1. I

    Vx800 error

    Good morning everyone I have a vertex vx800 and when I recently turn the radio on the channels blink and when I hit PTT the screen says error. I have had this radio for about 7 years and never had an issue. Could anyone help me with why this is happening and what I could do to fix it?
  2. WX9RLT

    ProScan: FTP Read Works, Writeable Does Not Work

    Quick question. I will admit, it probably is operator error. I just can not seem to figure out what I did wrong. I can log ftp using the read account. But if I try doing the writable, it says authentication error. I have the user and pass correct. And I have restarted it. Still the...
  3. WX9RLT

    BCD536HP: WIFI Dongle Hidden SSID, Connection Error

    Several have been asking and I wanted to post a resolution. (At least on my end) I had this issue in the past when I owned the 536. So I wanted to post my fix at that time, in hopes that it can help others. If you setup the 536HP with a dongle for Wi-Fi. And have a connection error. *...
  4. 4

    Unable to start streaming with darkice

    Hello, I am trying to get my feed up & running on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. I logged into my account from bcfy-shell and started the service. But when I check the status, it shows as "activating". When I checked the error log, it shows as below. I tried flashing the image to SD card 3...
  5. scanphreak

    Feed Archive inaccessible (since May 18, 2021)

    Is anyone else having issues accessing feed archives through either the Scanner Radio Pro app, or through It seems a couple of feeds that I monitor are having issues now as of the 18th of May where I can't download and play the archive. I can get to the archive, and I see the...
  6. johnfeher

    Need help using SDRTRUNK with 2 RTL-SDR dongles to listen to Seattle KCERS

    I am new to the SDR hobby. On the positive note, I am able to listen/decode Seattle King County/ValleyCom Simulcast (Motorola Type II SmartZone) in Auburn using UNITRUNKER software. When I switch to the SDRTRUNK, (in hopes of perhaps having more control over what talk groups I listen to) all I...
  7. K7MFC

    ProScan + BDC996P2 error: "No Resource Errors are generated from the scanner..."

    Today I attempted to program my BCD996P2 using ProScan (16.9.0), but the upload fails and I am seeing this error in the log file: I selected the "Delete all" option before uploading the data, and the scanner appears to be empty after the failed upload, shoing "Nothing to scan." The same...
  8. W

    Disk Nearly Full when Not Recording

    Every day, after the scanner (Uniden SDS-100) runs for a few hours, I get the attached error. I have no recording going. Replay is set for 60 seconds. When I check the folders, both system and user recording folders are empty. Why would it be saying disk is full when it is not? This only started...
  9. nothotscott

    USB 3.1 with a RTL2832U dongle

    I have a RTL2832U sdr dongle and everything was working fine, but I was encountering a strange error in logs of some programs on both windows and linux using the librtlsdr driver (an older branch with IR support). I narrowed it down to my USB 3.1 port causing it. My solution was to just move it...
  10. J

    Kenwood TK-3180 UPG ERROR

    I tried giving my tk-3180 a firmware upgrade and when you turn the radio on it just says upg error. Is there a fix to this i cant get it off this screen?
  11. T

    Creating Bug/Error Files for Uniden

    I remember reading some instructions in one of these posts about how to capture error/bug information from the scanner, then sending it to Uniden, hopefully to help them address some of the issues with the SDS100. Can someone walk me through how to do that? Having issues with conventional P25...
  12. H

    Links keep changing

    Has anyone else noticed that the links to online scanner feeds have been changing A LOT lately? I keep a few bookmarks on my toolbar as well as a few playlist files on my desktop to quick launch a feed in a media player. My co-worker and I have been doing it for *years* without issue. Seems...
  13. K

    Baofeng GT-5TP Programming Help

    Ive purchased a GT-5TP Baofeng but i cant seem to be able to program it with chirp, has anyone managed to program it using chirp. It doesn't give me an option to upload to radio and when i select download from radio it say 'Incorrect 'Model selected' when Using UV-82HP which is what chirp...
  14. w2lie

    ProScan: Error Code 4 and Error Code 8

    If anyone has a list of error codes and how to correct them, that would be helpful! I have a user of mine that seems to be getting error code 4 every 10 minutes or so. I looked into my logs and I see error code 8's flagging. One of feed, it seems to be him, but on another ProScan feed I run...
  15. SlipNutz15

    HT1250 CPS programming error

    I had a friend ask me to program his HT1250-LS the other day. I have programmed many of these radios in the past so I knew what I was doing. I filled out 16 channels to mirror the local FD's radios and verified no errors in the error log before saving the codeplug and programming. When I...
  16. M

    SDR program shuts down but won't clear out of memory

    I have a new RTL-SDR R820T2 and it is acting weird with my Windows 7 computer. SDRSharp and HDSDR will run OK but then suddenly the program crashes and the window closes, but the program still shows as active in the task manager. When I try to start it again, or the other SDR program that one...
  17. marksroberson

    DSD Plus Not Working

    I have been running DSD+ for a while now and all of a sudden, now when I try to open it, I get this: "Unrecoverable error encountered: Write Failure. Address:40A04A File handle:148 Block:18FD00 Block size:11 Bytes written:0 Filename: 'DSDPlus.$$$' Please report this error to the...
  18. AK4FD

    Win500: Website issues?!?

    Is anybody else having issues with the StarrSoft website? I've been trying to download Win500 for a few days now and keep getting Page Not Available website errors... I've tried it from 3 different laptops and my phone... Did he take the site down or something? Anybody know where I can get...
  19. WX9RLT

    ATTN MODS: Error, Cant get mine to configure

    Hi, I have had a feed on RR for many years. And I just installed radiofeed onto my new PC and now it will NOT let me configure. I am now running windows 8, if that makes a difference I get the following error message Any ideas on how to fix this? Please help. Thank you
  20. K

    ProScan Source Client Unable to Connect to a Shoutcast Server

    Hi, I am trying to get my scanner online, but I am having difficulties getting it to connect to the Shoutcast server. The Shoutcast server is hosted on my Linux server and is publicly available at 404 The server is setup with the passwords for the streams and the Source Client tab is setup...