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  1. C

    Difficulty decoding cap codes for FD toneouts. Are they something else?

    [Here] is a list of fire departments in Orange County, NY and their paging tones. They use Quick Call II. I've taken recordings of toneouts and used Audacity to confirm that these frequencies are still accurate. I have some documents from the dispatch center which look like this: There is a...
  2. K

    Ramp-up tones

    My fire station has just installed a new PA and alerting system throughout the sleeping bays. I’m looking to either make or find mp3 or wav files of ramp-up tones? Something that starts quiet and ramps up to volume. To not startle you when you are sleeping. I know the phoenix G2 and Purvis...
  3. A


    Trying to find out which MEC-OPS TGs are used for fire. I want to be able to listen to the Meck Co. FDs as well as CFD, so I have dispatch programmed in but I don't know which OPs TGs to use. Any help is appreciated.
  4. djbisme

    How to determine P25 tone out tones?

    Our local Fire Departments get toned out digitally over the Michigan MPSCS P25 system. I don't hear any tones from either my G5 or SDS100 when they receive a call. Is there a way to determine what these tones are and program them into the G5? Or do I have to get them from someone on the FD or...
  5. zerg901

    Nantucket Mass - $4M fire - Nov 12 2020 - radio tape

    newspaper article on $4M house explosion radio recording from Broadcastify Chief wanted street left open for ambulance initial dispatch is halfway thru this 30 minute recording
  6. djbisme

    Berrien County Fire Tone-Out Frequencies

    Hello- I am looking for the fire department pager tone frequencies for Berrien County, MI. Lots of searching, but I haven't come up with anything. Thanks!
  7. P

    toning P25 800mhz

    Can someone tell me if the below tones will work over P25 800 to alert stations? Also, can someone recommend a good program to check tdma and fdma tones and a program to convert it into MIP5000 format? I have been told that P25 800 is only FDMA. Thank you! 375 562.5 375 343.75 656.25...
  8. D

    Wake County Fire Departments Tone List

    Hi all, First time poster and amateur with all of this stuff here. I am looking for the tone-out list for the County Fire Departments, in Wake County, NC. Specifically, for Western Wake Fire Rescue. I am trying to get my personal pager programmed. I saw the earlier forum about this topic, and...
  9. C

    Interference with MotoTrbo on MTR3000 VHF

    I have exceeded my knowledge level. My FD runs a VHF MTR3000 in Trbo mode and we are having problems. We changed to Trbo then soon after replaced heliax and antenna due to water tower sandblast an repaint and a 25+ year old antenna. We cover a city of 4 Sq miles and have been having...
  10. S

    Question from Newbie - Orange County Fire MetroNet districts

    Been a radio listener for many-many years. Switched to online sites since things became trunked years ago as I didn't have the equipment to follow those. I'm not sure if this is the correct page, forum or even site, but I'm hoping I could get my question answered. I've been searching off and...
  11. IAFF2498

    My Dad passed away and my Mom gave his original FD scanner. I am trying to restore it,,Help needed

    Regency 10 channel Scanner Crystals Looking for the following Crystals: York County Virginia Fire 154.400 James City County Virginia Fire 154.355 City of Williamsburg Virginia Fire 154.145 City of Poquoson Virginia Fire 154.340 Gloucester Virginia Fire 154.310 New Kent Virginia Fire 155.6175...
  12. rr60

    Fire Department Encryption

    With at least one large NJ fire department rumored to be headed for encryption I felt it may be pertinent to post this from California. It is fresh. OCFA Chief orders decryption of firefighter radios
  13. izzyj4

    Hartford Fire

    I just noticed that HFD has conventional 800 MHz repeater and conventional frequencies listed. Are they or did they go off the HARTLink TRS system?
  14. akafnulnu

    Springfield Fire

    Have been getting interference on Springfield Fire 154.175. Anyone else? I have an APX and an XTL and receive on both. Any suggestions???
  15. w2lie

    Seaford FD Dispatch to swap input/output on 1/7/19

    I've been told that Seaford Fire District will be swapping their input/output frequencies to align with the common input/output pairs. Instead of listening to Seaford FD on 458.2875 (which should be an input frequency), you will be able to hear them on 453.2875. I'm not sure why they are...
  16. doctorbubba010

    Hilton head island

    FIRE TONE OUT! My dad was apart of the volunteer fire department in the 90s on the island and I am curious to find the fire tone outs of the area. I want to find out if they are the same or changed with time. He was MEDIC 1. I cant find find this info online. thank you Hilton Head island...
  17. N2SCV

    NJUTAC 4

    Anyone know what fire department is using NJUTAC 4 - 470.2375 with a pl of 186.2 around Union County? Nothing in db and searching the forums only gets me Orange FD but with a different pl (posted in October this year). Thanks.
  18. R

    Maple Ridge Fire Dept. Frequency

    Hey everyone, The other night, I was listening on my scanner to the Maple Ridge, BC Fire Department on 410.11250, I herd them responding to a call, but then I herd them telling the dispatcher that the units at the scene would be switching to the VHF channel for further communication while at the...
  19. F

    2015 Dodge chassis Braun ambulance MDC

    2015 Dodge chassis Braun ambulance MDC HELP PLEASE Hopefully this is the right place to put this... My department recently took delivery of a 2015 Dodge pickup chassis Braun ambulance, which came with a RAM mount for our MDC (Mobile Data Computer). After having it installed by a local up...
  20. S

    Evansville IN tornado 2005

    Does anybody have 911 recordings from Vanderburgh county dispatch during the Nov 6, 2005 tornado? I am looking for early dispatches for a class I am putting together for fire dept. training