1. KQA726

    HP-1: HomePatrol 1 Newbie

    Hello, been a Uniden BC396T and BC396XT user for some time, but, just took the jump to a HP1. I programmed the BC396T and XT "by hand" without a computer. Can any Micro USB cable be used with the HP1, or does it have to be a 'special cable' with a chip as it appears I will need software to...
  2. K

    Ventura Activity on Pre-Rebanding CMARS Input?

    I'm hearing a fair number of transmissions on 822.5375MHz PL 123.0, the input for pre-rebanding CMARS Green, here in Ventura with decent signal strength, somewhere in the -95dBm ballpark. I can only hear a single base station (which appears to be linked via wireline, showing 2175 Hz notch), but...
  3. johnnyelectron

    Lucas/NW & MARCS reband 396T

    Hello, had a working 396XT on Lucas/NW Ohio simulcast and on the Toledo MARCS site. 396XT downgrade, replaced by 396T Uniden. Control Channel programming a non-starter on MARCS or on Lucas County simulcast on the 396T. Is there a specific "Bandplan" template that I need to program in addition to...
  4. CopperWhopper67

    700/800/900 MHz......Why?

    Most large scale radio systems, especially trunked ones, seem use the UHF High Band frequencies to broadcast signals. That doesn't make sense to me. Wave propagation of 700/800/900 is very linear and tends to avoid wrapping around terrain like VHF Low (and to a lesser extent VHF High) can, which...
  5. A

    Pro-651: Do I even have an issue?

    I'm just getting back into scanning after a 3 year hiatus (damaged my Pro 96 beyond repair and couldn't afford to replace). I just purchased a Pro 651 which , thus far, I am happy with. My issue stems from an isolated group of talk groups on a somewhat large system. The system is...
  6. W

    Fr4000 03 Rebanding

    We have a "new" FR4000 repeater that has PLLs tuned to the upper portion of the band (450 - 480 MHz). We are looking for procedures, if they exist, to make this repeater work in the amateur radio portion of the band. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. J

    Pay $$$ for Pro-106 rebanding reprogramming Knoxville Area

    Ok, so I now own a $300 paper weight if I want to monitor any LEO stuff in Knox County. If anyone's interested, let me know how much you would charge to reprogram my PRO-106 with re-banding for Knox County. I'm mostly interested in monitoring KCSO and KPD. I would also be very interested in...
  8. M

    MARCS-IP: Multi-Agency Radio Communications (P25) Youngstown area

    I am running ProScan software on a BCD996T scanner. My database includes Frequencies that are labled "Leavittsburg AP 25" and "Salem AP 25". (I live in the Youngstown area, Canfield Oho) I hear the regular Marcs traffic (not ip) from the Campbell site after putting in the custom band info. But...
  9. C

    Pro96 Re-banding South East Ohio

    I have a pro96 and Win96 V01.74 As I understand it I should be able to use my pro account and download from RR the sites and groups I want and my scanner should work with rebinding. Well it's not so I did some research and found where in Win96 you set the 800mhz channels to re-banded. Well...
  10. C

    Control channel issue with Richmond City using a 396XT

    I programmed in the correct rebanded frequency of 853.95. The frequency on the display in scan mode is 853.9625, for some reason, and I'm not receiving any transmissions at all. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. R

    How to tell if a system has rebanded

    I'm looking through the RadioReference database and programming my scanner using ARC software. For some 800Mhz systems I'm prompted to Reband. How can I tell from this database whether or not I need to set the system up as rebanded? Thanks in advance.
  12. D

    Johnson County P25 Public Safety System Changes J-COMM

    Hi There, The UIEMS scanner on Broadcastify has been down for a few days now. It's no longer picking up any P25 traffic for J-COMM. It managed to pick up some UHF AirCare traffic (so it is still scanning). But nothing on Johnson County P25. Have they rebanded? Gone encrypted? New Control...
  13. M

    Newport News Va Frequencies?

    Does anyone now if NN is rebanding? Been having issues with not hearing full conversations and dispatches. Radio Shack Pro-528 Trunking Thank you
  14. P

    MARCS Rebanding Question

    I hope that this was not asked already. Were the Grafton and Mobile Motorola Type II SmartZone Omnilink sites rebanded? I am asking this because it looks like there are frequencies on these two sites in the 860-868.9875 range. I thought that after rebanding all frequencies should be in the...
  15. K

    BC796D firmware download frustration

    Had to install Tera Grand USB 2.0 to RS232 serial converter on laptop operating Windows 7. Device was installed and shows as operating COM3. I think I downloaded BC_VUP v2.0.0.7 and BC796D V3 60 correctly into my C drive and unzipped them. However, I cannot install onto the Scanner. I get a...
  16. M

    Help please on Marcs changes

    A few months ago, my 996t and 996xt stopped picking up the Ohio Highway Patrol in Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana Counties. After seeing the rebanding notices, I updated the new frequencies using info from radio reference. The TGID's seem to have not changed. I have the latest firmware...
  17. milligandw

    Band Plan vs. Configuration Block Number

    Hello All, I just went through the firmware update (Uniden BC796D) and followed the Programming a Rebanded Motorola System instructions per: However, although I'm able to receive the UMESC talkgroups now, I'm wanted to ask...
  18. C

    Programming OKWIN Links to OKC

    I have a BC246T, using ARC Software. I attempted to program in the OKCPD links on OKWIN and cannot get a single signal, what is or am I doing wrong? System Mot Type 2 Custom Rebanded: 851-858 step 12.5K offset -560 Control Frequencies: 0860.9375 0859.9375 0858.9375 0857.9375 Talkgroups 48112...
  19. Kilmer

    Rebanding for Knox County Indiana

    Beginning Oct. 7 through Oct. 11, Knox County and the cities of Vincennes and Bicknell will undergo rebanding on their 800 Mhz system. I'm wonder if my Pro 96 will survive this new banding?
  20. G

    Winston Salem/Forsyth Co

    I was in Winston Salem recently with my pro-106 and neither of the default nor the Splintr trunking tables were working for the bandplan in use there. I read in the Easier to Read Pro-106/197/PSR500/600 Digital Scanner Manual that I need to use implicit tables, but I have no clue how to do...