1. WX9RLT

    RAILROAD: Winnebago County Area Railroad Listening

    RAILROAD: Winnebago County Area Railroad Listening What are the frequencies the local railroads use for the Rockford area? I thought they were listed in the RR database, but I can't seem to locate it now.
  2. grissgray

    PMR frequencys

    Hi everyone Myself and friends are big into PMR we use channel 8 all the time, It seems to be getting busy with kids Can we use channel 16 in Ireland Thanks
  3. radioguy224

    Looking For New Milford Sewer Commission WPCA frequencies

    Looking for help with this 155.05500 Because when I look this up it’s says city of milford waster water Looking for the correct frequency for New Milford Ct
  4. I

    WS1095: Only I Have Problems Like This!

    Yes I'm one of those people who have **** for luck and nothing works for me. Here is my issue, I always was able to get all local fire dept's but slowly I'm unable to pick them up and now nothing! Everyone ells is still getting them so it's not an encryption issue or change of frequency. Now...
  5. E

    west virginia sirn programming freq

    does anybody have a list to share of countys on the system I got my xts5000 back from 911 center and they forgot to program some counties in my portable any help or links would be great
  6. M

    Alpine School District Bus Frequencies

    I am new to this forum so forgive me if this has been posted in the past. My search did not reveal what I'm looking for. I am a new school bus driver for Alpine School District and would like to monitor the frequencies for the driver to dispatch. I know they use two different channels, one for...
  7. B

    Programming issue PRO-160

    I run a fire group on line and have two PRO-160's. They were given to me last year by a fiend and came preprogrammed with the various regional fire frequencies. I have the cable and ARC-160 software. While trying to follow a local major fire, I discovered that I am missing several freq's but...
  8. S

    Pacific power frequencies

    Looked in the database etc, can't find anything. Anyone know what the current PAC power frequencies are here in Corvallis Albany area, had a power outage last night would have been good to be able to monitor. Thanks