1. G


    Howdy everybody, I just wanted to drop in and say hello. I've visited Radio Reference in the past for police scanner frequencies and such, so I figured I'd go ahead and register and maybe try to contribute a little something to the site. My name is Marcus, I live in eastern Kentucky. My love...
  2. C

    replacement for ex600

    Hi i am looking to replace a few motorola vhf ex600 radios and am looking for somethin simular. Something that has the same features and the same power output. If you have any suggestions it would be great Thank you all for yout help
  3. A

    $1 for a Baofeng Programming Cable?

    Found a site $1 for a Baofeng Programming Cable including shipping. Is it reliable? 2 Pack 2015 Baofeng GT-3TP Transceiver US + 2 Remote Speaker + 1 Programming Cable -Online Shopping for Gadgets & Electronics
  4. R

    Can you transmit radio signals through a metal tube?

    Is it possible to transmit radio signals through a metal tube? If I have on transceiver in the middle and I want to communicate with my station at the end of the tube, would that be possible? I know that it wouldn't work if the station was outside the tube entirely because the radio waves...
  5. BlueDevil

    Repeater Double Kerchunk

    I recently setup a Bendix King Rapid Deployment Portable Repeater. Everything seems to be operating normally however we are getting a double kerchunk after transmitting through the repeater. I haven't been able to isolate the cause. However I do know that it's not normal because we have other...
  6. WX9RLT

    Hiding your radio in your vehicle

    My main concern is a burglary to my vehicle. I was wondering does anyone else hide their radios? If so, how do you hide yours? I have a remote head, but have yet to use it. I currently have my radio on the dash of my vehicle. I want it out of sight. Any ideas on hiding it from...
  7. S

    WSP ID 59212

    Got a few Hits This evening. Broadcasting in FDMA sounds like dispatch.
  8. BlueDevil

    Relm RPV3600A-Plus

    I recently purchased a Relm RPV3600A-Plus in great condition. The radio seemed to work fine. However I was only able to program the radio using the Relm RPV3600A software. This radio requires it's own software. Upon purchasing the correct software I was unable to read and/or write the radio. I...
  9. C

    looking to buy motorola radios

    Hay i am looking for a deal on 10 motorola radios. i would like ex500's but motorola is not producing then anymore so if anyone knows someone selling ex500 or similar radios please let me know. ht750 is also good just nothing to expensive.
  10. M

    Tecsun Pl-600 Antenna problem?

    Hi, well for awhile now I have been using a 45ft insulated copper wire antenna that clips to my telescopic antenna. I run it up one of those old cable antennas which is grounded and goes up about 60 feet. But tonight I took the 23ft spool antenna that came with my radio(plugs into jack on side)...
  11. Deziel0495

    RCMP Canada Wide 420 MHz Frequencies

    I'm not sure about other provinces, but here in PEI the RCMP use the 420 MHz frequencies for special use and for interop with neighbouring provinces New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. All use is P25 and encrypted. Even though RCMP are moving to the P25 trunk system in NS and PEI, I've heard from...
  12. C

    Forum radio

  13. B

    New Radio, Need Assistance Please!

    Hey there guys! I am new to the forums. I know very little about radios other than what I learned in a HAM class back a few years ago. So, here is the deal. I joined the local volunteer fire department and I just got my EMT-B licence. They told me I needed to get an 800 trunking radio. So I...
  14. J

    Best radio for MW DXing?

    Hey guys, What is the best radio currently on the market (new) for AM broadcast (MW) DXing? Thanks.
  15. TennFordTN

    Radio System Quote

    Hey Guys, I’m a 22 year old college student and I work at a medium to large scale church in the Middle TN area working as a part of Operations. Over the years we’ve done nothing but expand and grow bigger. Our teams do everything from cleaning and moving items to landscaping and large scale...
  16. J

    Icom IC-718 or Yaesu FT-450

    I am a relatively new ham (General Class) and am looking to buy my very first HF radio. I am looking at the Icom IC-718 and the Yaesu FT-450. Money is tight, but I notice that there is only about $100 separating the two radios in price and the FT-450 has 6 meters and an antenna tuner. However, I...
  17. marksroberson

    Weather radio receiver question

    Hello, I just thought about this, I live in Jefferson County, Alabama, my house is on the side of Red Mountain, the local Weather Radio transmitter is on red mountain as well (KIH-54) but the National Weather Service office is in a entirely different county It is at the Shelby county airport, so...
  18. kg4ojj

    MCLB Albany - 380 MHz Trunked Radio System

    I have been hunting for any proof of the MCLB Albany (okay, Albeennny) 380 MHz trunked radio system. It had been rumored to be 'in development' for a few years. Found it..... sort of. Control channel is 380.325 (P25 Phase I, NFM, NAC 00A (zero zero alpha) ) As I was driving through the...
  19. SlipNutz15

    Mobile Radio vs Scanner for feed

    I looked around for threads before asking. Is there anything against using a mobile radio with a headphone out port (like a TK880) for a scanner feed? I understand that dangers of overloading a soundcard with too high volumes, etc, but I have one sitting around and was thinking about using it...
  20. marksroberson

    Jefferson County Public Safety Question!

    Hello all, I have a question, My county is Jefferson County, AL and therefore, when you go to it on the database you get Jefferson County Public Safety trunking system P25 Common Air Interface Motorola type II smartzone. And whenever I go to the control channel, all I hear is a odd noise, like...