public safety

  1. CopperWhopper67

    700/800/900 MHz......Why?

    Most large scale radio systems, especially trunked ones, seem use the UHF High Band frequencies to broadcast signals. That doesn't make sense to me. Wave propagation of 700/800/900 is very linear and tends to avoid wrapping around terrain like VHF Low (and to a lesser extent VHF High) can, which...
  2. Buttabean

    Morrow/Lake City Old Public Safety Frequencies???

    Im hearing radio tests and kerchunking of radios and a new repeater courtesy tone on 154.0700Mhz(Morrow Fire Disp) and kerchunking on 158.7900Mhz(Lake City PD) frequencies as if theyre prepping them to be used by public works or some other city entity. Can that be the case or does public works...
  3. F

    UV82L Fire Transceiver

    Howdy, I'm a rural volunteer firefighter, been using an UV82L for a few months with no issues programming to receive traffic from the local fire/sheriff departments. However, I've attempted to program the radio with CHIRP to transmit dispatch via a repeater, and to transmit to local...
  4. M

    Need help with programming...

    I am attempting to program my own HT1000 for use on the local VHF Public Safety Repeater, however, we don't have a usual radio technician to guide me through this process. I notice the HT1000 doesn't allow for an offset...only TX/RX channel...what offset is 150-160 MHz? I have obtained all my...
  5. N1DDC

    South Florida Encryption!

    I want to post a news article here. Now even tho it is from Connecticut, we are starting to find that South Florida public safety departments are starting to switch to the trend of encrypting radio traffic more and more commonly now as new Systems are being switched to over the next year...
  6. E

    Luzerne County To Go Digital

    Switching Luzerne County 911 Radios to Digital Begins Tuesday | "WILKES-BARRE — Luzerne County announced Monday that changes are coming to improve the response to emergencies."
  7. B

    Can Motorola XTS 3000 800mhz be programmed to transmit and receive on LWIN...

    There are several good deals online for these Motorola XTS 3000s. My question is, could these radios be programmed to transmit and receive traffic on LWIN P25 frequencies that are on the 700mhz band? Many of our members are without radios and I am hoping to find a temporary affordable solution...
  8. C

    Security company frequencies

    I am new and was looking for a certain companies frequency but was not able to find it. I did run a FCC check and found the frequencies but not a PL. (I currently work for said company and they lost their paperwork.) How can i go about finding this information?
  9. D

    SNHU public safety

    I am trying to listen to SNHU (Southern New Hampshire University) public safety, i pulled the fcc license and got their frequencys but all i hear is what sounds like a trunking control channel. I only hear this noise sometimes, probably only when they are talking or something. Im not sure whats...
  10. N1GAW

    Charlotte Public Safety LTE

    Charlotte Launches Public-Safety LTE Service with BTOP-Funded Equipment (6/2/15) By Sandra Wendelken The city of Charlotte, North Carolina, launched public-safety data services funded by a restructured $8.8 million Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant. The broadband network...
  11. A


    I'm having issues being able to do Channel Select control from my console/dispatch to change the frequency to the TK7150. They have 32 Frequencies, I am able to Tx/Rx/PTT over one frequency just fine. Now I am curious what pinouts from the TK7150 are used to be able to do channel changing from...
  12. K

    Mysterious Waltham Public Safety Station

    Hello scanners! A while ago, I stumbled on a mysterious station from my location in Middlesex county. It is a sort of ambulance or public safety station on 152.370 MHz, and uses a DCS code of 155. I have been looking for this station's information, but it is not on RadioReference, apparently...
  13. N

    Kenwood: Kenwood TM V71 and narrowband public safety reception

    I have a couple of Kenwood TM V71's that I am trying to program to receive a couple of frequencies I use at work. I don't want to transmit on the public safety frequencies below, just listen to them, These VHF public safety channels are narrowband and will not program into the TM V71. The...
  14. S

    Madison County, NY Police Freqs

    I'm wondering if there is away to listen to ONLY law enforcement frequencies for Madison County, NY?
  15. mipsyop

    UV-5R for Public Safety

    I just got hired as an on-call EMT for a local service and have a UV-5R that i use for skywarn and other lical events. My question is as follows.... (Please forgive me if this is a dumb question). I entered my county's fire frequency which has a csq, when i keyed the mic, there was a sound like...
  16. P

    need advice, technologically challenged

    Ill apologize in advance because im sure my questions have been asked before, but ive been searching and cant quite find the answer im looking for... First off, im a 911/radio dispatcher for my local pd, and a volunteer rescue squad member in my local county. I have a Motorola cp200 radio from...
  17. tateconcepts

    McKinney Encryption and Talkgroup update

    Before we begin - this is not a topic meant to be in violation of the recent announcements on discussions of encryption but rather the lack of, which we all have been discussing for some time now. While driving to a relative's home in the middle of McKinney the other day (Eldorado and Lake...
  18. Danny37

    NYC and Severe weather

    Hurricane season is around the corner and that means more severe weather coming. The potential for flooding, damaging winds and tropical weather is high this year. Seeing that I'm probably not going to be out volunteering like I did during sandy and Irene, I thought I can put up a list of PS...
  19. Danny37

    What are some TRISTATE public safety frequencies that easily make their way into NYC

    Please list your counties and the service they provide. For example, Nassau county FD and westchester county easily makes it way into NYC. I know it depends whether you have a portable or mobile or what antenna gain you have and also your location. But list the frequency you heard outside of...
  20. H

    Rockford Public Safety

    It would seem that since the merge of PD and FD, medical calls are no longer being dispatched/toned out on the Fire North channel. Has anyone else noticed this?