1. Z

    SDS100: Scratched Display on my SDS100 - Advice Needed: Replacement part available or DIY fix?

    So I recently bought an SDS-100 scanner from E-bay. Unfortunately with no returns accepted. It was a decent price, but the previous owner seemed to have scratched up the display pretty bad and it wasn't properly showing in the low-res pictures. Most info is readable, but some parts are not. I...
  2. WX9RLT

    SDS200: Custom Display Objects on The Screen

    I was looking at the screen display color options post, and then this idea popped in my head. On the SDS200, you can also customize what objects can be shown on the display (Unit ID, Site ID, TGID, WACN, etc...) Question: Which objects are the most useful to have on the display, and why do you...
  3. kudzu_kid

    SDS200: SDS200 Vertical White Line In Display

    On my SDS200 I am suddenly getting a white vertical line on my display - as seen in the attached photo. Is there a known fix for this? Since the unit is in fairly immaculate shape (I bought it last August), I'm curious if: 1) Is this a known issue? 2) I bought it last August (2020) - what, if...
  4. B

    P25RX Display

    Unexpectedly, some DACs became available today. I placed on order. There are also more MCUs available. These are the parts that were recently unavailable with unknown/very long lead-times. I will be proceeding with the P25RX Display as currently designed. I'll post some details later.
  5. OspreyTweek

    APX APX Display Demo

    I've done a cursory search on these forums and across the internet, but I am new to these forums, so I apologize if this is covered elsewhere that I didn't find. But I am looking to show various icons/features to stakeholders that will show up on the display of an APX radio, say through a...
  6. J

    Trying to get rid of this symbol

    Hi All... I some how managed to press some sort of button to get this Symbol above the channel (looks like small letter “c” within another “c”.) And no sound. So, I’ve some how muted it, but, I’ve googled it several times but what comes up are problems others have had with muting while...
  7. R

    Anytone Anytone 878 display screen

    I have bought two 878 radios for DMR 70cm use, through two different vendors. The issue I’m having with this radio is the screen is slightly raised to the left. It is not raised enough to cover any texts or cut off any words. I’m particular enough about my electronics, that I notice it very...
  8. Q

    Baofeng Baofeng DM 1801 - Turning off back light display

    Hello friends. I managed to program my Baofeng DM 1801 using a PC (and the USB cable). The programming of the radio was a simple and straight forward task. Right now, when ever a voice message is received by the radio, the screen display lights up. Is there a way to turn off this feature? It...
  9. F

    HT1250 Display Help

    My HT1250 display screen has started having issues. For some reason, the backlight works perfectly fine, but the screen isnt showing any text, battery icon, etc. Anyone have any idea what may be causing this issue?
  10. B

    Show off your Display Customizer SDS100

    Since I've got the sds100 Monday I was playing around on the display for Detail Conv and Trunk. Here what I have.
  11. jasonhouk

    SDS100 Updated Display Customizations

    All, I added a updated video with the customizable display settings. View here: https://www.youtube.com/user/jasonhouk Enjoy! Houk
  12. H

    How to change to blue display on BCD536HP?

    I am seeing a lot of screenshots of the display on the BCD536HP where the display is blue. How do I change the background display color for the white to blue, or is this even possible? Thanks!
  13. CQ

    TRX-2: Flickering Display

    I have a fairly new TRX-2 set with the display off while scanning and turn on for 10 seconds after a signal, and notice the display flickering (pulses but not turning off). Is this a known issue?
  14. H

    "T" flashing on display but no sound

    Quite often the "T" is flashing on my display indicating that my scanner is receiving a trunking control channel frequency but I don't get any audio during that time, some channels I do get audio with the flashing "T" , some I don't or intermittent. Is this a out of range antenna type issue or...
  15. Diddley

    BC75XLT: Question About Display Issues With 75XLT's

    Howdy all, I'm looking at a BC75XLT to use as a conventional scanner while out on the road, but have heard that some of the older models suffered from premature failure of the LCD display while they were still relatively new. I was also told that even though they are nearly identical radios...
  16. K

    Uniden 996T not displaying frequencys

    Hello everyone, I have a 996T scanner that I programmed with Bell Fleetnet to listen to OPP and Hamilton EMS. It is picking up signal fine and works great, but when it is receiving transmissions it is not displaying the frequencies or TGIDs like my other 996T does. I have tried to clone it and...
  17. J

    EVX-534 ch tag display

    This is my first time programming vertex radios and I can't get the the alpha tag to display on the LCD screen. I can tell it has all 12 channels programmed in the radio as I'm able to change via the selector knob and the T/A channels work with each other but I can figure out why it won't...
  18. D

    Displaying received signal level in dBm on XTS 5000

    Does the XTS 5000 have a diagnostic/service mode whereby it will display received signal strength in dBm? If so, how do you put the radio in that mode of operation (e.g., press the x button 5 times after power on, etc.)? Thanks!
  19. AK4FD

    BCD536HP: Display screen text...?

    When using 3-Line Display mode it shows a bigger don't in the pic I've attached... However when you enable Display Unit ID's & 3-line mode the display text on the bottom gets smaller due to the TalkGroup ID# & Service Type. Is there any way to get rid of the TalkGroup ID & Service Type so the...
  20. V

    Uniden BC355N display problems

    I have a plain old Uniden BC355N scanner in my truck, but it has recently started displaying erroneous characters on the screen. Example attached. It appears to operate fine otherwise. Has anyone ever seen this on a BC355N (or any other Uniden scanner)? I suppose I'll be calling up their...