1. R

    LOOKING - Fredericton Police / Fire

    Hi I am looking for the Frequencies for Fredericton, Police and Fire and dispatch..... Can you send them in this format: ###.### That way I just can go ahead and put them right in to the scanner.
  2. T

    Grays Harbor

    I just got a scanner app for my Droid and it picks up Fire, Police, and EMS radios... But everyone talks is code so I was wondering how I can find out what the codes are. (and they're not regular 10 codes - some one them are the same but some are waaaaaaaay different. :-)
  3. J

    Stow Police Codes

    I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a list of the Stow Police Codes.
  4. A

    Pro-106 Mesa Arizona Police distorted broadcast

    I bought my Pro-106 last October and downloaded the win500 program and installed the Phoenix metro area radio systems. When monitoring Mesa police many times the transmissions are garbled and I only get bits and pieces and other times it is crystal clear. Someties in the middle of a crystal...
  5. alex4659

    Gwinnett County DTRS

    Is GCPD and other county law enforcement agencies on this system yet? Because the DTRS in the database does not have any talk groups ID's for PD's, Just FD... But I know that GCPD has gone digital but dont know why the DTRS hasn't been updated? Could someone update it if possible please...
  6. J

    York and Durham Police Patch?

    It's 2:30am (can't sleep) and on YRP 5 District air I've just heard York dispatch doing a test with Durham police dispatch. (I thought Durham used Mike and was unmonitorable, but this was very clearly them.) This test included York dispatch calling a Durham unit, Durham dispatch calling a York...
  7. M

    Mileage Check before jail transport?

    So I was listening to Citrus Heights PD today and an officer told dispatch that she was starting a jail transport, and then told dispatch her starting mileage. I have also heard this on Sacramento PD and Elk Grove PD before. Why do the officers state their starting mileage before beginning...
  8. R

    Olympia PD stream now online

    The Olympia, WA police dispatch stream is now online at OlyScanner. I tried to submit the link to this site, however the response that I received was somewhat cryptic. Enjoy.
  9. indepmo

    Independence Missouri PD/FD now streaming on rr

    Independence Missouri PD/FD streaming on RR. Please provide any feedback.
  10. L

    Brookhaven,PA Frequencies.

    I recently Moved to Brookhaven, PA Delco. I have an old Pro-62 Scanner from Radio-Shack. I was wondering if anyone has the Frequencies for The Fire and Police for Brookhaven and Upland.
  11. B

    Unknown Little Rock Talk Group

    While listening over the past few months I have been picking up an unknown talk group ID (528). I know its the police because of what is being said but just can not figure out what the talk group is for. Anyone have an idea?
  12. B

    Little Rock P25

    Does anyone know if Little Rock will be upgrading to a digital system and if so when.
  13. L

    Warren County 1.25 million twd upgrades

    Warren County to spend $1.25 million federal grant on police radio upgrades Tuesday, February 09, 2010 By BILL WICHERT The Express-Times WHITE TWP. | As part of a multi-phased plan to upgrade emergency communications, Warren County officials plan to spend a $1.25 million federal grant on new...
  14. A

    Northern NJ frequencies that can be heard in NYC?

    I want to monitor some NJ Police frequencies from NYC, but so far I can only hear jersey city pd, newark pd and bergen county pd. I tried paterson police but no luck. Can anybody give me a list of Northern NJ police frequencies that can be heard in NYC. Im located in Northern Brooklyn.
  15. A

    Port Authority Police Radio Concerns

    An article in the fox news website revealed that Port authority police share there radios with other agencies. Is this true? I don't scan port authority much so I really don't know how they operate. "The union representing Port Authority police officers claims its officers are at risk...
  16. A

    FDNY EMS coming over NYPD Frequencies?

    Well today there was a short veichle pursuit in the 69 pct. One PD unit crashed but apparently the call came in through 911. Units on feild didn't know since the unit that crashed was on his way to join the pursuit. EMS came over the air and said "EMS, EMS, EMS central!!!, WE GOT AN RMP CRASH...
  17. vanhoogenk

    Burlington City Police

    i have been monitoring their frequencies for years now and in the past couple of months i have noticed that i have not heard anything on their channel. now i did some investigating and put the input frequency on my output frequency side and have heard officers talking......has anyone else that...
  18. WU8Y

    Detroit police to dive back into precincts

    From the Free Press, 2 January 2010: I wonder how this move will affect the DPD's talkgroups on the MPSCS. Detroit police to dive back into precincts | freep.com | Detroit Free Press