to the scanner on the BCD396XT Am curious if anyone has experimented with this, particularly on the Indiana SAFET system? Apologize if this has already been asked. New...
  3. K

    New Fed Freqs?

    I have logged the following freqs on 11/30/09 between 9 and 10 pm PST; 168.8375 & 168.9625 - Data bursts; sound like P25. 171.4625, 168.2375, 166.9250 and 165.9000 - sound like control channels. I will check these out further after I get them programmed into my PRO 95 and/or BC250D. Anyone...
  4. raystcyr

    BC796D Hangs on CC

    I have a BC796D that will scan great. Sometimes for an hour or so. Then will decide to lock on to a control channel and not scan again until I press scan button. I have reflashed unit to new firmware and then back to old fw. I also reprogrammed unit all over again (Banks and freqs) and checked...
  5. WA6IJD

    Fisher Wireless System in Phoenix

    Is there anyone in the Phoenix area that is monitoring the Fisher Wireless System ? Never mind. I found the answer to my question. LTR passport is not scannable.
  6. S

    Finding control channel(trunking)

    I have a bcd396xt scanner. I live in the los angeles california county of glendale. I recently downloaded several trunking sites from freescan san bernardino county riverside county regional fire protection i have downloaded other conventional systems with no problems. I also downloaded a...
  7. jclarkr6

    Help Creating a Control Channel on BCD396XT

    How do I create a control channel on my BCD396xt? I would like to know how to create a control channel in an existing system and also how to create a control channel in a new system. I understand how to create a new system and new groups and how to assign frequencies to those groups (I think)...
  8. P

    LTR Passport TRS - Essex County Canada

    Hello, Still very new to scanning. Trying to get my BCD396xlt to work with our local fire department. Essex County Fire department is on LTR Passport TRS (trs is ???) I have downloaded all the freq's into my scanner. Nothing heard in a few days. The Radio Reference page doesn't show...
  9. News4Shooter

    2096 control channel problem

    We've got a 2096 that has spent it's entire life inside, on a good surge protector, that has suddenly developed a problem. When I put it in manual, and go to our P-25 control channel here, it should show MO, and it does, but only for a split second. As soon as the sys ID info starts to show...