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  1. M

    *Radio Shack Store Closing Thread* All posts about Radio Shack closing go here.

    RadioShack Is Falling Apart The ship continues to sink as RadioShack sales tumble. Local radio stations have had another grim forecast for RS over the past couple days. Yet somehow RS continues to hold on. How much longer can this last? RadioShack Is Falling Apart (RSH)
  2. Danny37

    Lost battery pack for pro-97, where can I buy one?

    I lost the 4x AA battery case that you put into the scanner. I can't seem find it online, can anyone point me to the right direction. Links will be awesome if possible. I have a RadioShack pro-97 triple trunking scanner.
  3. J

    Radio Shack Pro-197 Programming Question

    Hello, My son and I received a Radio Shack Pro-197 scanner from Santa last year and we are not able to figure out how to program it. We live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana/70810 and I was wondering if there was anyone in my area that programs these types of scanners for people that are too stupid...
  4. M


    Hello all, I have a Radio Shack Pro-107 scanner. I have had it for less than a year. I just updated the library on the SD card and rearranged my channels. Now while following the SFPD after anywhere from 15 mins to 1.5 hours it stops picking up transmissions. It says it is still scanning. San...
  5. VE5JL

    Radio Shack TRC-457

    Ah, a classic and a few friends we all had in our shack at one time or another.
  6. J

    Pro 97 charging batteries in black case

    My Pro 97 charges (I think probably short circuits them since they get so hot) my batteries when I have it plugged in even with the black nonchargeable battery case. I put a meter on the two connectors, where the battery connectors meet the radio, when it was plugged in and got about 9 volts...
  7. M

    Win500 activity log.txt

    anybody have a good excel template for importing the win500 activity log with the following a DATE field and a HIT counter for duplicate freqs. Excel formulas? thx
  8. D

    Scanner Mod

    I got the RS PRO-405 scanner not too long ago, and was wonder if I could mod it to pull in the CB frequencies?
  9. mdmceuensr

    Radio Shack PRO-164

    Does anyone know of a program software similar to the WIN500, but for Radio Shack’s PRO-164 Scanner. There has to be something out there better than Scan Cat.
  10. WX9RLT

    What lovely setup I have ;p

    Well heres my lovely shack Feedback welcomed :) I am running a Scanner ~ Pro-197 RS digital scanner Software ~ Scanner Recorder Pro and for the feed I run Scannercast and also RadioFeed I have a paper with all the 10 codes, so if I forget a code, all I have to do is look at the sheet.
  11. H

    radio shack mobile scanner antenna glass mount help!

    i have a moblie scanner and i use a radio shack moblie scanner antenna and it works great but recently the transmission was stracthy soo i looked at the antenna and the tip of the antenna is missing a lil cap. do you think that can effect the radio reciving transmission scratchy?
  12. R

    New 800MHz Antenna

    I recently purchased a Radio Shack 800 MHz antenna. 800MHz Scanner Antenna - It is a replacement antenna for my PRO-106 Digital Scanner. I am experiencing a few problems. First, all digital trunked systems receive great and have excellent signal strength. The problem is that...
  13. J

    Radio Shack Pro-97 vs Pro-106

    I have had my Pro-97 for almost two years, a couple of months ago I got the Pro-106 because it was able to decode the digital trunked frequencies. However I feel the Pro-106 does not receive about half of the frequencies I had programed in my old Pro-97. I live in the center of Davidson County...
  14. J

    Help with Radio Shack 20-176 antenna

    I am thinking of buying the Outdoor VHF-Hi/UHF Scanner Antenna model 20-176 from Radio Shack, I am going to order it online since they do not have it available at any stores near me. I have searched the web and have not found what connection it has on it, to connect it to the scanner. Can anyone...
  15. C

    Question on Radio Shack 800Mhz Antenna.

    Hi to all, I was planning on buying this antenna Friday after seeing it online and wonder if it's worth having? I have a base Radio Shack Pro-2050 Trunk Tracker scanner that is about 12yrs old. I live in Princeton,Indiana and ever since Vincennes police went to the 800 freqs i can't get them...
  16. N

    Getting started on a Pro-164

    Hello All, The newspaper I work for just bought a new RadioShack pro-164. I read the manual and am trying to figure it out, even though I am brand new to this. I programmed 25 frequencies into the banks, and I think that I have all the frequencies I need - local fire and police, etc. I have...
  17. Raptor05121

    Pro-404 Ant. Upgrade

    Hey guys, I just bought the RS Pro-404 as a mobile to use until my FD can get me a pager. Its a good radio, and a plus is being able to do AM as well. However, when I have another radio on, this one misses the first second of conversation, there is background static and if I move around, it cuts...
  18. T

    pro 95 programing

    i am trying to program the scanner to pick up the county fire dispatch edacs channels, i found the local frequencies and got them programmed in but it picks up all traffic reapeating through that tower. is there some way to program the scanner to only pick up the county fire dispatch channels. i...
  19. F

    Pro-433 Not scanning/Deaf

    Looking for some help, I have a Pro-433 that scans very slow, and doesn't pick up anything, if I turn the volume all the way up I hear a little static and it cuts off when it switches from ch to ch. Ive had it for about 3 or 4 years now. Thanks in advance for any help. Tim
  20. N

    Pro-163 Trunking Set Up Complications

    I have a Radio Shack Pro-163 Triple Trunking Mobile Scanner and I am having trouble getting some banks set up as Trunking or defined as Trunking what ever you want to call it. I use ARC 300 software to program the scanner and get all my frequency from the Radio Reference data base. Any help...