1. Salvatorejrc

    Sentinel Trouble

    Sentinel has been troublesome recently. I have been trying to program my sds100, and when I upload the lists I create to the unit, either nothing gets transfered over, or only a bit gets written. This doesn't just apply to new favorites lists either, but also settings, and list orders that I...
  2. Salvatorejrc

    Scanner Traffic Issues

    If you are running a certain favorites list on an SDS100, or probably any scanner for that matter, in which it contains many many frequencies to be scanned at the same time, will it have more trouble picking up frequencies in that aspect as opposed to if you had a smaller favorites list? I was...
  3. M

    MCS2000 strange issue...

    Just finished programming the MCS2000 with a ribless connector. The radio will only transmit & receive on the first channel that was programmed. Even in scan mode the radio doesn't transmit or receive the other frequencies. Anybody able to help with this?
  4. B

    Trouble with radioddity gd-77.

    Hello, I am having a problem with my new Radioddity GD-77, I have programmed it the right way (I've done my research) on the brandmeister network, and I have put my contacts into rx group lists and still no audio? My green led on top of the radio comes on but no audio, I have a local dmr...
  5. M

    Motorola XPR 7550e speaker ticking noise on RX.

    Hello all: I was very happy with my first XPR 7550, so I ordered the XPR 7550e. When I began receiving a radio call, I noticed a ticking noise coming from the XPR 7550e. Since I had both, older and current 7550 models, I was able to hear the differences. They both had a ticking noise, when the...
  6. M

    Yaesu: VX-6R Noise Issue?

    Hi! I'm fairly new to ham radio. I'm taking my tech exam soon and purchased a used VX-6R. I noticed that there is a rhythmic choppiness on some frequencies (usually repeaters) when the signal is coming in at around S5 to S9. There is no choppiness when the signal is S9+ from local transmissions...
  7. K

    Funcube Pro+ - Problem with reception

    Hi! I recently bought a Funcube Pro+ and I'm having a few issues. I've tried every antenna I have, antennas that I KNOW have great reception - Specifically an antenna that covers the 400mhz band (to recieve DMR). I used it on my handheld scanner and I could hear the DMR signal clear as day...
  8. E

    Tecsun PL-880 new user question

    I don't want to be "that guy" but is there a chance that my radio is broken? Obviously I'm here because I have no idea what I'm doing. My fiance bought me a Tecsun pl-880 for xmas and I can't seem to get it going. (I have checked the firmware, it's 8820) I get FM radio just fine but nothing...
  9. WX9RLT

    TX Further Than My RX

    I have an issue I can not seem to figure out. I am able to transmit(TX) alot further than I can receive(RX) I will be on the 52 (146.520) and people can hear me full scale, and I am barely able to hear them. This happens ALOT. So I am confident the problem is on my end. I run an 8800R...
  10. J

    CDM 1250

    Hello, I have a Motorola CDM 1250 mobile radio mounted in a fire apparatus. Upon powering up the radio works properly, however once you activate the mic to transmit, the radio powers off. Any ideas what might be causing this?
  11. Y

    FT-60R problem

    Hi all first time poster here. I just received a new Yaesu FT-60r last night from the antenna farm. It initially did not turn on so I figured that battery was completely discharged. I charged it overnight with the supplied charging cable. This morning the Unit was noticeably warm but still did...
  12. ZigZag747

    Cobra 29 LX Talk Back Issue

    I just purchased the radio and installed it in replace of my Cobra 18WXSTII...Really like the radio and everything is working well just not sure about the low talk back volume. I noticed the issue when I first began going through all the functions of the radio, I turned the Var Knob for T Back...
  13. wsk1990

    Pro-164 issues with EDACS

    I've been messing around with my new scanner and have figured out how to program and scan the Motorola II system which controls all of the county (Pinellas, FL) fire, EMS and law enforcement agencies. However, the city of Clearwater is on a separate, EDACS standard system. I added the...
  14. ToDaMax

    Pro 197 issue

    I have had my PRO 197 for about a month now, to replace my old Pro 163. It has been working fabulously until very recently. The first problem was that i lost any reception to NOAA weather radio, and i am unable to get it, regardless of where i am. Second thing i noticed was that some channels...