1. jabbeaux

    Customizing PPS w/ your logo and how you can manually change your pager screen outside PPS

    I like how APX software lets me customize the programming software w/ a logo/text. I ALSO wanted to customize my pager's homescreen down to the pixel, font, color. Noticed all this is fairly easy to do. Here's what the software + my pager looks like after doing both modifications below...of...
  2. J

    Importing Talk Groups from RR CSV Download

    Following up on recent weeks' discussions of problems importing talk groups to PPS, I am having similar problems today. The error message is always "The data format of this file in incorrect." This happens when trying to import the Phoenix RWC system talk groups, and even when I try to import...
  3. RadioDitch

    Unication G5 Model Number

    Evening Gents, Does anyone know the correct model number for a Unication G5 450-512/700-800 with the latest firmware? Finally ordered one from Ray's Pager Sales, and I'd like to get started with putting together a profile in PPS for when it arrives. Thanks!
  4. rvacs

    Sharing PPS data among each other - easy way?

    Hello All, So there are some good places including the FB group for Unication where people share their hard work for users to download a PPS to import and use say on vacation or when travelling to an area. My question is.... Is there a way to insert a list you download for PPS into your...
  5. E

    G- series PPS problems?

    I downloaded the G series PPS on Friday and it worked great i opened it 10 times or more, no problems. i go to open it on Saturday and it gives me an error message before opening that says PPS has stopped working, this is as soon as you try to open it. the part for the password never pops up...
  6. J

    G5 Error 02144 After Reprogramming

    Wondering if anyone else is seeing error message 02144 on their G5 after using the PPS software to update programming profile. With this error message, the G5 stops receiving and launches some other inappropriate messages like "out of range." Requires a hard restart (turn the radio off, then...
  7. M

    Minitor vi ....PPS can't read, error #9

    Have an older minitor vi model A03JAC9JA2AN (D02.18) 5 chnl VHF serial #1368PQ00xx TANAPA : RLD1049A. 3331. Believe sn indicates it was made in Aug 2013, so must be an early model. PROBLEM: When I attempt to reprogram it with the latest PPS version R01.08 the following read error mssg #9...
  8. S

    motorola minitor 3 pps

    does anyone have the minitor 3 pps that they can send me? Im in need of it and can not pay for it.