1. W

    SDS100: Scanner displays the incorrect frequency

    SDS100 purchased earlier this month, July. Firmware: Main 1.10.00, Sub 1.02.01. Sentinel v. 2.02 Using external GPS with Full Database ON, all others off. Works great, except for this problem Problem: The scanner stops on a channel and displays another: verified with another radio 1. NOAA...
  2. W


    Please be gentle as I’m new to scanners. I’ve a HAM operator (W5ECD) and GMRS (WRAF256) and have recently added the SDS100 to my arsenal. I have a few questions and welcome your feedback. MY SETUP I purchased the Uniden SDS100 from Bearcat Warehouse. I ordered the unit with NXDN, ProVoice and...
  3. kc9lfd

    DMR equipment question

    I would like to apologize if this isn't the est place to post about DMR-related questions. I didn't see a dedicated DMR board and this seemed seemed as close as I could find. My question is about DMR radios equipped with GPS for location sharing -- does anyone know of a DMR that can be equipped...
  4. durangoGreg

    Simple GPS solution for mobile SDS200?

    Has anyone come up with a better GPS solution for permanent mobile mount in an auto for the SDS200? The current GPS kit is ridiculous you need to have the USB cable with the power inserter and then plug in the cigarette power adapter to power the GPS. Then you have the cable to the GPS itself...
  5. R

    Uniden GPS Kit mounting question

    I would like to know if the GPS Module works if it is not attached to the windshield? Basically, my question is would it work if you leave it in the cup holder, or glove box. Thank you.
  6. Shockwavrider

    SDS200: SDS200 GPS operation clarification...

    So I have connected the GPS to my SDS 200 and I know I have the option of running the full database, turning individual favorite lists on and off as well as having the nationwide database run at the same time. I also know that there is the option of turning location services on and off for...
  7. Uniden SDS100 fully upgraded DMR, NXDN, ProVoice, Remtronix and Internal GPS

    Uniden SDS100 fully upgraded DMR, NXDN, ProVoice, Remtronix and Internal GPS

    Cancelled Uniden SDS100 fully upgraded with DMR, NXDN, and ProVoice. Also includes the internal GPS mod from Jon Wienke. Making this a truly portable rig. Radio Shack (Remtronix) 800MHz antenna with BNC adapter. Uniden charger and USB cable. Everything in the pictures is included. Shipped...
  8. Salvatorejrc

    Sds100 gps issue

    I am trying to use the gps that I bought with my sds100 and when I put in a range, it complete ignores it and just scans whatever it wants even if its outside of the range I set. I'm pretty confident that it's just scanning the full database. Any fixes to this? (I'm aware that I put this in...
  9. A

    How can I get data about 10 ships every day in csv format to import in my software?

    Hello, I track 10-15 ships and currently I update their position manually by hand. Can I somehow use a radio frequency portal filter and download the data from there about the fleet? Did anyone do it before?
  10. Updated BCT-15 (Non-x version) scanner

    Updated BCT-15 (Non-x version) scanner

    I have a hardly used BCT-15 (Non X version) mobile scanner for sale. Item description is below. Asking $200 or best offer. No longer needed as I purchased a Home Patrol 2 for the truck. Paypal is the prefered method of payment. Any and all questions will be answered. The Uniden Bearcat BCT15 is...
  11. Salvatorejrc

    SDS100 GPS

    I have a GPS plugged into my sds100 and it detects it and all, but when I turn off all of my favorites to use the gps as I'm driving, it says "scan mode nothing to scan". How do I turn gps mode on so I can drive around while the scanner follows my location?
  12. jonwienke

    Uniden Scanner Internal GPS Installation

    Eliminate the hassle and wiring clutter of the Uniden GPS kit by installing the GPS inside your scanner! Scan on the go without having to manually toggle channels on and off while driving! The installation requires a 1" square cutout in the scanner case, which eliminates the use of the factory...
  13. severance17

    Airspy R2 MCX port Useage

    I am a long time member of radio reference and a long time scanner user who has recently begun a dive into software defined radios (6 months or so). And I have recently purchased a number a of SDRs (RTL-SDR, AIRSPY HF+ Discovery, and AIRSPY R2 w/ Spyverter). And during this dive with the...
  14. D

    Georgia Trunked Systems with GPS

    Are there any Trunked Systems in Georgia that send messages and along with those GPS coordinates? Because in SDRTrunk there is a map feature and I was wanting to test it out. However, I do not know of any GA Trunking Systems that utilize GPS coordinates with their messages.
  15. B

    Newb in Ohio - up against a time constraint

    Good Morning! So a friend and I are taking a road trip across the country soon and he asked me to program his scanner while he is working on other vehicle aspects. Sure! Why Not! Can't be that hard! - or so I thought. I have years of experience in CB radios, Alarms, Remote Starters, etc, so I...
  16. N

    External GPS Engine/Antenna Help

    I've been searching around and I've seen a lot of mods for various GPS antennas, internal or external, for various scanners but none of them (that I could find) help with what I'm specifically looking for. I have had several vehicles with external NMO mount GPS antennas, and I have a whole box...
  17. P

    ARCXT: Not importing GPS Data correctly

    I'm trying to program a BCD996P2 to use location info. I have the option set in ARC-XT to download GPS data, but when I import what I want in the scanner, the GPS data is (out of) whack. Am I doing something wrong or is there this deficiency in the software? (I double checked in Sentinel, the...
  18. rvacs

    Setting up SDS100 for Mobile GPS Use...

    So setting up a mobile setup. Wish they made a remote head like they used to. Would love to be able to fit my SDS200 or even a remote head for the BTC885. So with this in mind going with SDS100 with GPS bucket attached. My questions are: - When hooked to GPS understand the GPS logo should...
  19. papa_p

    2011 Chevy Traverse with BCD436HP and GPS

    2011 Chevy Traverse with BCD436HP and GPS
  20. gkalbfle

    Uniden BC-GPSK Serial GPS Receiver VS Garmin 18x PC GPS Navigator Unit

    I have seen several posts around the net asking about these two units. I have now tried the both, and have the answer for you. The Uniden GPS utilizes the SiRF Star III e/LP chipset, which has a sensitivity of -159 dB. I have been unable to ascertain the chipset utilized in the Garmin 18x...