radio shack

  1. R

    Help with New Scanner

    I have an old Radio Shack Pro-60 scanner and want to listen to MILAir channels. A friend of mine told me to buy a newer Radio Shack handheld and I am finding out the one I bought is actually a rebranded Pro-404- Here is my question. Is the frequency range on my older Pro-60 better than the one I...
  2. F

    Yet another Pro-96 issue

    So I dropped my Pro-96 last evening about 2 1/2 feet to an asphault ground. I shut the scanner off, and it turned it back on. All the channels re-appeared, and but no audio. I removed the batteries, and turned the scanner back on, but now I have no screen, or obviously audio. Anyone have any...
  3. J

    My mobile setup

    I've got a Radio Shack PRO-197 scanner and a Galaxy DX-959 CB mounted up in my '04 Yukon XL 2500. I have a 108" whip in the back for my CB, soon to be replaced by a roof mount Wilson 5000, and a mag-mount scanner antenna from Radio Shack, not installed at the time I took the exterior pictures...
  4. M

    Now Have Daddy's Scanner. What's first?

    My father greatly enjoyed his Radio Shack 300-Channel Trunk Tracker Scanner for quite some time. He just passed and I haven't even turned it on yet because if he has programmed specific channels or other personal choices I don't want to chance losing a part of his history. I live in the...
  5. C

    Spray painting an antenna effect performance?

    I bought a Radio Shack 20-176, again... I have purchased about 7 over the past couple years. My question is, if I spray painted this antenna (covering the connector with tape of course) with a clear spray paint, will it effect it's performance at all? I know not to use a paint with metal in it...
  6. WX9RLT

    WIN97 problem

    I am having a problem with WIN97 It keeps crashing on me when i am trying to do the web import features. It will allow me to do it for a few minutes, then it crashes. Anyone else have this problem? How can I fix this problem?
  7. djoelmyers

    HELP! Pro-162

    I purchased the pro-162 and took it to radio shack. They hooked it up to their computer and programmed it for me! However, Its not picking up the 800's.. It does the 100's but not the 800's. The 800's are in bank three: BANK 3: CH0: 866.20000 CH1: 866.75000 CH2: 867.45000 CH3: 868.13750 CH4...
  8. U

    HELP - Pro-97 Trunking and Motorolla programming

    I have a Radio Shack Pro-97 scanner but dont have the programming cable or the Pro-97 software at this time. I'm trying to program it to carry the frequencies for the Friendswood VFD along with the FVD's of surrounding areas. I cleared the device to factory default and have gotten all of the...
  9. JulietAlphaKilo

    JUST Came Into Possession Of My Very Own Pro-106!!!

    Hey folks, I just wanted to say that I FINALLY managed to buy a Pro-106! I have been been aiming to get this particular scanner ever since last Christmas, when I was given a Pro-164, which unfortunately does not cover my area (P-25, in the National Capital Region). I never managed to find any in...
  10. JulietAlphaKilo

    Radio Shack Father's Day Sale???

    I was e-mailed, and noticed in my regular mail as well, the beginning of ads promoting the "Father's Day Sales" which have been synonymous with Radio Shack for as long as I can remember. Now, Father's Day is obviously a couple of weeks yet ahead, but I noticed sales prices on the Pro-164 for...
  11. B

    PRO-164 and Motorola II Trunking System

    I just got a PRO-164 scanner today and had the trunking channels set up at radio shack. The link to the trunking channels for my area is Scanner Frequencies: Sheboygan County Trunking System, Sheboygan, Wisconsin. However when i listen to the channels i hear nothing no static or any sign of...
  12. K

    Pro-97 BNC Connector and Housing

    Hello, Does anyone know where to get the BNC connector for the Pro-97 or a compatible part number for the connector? Also, Does anyone know where to get the plastic housing for the Pro-97??? Thanks, Dylan Beck KI4MOC
  13. J

    HELP! Programming Pro-164

    Hello, I just purchased my first scanner. When trying to program it, I learned all about trunking. I live in Volusia County, Florida. The numbers are here: Scanner Frequencies: Volusia County Public Safety Trunking System, Volusia County, Florida. My county uses the EDACS system. When I attempt...
  14. D

    Protocol Specs Uniden / Radio Shack?

    I have a Radio Shack Pro-162; I understand it is rebranded form Uniden. I am interested in writing my own programming software, so I have two questons: 1) Does this scanner us the same protocols as the Uniden scanners, or did Radio SHack insert its own? 2) Where can I get a copy of the...
  15. G

    Radio Shack 164 Not taking Motorola Trunking

    I just uploaded my 164 using Win 97. Everything on the conventional side works fine. The Motorola UHF Trunking does not stop on talk group IDs that are programmed, yet if I manually work through the channels finding traffic, the ID's are appropriately read. All Trunk Channels and Control...
  16. D

    Programming in the SCPD trunk system

    I'm not sure where exactly to post this as it covers a bunch of topics. I'm new to scanning, and I'm trying to learn how to program in different channels. I've got the RS Pro-162, and I'm using BuTeL's ARC 160 to program it from my PC. I've entered the listed frequencies for the SCPD MOT II...
  17. G

    Pro-2006 power supply issues

    I have a Radio Shack Pro-2006 still in excellent condition, but I now have an AC power hum, especially on AM channels. My guess is that a power supply capacitor failed after all these years. Has anyone else come upon this and, if so, have any ideas regarding which capacitor(s) or other...
  18. NB0B

    Old RS Catalogs online

    Still looking for a picture of that first scanner you owned way back when? Check out Someone has put a lot of time and effort into scanning and posting old catalogs going back to the 40s. It's a real blast from the past! Found my first ... the PocketScan...
  19. bballjh

    Changing Pro-97 Bank names

    I have a Pro-97 from Radio Shack and I do not have the software or cable because I program it all on the scanner itself. I know how to change the alpha tags on the scanner itself but I wanted to know if it is possible to change the bank names without connecting it to a computer, and how it is done.
  20. J

    Success with Radio Shack PRO-2096

    A good luck story here, I bought a PRO-2096 in new condition from Ebay for a quarter of the new price. It said "fault on computer I/P socket causing radio to remain in clone mode. Sold as seen." Well, ten minutes with a soldering iron and I have now a perfectly servicable 2096. Now all I need...