1. R

    Help finding Philadelphia police radio frequencies.

    Hi there my name is RYAN and I was wondering if I can have help finding some frequencies for the following talk group id numbers. I’m unaware of what the frequency would be for the talk group. They are from the Philadelphia area police departments. 237 0ed D PFD North Fire North Fire...
  2. R

    Hudson pd

    I’m looking for the common frequency for Hudson pd to listen on rtl-sdr.
  3. citygirlleosprtr

    Law Enforcement Channel(s) To Listen To In New Jersey?

    Hi, I'm Chloe. I am not comfortable with forums, so I hope I am doing this correctly. I listen to public safety comms from around the world and I really wanted a NJ channel. I use Scanner Radio and Police Scanner. Recently, I have been listening to agencies from On Patrol: Live. Tonight, I am...
  4. G

    BCD436HP help with Chelsea Police Dispatch

    Hello, I am new to scanners. I read the manual as well as the easy to read manual, yet I still can't seem to figure out how to listen to my local Suffolk County: Cities/Municipalities - Chelsea: Police Dispatch channel (470.8875MHz NFM C131.8). I used to be able to listen to the channel on my...
  5. radioscan

    Cincinnati Police Restructuring, dissolving District 5 by year's end.

    Cincinnati Police will dissolve District 5 by the end of the year. They will re-draw, and cover the City with four districts. WCPO-TV Channel 9 coverage : https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/hamilton-county/cincinnati/cincinnati-police-department-will-re-structure-eliminate-a-district
  6. K

    Sturgis Police 1, 2 and 3

    For the person who posted the Sturgis PD groups, i just want to ask what those are used for and how active those 3 are..? thanks in advance Todd J Rittel KC0CCB / WRKH774
  7. p25man123

    Active Shooter at Michigan State University

    I’m hearing several reports of shots fired at MSU at the moment with multiple 911 calls coming in. Communications are being received over at East Lansing/MSU PD Dispatch (MPSCS TGID 139) Active Situation is ongoing. Shooter is using a Handgun. Sources: Active shooter reported at Michigan State...
  8. BC2001

    Question Regarding Middlesboro PD

    So I've been looking at MPDs FCC callsign (FCC Callsign KIA516 (MIDDLESBORO, CITY OF)) and I noticed that 154.12250 is listed - as well as their two known frequencies: 151.070 & 155.580. I haven't received MPD traffic in quite a while where I live in Northern Bell County, but I used to. Can...
  9. I

    Clermont, Florida

    I just moved here and looking for some help as I see the last entry for "Clermont" was in 2010. If I understand correctly they are on a trunked system. If so, what are the emergency services frequencies for Lake County and Clermont, and which handheld scanner would you recommend? Thanks in...
  10. A

    Is Cyprus Police Fire and EMS encrypted?

    Hello. I’m not asking to monitor these frequencies. This post is strictly for research purposes! I’m curious on what Frequencies the Cyprus Police Fire and EMS services are using. I’m researching what radio systems First Responders in EU countries use and I’m aware that the UK is using TETRA...
  11. D

    Philadelphia International Airport Police/Fire

    Hello. I’m new to the scanning world, I have a sds100 and love it. I have both Philadelphia Fire and Police programed. My question is, I’m trying to listen into the Philadelphia International Airport Police and Fire channels. Per RadioReference, the channels are not encrypted. Is it because they...
  12. ExecutiveChef

    Mauldin PD on P800 could it be?

    I hear police activity coming from around Mauldin SC coming from this Talkgroup-44395 Could Mauldin Police be on the Palmetto 800 now. The Talkgroup-44395, which is very close to Mauldin FD Talkgroup-44399 Mauldin PD Talkgroup-44395 *Could this be Mauldin PD It was very little traffic from...
  13. Anime

    Requested: Documented Cases of Civilian Scanner Listeners Helping LEO/Fire

    Hi there, apart of my attempt to gather evidence to show the benefits of open scanner traffic(dispatch only, obviously), I am looking for news articles or PD/FD Facebook/Twitter post that mention a situation where someone listening to their radio traffic ended up helping them. Such as hearing a...
  14. Anime

    Any Departments That Ended Encryption or Reversed Decision To Encrypt?

    I've search for this answer everywhere with little to no success. But can anybody name any agencies that either went fully encrypted then later decided/was forced to go unencrypted again? Or even agencies that have said they will never encrypt (dispatch) traffic? A few that I've heard of was New...
  15. L

    SDS100/SDS200: SDS100 not receiving

    I just got my SDS100 Scanner and just wanted to listen to some stuff. It doesn‘t pick up my local police department or any VHF dispatch but it has no problem receiving my Baofeng on UHF.
  16. K

    Camden County 500mhz

    I know primary comms are on the trunked system now. Although the licences are showing active for the Camden County police and sheriff 500mhz analog conventional, they seem to be depreciated. I had a dual watch handheld trying to pick them up listening to a couple frequencies of each for a while...
  17. N6JPA

    What is the Callsign for the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff?

    I think it is 2600 or 2400? Thanks for any input. I'm asking for the callsign of the actual sheriff not the patrol or district attorney or probation units. TIA Best 73.
  18. S

    Los Angeles County — Best "non-typical" events to tune into

    What are some of the best uncommon events that happen around the city/county that are worth tuning on the scanner for? The police situations that happened during the first half of 2020 notwithstanding, is there anything atypical that happens here in LA that's definitely worth sitting and...
  19. M

    Police Radio from January 6th 2021

    Hello DC Radio Forum, I am new to this site, so please forgive any errors in terminology. I was wondering whether anyone on here recorded any radio traffic from the MPD, US Capitol Police, Parks Police, or any other law enforcement or emergency response agency on January 6th. Many thanks, Milo
  20. S

    Zionsville, Whitestown, & near vicinities

    Hi all - Recently picked up an SDS100 after a few years being away from scanning. Lots to learn in the digital scanning space. Starting out with some basic zip code programming and spend a lot of time locked on Indiana SAFE-T system. Looking for some help with Zionsville PD info. I believe...