1. D

    NYPD SOD terminology

    Hello to all! I frequently listen to NYPD SOD which covers ESU. I sometimes hear central mentioning to a unit something about "division". Does anyone know what this refers to?
  2. 7

    NYPD Traffic Manhattan / Staten Island frequency

    Has anyone heard anything on or about the Traffic Enforcement Manhattan / Staten Island channel? I haven’t heard any traffic at all from their channel in weeks. Even checked if it was my PL tone or inputs but both were correct. I noticed a few traffic agents now with APX 900s / VX-P949s and I...
  3. E

    What radio is this?

    I was reading this excellent article from the NY Times, and couldn't help my curiousity about what handheld radio Mr. John Roca is holding in his hand in this photo...
  4. XArkans

    NYPD Vehicle Information

    Hello, is it possible to determine the call sign or department/bureau of an NYPD vehicle based on its license plate?
  5. Lauta

    NYPD Call Signs

    Hello everyone! I am on a project looking for and trying to put together a listing of NYPD unit Call Signs. I understand that the patrol ones are the patrol number + the sector letter, example 27 Adam. But I have doubts with all the rest: How are the callsigns of an ESU operator? How are the...
  6. fdnyfish

    NYC XPR5550/4550 Codeplug Needed

    Looking for a codeplug for a XPR 5550/4550 UHF that has Amateur Radio, NYPD, FDNY. Please send me a PM if you have one that you can share.
  7. D

    Need a good scanner antenna for Whistler WS1040

    I have a Whistler WS 1040 scanner and my antenna that came with it doesn’t work very well. I’ve been looking for a good antenna but I’m having trouble since I don’t know anything about antennas or frequencies. I live in NYC and I would like to listen to the FDNY and NYPD. Do you have any good...
  8. Danny37

    Shortage on NYPD dispatchers?

    Last night, it seemed several dispatchers were simultaneously covering other divisions. I couldn't scan much but I saw 100/101/102/106 were on the same air, 104/112/108/114 were linked and the 84/88/90/94 were linked. I guess covid and new years call-outs stretched them thin. I hope they get...
  9. B

    NYPD talk-in frequencies?

    Hello! Pretty new to radio, so forgive me if I mix up some terms. I'm interested in tuning into transmissions directly from NYPD mobile units, rather than repeater-broadcast frequencies featuring the dispatcher. I was reading this thread, which states the mobile units use a separate "talk-in"...
  10. 4-crime

    New Radios being used by NYPD

    I saw this photo and I actually saw some officers in person carrying these as well. Couldn’t get a great look but they look like APX4000’s or something like that. Can anyone confirm or know what model these are?
  11. S

    Funny NYPD radio run

    Slow night for the NYPD in Brooklyn https://youtu.be/HjSJ9hFB2hU
  12. S

    NYPD 10-13 Audio 2/17/18

    If anyone is interested in listening "This is a 10-13. Whoever is telling you to slow it down, tell them to stay off the air" https://youtu.be/y9GBnJidt7I
  13. Danny37

    Fdny ems & nypd

    Does anyone know what police precincts are covered by FDNY EMS channels? Since 4 of the boroughs are split into 2 or 3 frequencies, can anyone list what police boundaries are covered by each EMS frequencies. For example, EMS Brooklyn North to my knowledge covers the 94, 90, 84, 88, 83, 81, 79...
  14. Danny37

    NYSP Large Presence In NYC

    Anyone know why there seems to be a larger presence of state police in NYC, most notably in upper Manhattan and the Bronx? Talked to a cop friend of mines and he said they don't get along with the NYPD. Also do they use their own state Troop talk group or do they have access to the NYPD system?
  15. H

    NYPD Special Operations Scanner Feeds

    Hello, Is anyone else getting very low volume on the NYPD Special Operations scanner feed. I'm getting it on three different apps, on my laptop and desktop. It can faintly be heard at max volume. Thanks!
  16. N

    Blue Bloods on scanners in NYC

    There was a Blue Bloods episode tonight where they had someone making false dispatch calls. Had the cops looking at scanner owners. The one kid had a radio (HT) that they said could transmit on NYPD frequencies. In the end they did capture two individuals who did have an HT that did make the...
  17. Danny37

    What are my chances of hearing NYC Freqs in Philly?

    I might be moving to philly sometime this year. I grew up and lived most of my life in NYC and scanner listening was on of my hobbies. So what are my chances of hearing NYPD SOD and FDNY in philly with a decent outdoor antenna? I'm glad there's live feeds but nothing beats the physical gear. 90...
  18. M

    some crazy NYPD Scanner Audio Recordings

    Hi All, New to posting here, I have a you-tube page and thought some of you might be interested in listening to some NYPD audio that I've recorded and posted. NYPD 67TH PCT FOOT CHASE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ml3FhJyjIw NYPD Involved Shooting 7/10/16...
  19. K

    NYPD frequency 482.8875 186.2

    I was on NYPD Staten Island listening, and I noticed that the transmissions for the 122 Pct and 123 Pct are 5X5, loud and clear. However, transmissions for the 120 Pct. and 121 Pct., are difficult to hear. Is there another place to listen online for better quality transmissions for NYPD...
  20. U


    Hi I was wondering if anybody could advise me what officers assigned to the Boro court section and Boro central booking do day to day? I'm really curious. I also want to know how and why would an NYPD MOS be assigned to those units and if they take transfers from officers. I wondering because I...