1. seleong

    GRE PSR-500 LCD Display Sudden Loss of Contrast

    I purchased a supposed used in excellent condition PSR-500. It had minor battery leakage damage inside the battery compartment in the middle-upper left side (on the black printed warning inside the compartment. Looks like the previous owner scratched some of the leakage corrosion away. I am...
  2. N

    RadioShack Pro-106

    In good shape comes with box, antenna, yellow battery holder, and wall wart power cable $150 shipped in the CONUS priority can email pictures
  3. C

    Pro-106: Pro-106 and NEW Simulcast in my area

    I live in El Paso County, Colorado, more specifically, Colorado Springs. I recently found it that the El Paso County area has now switched to a simulcast radio system. I was told they have, I think, 4 towers that transmit radio frequencies of the various agencies. However with my handheld RS...
  4. B

    Need FreeSCAN or Win500 programming files?

    For several years, I offered a programming service online for all sorts of scanners, including the BCD396T, BCD396XT, BCD996XT, Pro-106, Pro-197, GRE PSR-500, GRE PSR-600, WS1040, and a few others using older software. The fee was $30 and included several counties in your area along with some...
  5. rogueangel2k

    Pro-106: SAME Event Codes

    I have a question about programming event codes. I'd like to only get alerts on tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings, but obviously during bad weather, I can't really test my scanner for fear of doing it wrong and missing a warning altogether. So... Has anyone had experience with SAME Event...
  6. J

    Connecting Pro-106 to Raspberry Pi

    Hello all, I've been searching far and wide for a solution to my problem, and so far have come up with nothing that has worked. I am running Raspbian OS on my Raspberry Pi, which is a slim build of Linux. I would like for my Pro-106 and my Raspberry Pi to communicate via the USB cable. Wine...
  7. dfbailey

    PRO-106 Alpha Tags & WIN500 v02.08

    Several agencies just updated to the P25 system so I had to update my scanners. I also downloaded the most recent version of WIN500. For some reason some of the groups are not showing the ALPHA TAGS even though they are all filled in. Any ideas what I am missing? I want to get my feed...
  8. M

    Pro-106 - no connectivity to Win7 Pro -> ARC500 v1.18 B1

    Installed USB driver from the CD with RS cable #20-546 and ARC500 on a Win7 Pro machine and am having no luck gaining connectivity. I bought the scanner & programming disc/cable several years ago. At the time, computer was running WinXP. I licensed ARC500, programmed the Pro-106, and I recall...
  9. N

    Park County Colorado - P25 system - WIN500 - Problem

    I picked up a Pro-106, uploaded the frequencies I've had in my desktop version of this scanner (which are for Jefferson County, Colorado) and everything worked fine. I built a new list, new template, in WIN500 for the Pro-106, using the Radio Reference database for Park County, Colorado (that's...
  10. D

    Pro 106 Won't Scan

    I have a Radio Shack PRO-106 digital scanner and as of today will not work. It turns on fine, but beeps indicating low battery (which it isn't, I've put several different sets of batteries in). Also, it will not scan but shows the text tag of only one channel, like it is hung on that one...
  11. SuperTracker

    UNABLE to hear ANYTHING of Philadelphia Police or Fire on Pro-106 or Pro-197 WIN500

    As far as I know of, being original owner of both a Radioshack Pro-106 and Pro-197, I've downloaded Philadelphia Police and Fire via WIN500 and uploaded them to both scanners and I hear absolutely nothing coming from those active selected lists. I believe both scanners have latest firmware...
  12. J

    Pay $$$ for Pro-106 rebanding reprogramming Knoxville Area

    Ok, so I now own a $300 paper weight if I want to monitor any LEO stuff in Knox County. If anyone's interested, let me know how much you would charge to reprogram my PRO-106 with re-banding for Knox County. I'm mostly interested in monitoring KCSO and KPD. I would also be very interested in...
  13. R

    NASCAR scan list PSR Edit for Pro-106

    Does anyone have a PSR Edit .bin file for the NASCAR teams they would be willing to share with me? I found the Freq list for NASCAR and track on, but I'm not sure where things need to go in the file. Thanks in advance! Roger
  14. D

    Hit Counters - PRO-106

    The hit counter on my PRO-106 is failing to add incremental hits to some VHF objects, but is working correctly on others. I have reset the memory (and then uploaded my saved data back to the radio) but this has not resolved the problem. As far as I can tell, the radio is working correctly on...
  15. D

    all but silent pro-106 in Wichita

    Hi all. Took a trip to the Wichita area in February and programmed the new Sedgewick system in my pro-106. I selected all agencies, and all frequencies from the rr database, not just the control channels. I'm using the radio shack 800 MHz antenna, and the scanner was all but silent. Completely...
  16. D

    What to program in my pro-106 for wichita?

    Hi All. I'll be making a trip to the Wichita area in February. What should I program in my pro-106? Had a scanner programmed for that area, but it's been about 4 years since I last visited. If I program the old Moto system, the new p25 system, the local ksics sites in the area, and what's listed...
  17. Viperguynick

    Problem with LTR System on Pro-106 - no audio

    Hello all. I am having a little problem trying to get a local LTR Trunking system to work correctly on my Pro-106. The following is the link for the trunking system I am working with: WPSR407 (RADIO COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT INC) FCC Callsign Details I am trying to program from site #3 on...
  18. C

    Pro-106 Problem

    Good Evening, I am trying to troubleshoot and issue with my buddies Pro-106. He only monitor the Indiana SAFE-T system, along with a few VHF channels. Whenever a TalkGroup first comes up on his scanner, he usually doesn't hear the beginning part of the traffic. For example, if a firetruck...
  19. skywavesli

    PRO-106 occasionally no audio with Talkgroup

    Hi, I just bought my PRO-106 and programmed it with WIN500 using RadioReference. I'm monitoring a Motorola Type II APCO25/analog mix trunking system. Everything works fine however, occasionally a APCO25 talkgroup will come on but there's no audio. The transmission lasts long enough to make...
  20. T

    Pro 106 and WX same led latch.

    With the Radio Shack Pro-106 (and Pro-197) set to receive WX SAME broadcasts, is there a way to set the LED to quit blinking when an alert is over and the scanner go back to monitoring for the next weather warning? I have found the settings to latch/unlatch the LED for items in scan lists, but...