1. I

    Help With Radio Channels Please?

    Hey! I'm New To This Thing And I Would Really Appreciate Your Help. So, How Do I Change From Frequency To Channel? For Example: Los Angeles Special Tactical's Frequency Is:858.26250* But My Radio Only Shows Channels 1-22 +CTCSS +DCS. So How To Convert?
  2. WX9RLT

    Pros & Cons of Digital vs Analog

    Can you provide information on the Pros and Cons of Digital vs Analog Basically the range, reliability, safety for 1st responders, etc... I am trying to research this topic, and thought I would post this in hopes to get some answers from people who know scanners/radios :) Thanks in advance
  3. F

    So, the MD380?

    Is it actually worth it? I've seen that it could accept modified software. Does this allow for any more digital modes? I'm excited to get one, I've also noticed the newer model of this radio. Can it accept mod firmware as well? Is this dual band? I hate to be lazy because Google never works for...
  4. K

    First Radio Model

    Hi All, Can Anybody tell me which is the first Model of Radio....Please let me know....
  5. B

    cb station on mobile feedback

    Hy guys, In order to help the CB community all over I have built an application that acts as a CB but over the internet(for now). It uses real-time connections and live streaming and with the purpose to act as a regular CB station. Can you help me with a feedback and tell me what do you guys...
  6. S

    Car to Car Car to Base Setup Q's

    *** Note: I realize this is an advanced community. I will be asking incredibly simple Q's. I will appreciate any/all replies, advice, instructions. I have not researched comm systems bc I do not know what Q's to ask and have limited radio-speak terminolgy. Simply put...
  7. W8HDU

    Low Band Radio Manufacturers

    Are there any manufacturers still making Low Band radios, (30-50MHz)? I heard if you're a low band user the only option is someone's used equipment.
  8. A

    VXR-1000U Programming Error

    Hi everyone, I am trying to program a VXR-1000U. I am using a cable that I know works with my VX-3000 and VX-3200, however it does not seem to be working with the VXR-1000. I attached a picture of what the programming software does. The Power Light on the VXR-1000 flashes as soon as I plug the...
  9. K

    Radio Electronics

    I'm a beginner in radio electronics. I have basic experience building circuits with both passive and active components. Audio Products- Kynix Semiconductor Hong Kong Limited. I was wondering if it was at all possible to build your own transmitter, receiver, etc. (basic radio components) as a...
  10. BlueDevil

    Icom External Speaker

    Is there a way to wire in an external speaker to the Icom F1721 using the OPC-617 accessory cable so that both transmitted and received audio come through the speaker? I am looking at using this radio in a Mobile Incident Command vehicle and I would like to put an external speak in another part...
  11. BlueDevil

    Best Mobile Duplexer

    I am looking for a mobile duplexer to be used in a low powered (5w-25w) portable repeater with about 8MHz frequency separation. Does anyone have any suggestions on mobile duplexers to stay away from or have any recommendations on what mobile duplexers seem to be superior or preferred as to others?
  12. A

    telus and radios in gaspesie park

    Hi I am wondering if anyone knows how the commercial radios work out there in the wild. In particular, I know that skidoo drivers in the Gaspesie provincial park use Telus commercial radios, which I assume are VHF. I was wondering if there is a way to use those channels in an emergency if you...
  13. E

    Types of scanners

    Hello I was wondering what the best type of scanner is for my area. I live in West Linn Oregon and I want to be able to have a scanner that can listen to my cities police department. But i'm not sure what you call the type of scanner that can listen to what I think are called talk groups. From...
  14. K

    Newbie question - using tags with radio

    I am in the process of setting up a feed for my volunteer fire department. We will be using one of our Kenwood mobile radios instead of a scanner as the source. Is there anyway to inject tags into the feed since we will not be using a scanner?
  15. gonzalu

    Ready Made Emergency Go-Box

    Hello all, I have been looking for a ready-made Emergency Go-Box I can buy where I can just mount my radio(s) and and antenna (and external power to charge batteries etc.) Frankly, All I find is DIY videos, websites, etc. My problem isn't that I can't do it myself, but I just don't have any...
  16. W6SAE

    Manually Programming Baofeng UV-5R

    I recently came across this blog post: WP4AOH: Baofeng UV-5R Overview and Manual Programming It demystifies the process of manually programming the UV-5R. It gives good information regarding radio settings and step-by-step instructions for programming for repeaters, stepping up or down...
  17. SamAltenberger

    Motorola XPR 4550 desktop microphone button?

    Hello! I work in the security department at a university campus. We use a MotoTrbo digital VHS trunked radio system for communication with our field officers. Officers in the field use Motorola XPR 6350 radios and I use a Motorola XPR 4550 base-station radio with a Motorola RMN5050 Desktop...
  18. C

    LAPD SWAT callsigns

    Sorry, if this was already asked (tried to search, but results didn't show up — is this feature broken or is something wrong with my browser?), but: It's known that 10-David is lieutenant — commander of LAPD D platoon, and that 20-David through 70-David are sergeants — squad leaders. Are other...
  19. I

    Motorola Radio Programming in Durham Region, Ontario, Canada

    I'm looking for someone in the Durham Region in Southern Ontario who can program Motorola Radios. I have two UHF HT1000's that need to be set up the same way. PM me for the freq's/tones/settings I require.
  20. A

    Motorola HT1250 Confusion

    Hi everyone, So im not even sure if this is where i post about this but ill try. Ok so for the past year or so i have been using a Uniden bc125at and loved it. But i recently been cleared by my department to have a Motorola ht1250, so I bought one off ebay. So i have to add my department and...