1. J

    City of Canton, Ga Police

    I have a Uniden BCD536HP and NXDN is enabled. I am trying to find the City of Canton police and fire but can't find them anywhere. I get the rest of Cherokee County and all surrounding area, but City of Canton seems silent. Has anyone recently been able to hear the City of Canton police or fire?
  2. D

    Fulton County Trunking

    So I am new to this forum however I have been into police scanning for a long while. I just got a setup in order to decode trunked radio. While doing research to find which system my local police is on (Johns Creek Police) I saw that they were apart of the "Fulton County Public Safety P25"...
  3. acey049

    Niceville PD has gone digital

    Niceville PD in Okaloosa County has gone digital. They went with Hytera (models unknown) instead of Motorola for DMR. Not sure if they're going to eventually go encrypted, but it is picking up just fine with my Radioddity GD-77 in Fort Walton Beach after gathering the config with my SDR...
  4. KoruII


    I am new to purchasing scanner equipment but an avid listener to the iPhone Scanner Radio application. Several months ago my hometown (Baltimore, MD) Police radio broadcast went and remains offline. I believe I read that the provider has moved out of the area and it appears no one is...
  5. K

    how to import radioreference csv file into G5 pps

    Good evening. First post and new to radioreference. Just picked up a G5 for when I'm off-duty and for situational awareness. I have updated the firmware on the G5, I have installed the PPS software. I paid for a subscription to radioreference. I just can't figure out how to get all the channel...
  6. M

    Bloomfield NJ PD went quiet

    I have a Pro-164 anyone know why Bloomfield NJ police went quiet on all channels
  7. deeroc417

    BCT15X Picking up half of the transmissions of my local PD EDACS system.

    Hello, I am fairly new to scanning, but I do know how to program ect. So basically I have my BCT15X programmed to scan my local Pd, everything is programmed correctly. The thing is when I listen for example dispatch could call the call sign of a a unit, then it waits 30 seconds and the dispatch...
  8. M


    Hi, I'm trying to listen to my local police, I have a BAOFENG UV-5R but its analog? and my police use digital P25? I also have 2 RTL SDR USB dongles. Here is a list of my frequencies https://i.imgur.com/dR9QksP.png I'm lookin for a scanner that can listen to P25 systems, I've looked around...
  9. R

    Listening to OKC Police

    I know this sounds like the tipple newbie thing, but what is the cheapest way to be able to listen into police with a mobile scanner? I dont understand all this ProVoice stuff... I have used a boefeng but only for when i worked at walmart. I just want to be able to listen in to dispatch in my...
  10. N1DDC

    Hickory PD Info

    Does anyone know if Hickory Police Dept/Hickory Public Safety has changed any of their channels? The system info can be found here: Hickory Public Safety. I ask because I’ve been doing some testing for the past hour close to downtown Hickory and I’ve tried all 3 channels listed in the DB using...
  11. R

    Brockville Police is silent? New system?

    Seems in the past couple weeks Bell (bought out glentel) has been working on a new radio system for the Brockville Police. Anyone have any idea what there using now? I heard them yesterday during the day working on the radios until evening and all of a sudden it's now silent.
  12. 155604

    Saskatoon Trunk Discovery

    Hello all, I recently purchased the upgrade for my HP2 and have been using it to locate new talk groups within the Sasktoon network. I found a police related channel, lots of talk about plates, stolen cars, VIN's and warrants between officers. (no dispatcher as far as i can tell) My only...
  13. E

    I've always had a scanner - but want to get local police on Trunking channels - Rec

    Good day - I have two scanners now, which are standard channels. I'd like to get a trunking scanner, but don't know where to begin. I'm not out for the biggest and best, just one where I can hear local police such as the Cleveland, Ohio police, Olmsted Falls Police, etc. Could someone please...
  14. Buttabean

    Morrow/Lake City Old Public Safety Frequencies???

    Im hearing radio tests and kerchunking of radios and a new repeater courtesy tone on 154.0700Mhz(Morrow Fire Disp) and kerchunking on 158.7900Mhz(Lake City PD) frequencies as if theyre prepping them to be used by public works or some other city entity. Can that be the case or does public works...
  15. S

    rcmp scanning

    I am interested in getting a scanner that can hear everything! Used to have one years ago that I could hear rcmp, fire, ambulance, and mb hydro (for some reason). Can anyone reccomend a scanner with these capabilities please? Or let me know if this even still possible? thank you
  16. M

    Can not get West Chester on my BCD436HP

    I just bought the BCD436HP and I don't know what I am doing wrong. I loaded West Chester PD, PA in as it's own favorite list from the sentinel program and I've barely heard a word. I can get Chester County PD and Fire EMS. Anyone know why WCPD won't work? I tried it as a direct transfer set up...
  17. P

    BCD996P2: P1150

    I'm a noob (admittedly) and I have owned scanners all my life just about. I have an BCD996p2 for a couple years now and I have a question? I live in Michigan and trying to track down the system Livonia Mi police use. Are they using edacs, p25 or something else. I am having a difficult time...
  18. I

    Trying to monitor Mass SP

    I bought a brand-new BCD996P2, subscribed to RR & downloaded ProScan all with the hopes of receiving Massachusetts state police once again. I'm pretty sure I imported all the correct information, and with some trial & error I managed to figure out how to upload it properly to the scanner. Yet...
  19. R

    New and need help - monterey

    Hi all, I am new to this. But I bought a Baofeng radio. I know that i cant really get into things until im licensed so im using it as a scanner. I figured out how to program it using the CHIRP software and programmed my county and local cities directly from this site after I upgraded my...
  20. R

    Unable to Listen to Local PD on BC350C

    I am new to scanners and a friend gave me his old BC350C scanner. I have programed in our local FD and PD frequencies, and can hear the FD fine, but never hear anything for the PD. We live in Canal Fulton, OH 44614 and I am trying to listen to 158.73000. Thanks for any help you can supply. Ron